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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Native American Petroglyph and Pictographs. PART ONE

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The Native American Petroglyph and Pictographs

Many years ago when I stumbled across my first petroglyphs, I starred in amazement and wonder... What does this mean? I thought.. I was so stricken by the panel I found, I just had to know... Years later, after finding the only publication that someone seemed to know something about the meaning of Native American Petroglyphs, and trying to apply the principles in the field, it became more and more apparent that there was something to the Hypothesis of LaVan Martineau.

In the following pages I will do my best to bring you up to date concerning my findings in this still hypothesis. In the two following images I am going to give you the translation as simple as it needs to be, the message from the past as to what message was intended by them, and later in this progressive report, I will demonstrate a "breakdown" of the glyphs and explain why I have given the meaning I have... for those of you interested, stay tuned, for the skeptics let me remind you, you have no knowledge to the contrary. It would be like trying to refute the Bible, when you have never opened the pages.

There is a tree growing upon a rock and covering it, the tree has been cut off in the middle with two remaining branches which spread wide. The rock it grows upon is a part of a cavern, All of this is hard to see. 

After reading this I wondered, but how do I find this? Why is this here? And then, I noticed just a few yards away, these instructions...

There is a man made object, made to hold something, from this (side) outcrop, turn left and go down. over the ledges, through the wash (Gully, Rock Incorporation)) to here. 

After a little trial and error, I found the tree spoken of and sure enough it grew upon a large rock and as you stand in front of it all, I find that the first glyph above, looks just as the location it is found. Upon this rock on which the tree grows, was the final instructions to find what was hidden a very long time ago... but it went un-noticed until the tree was trimmed a little...

The tree above is the very tree which grows upon a very large rock. Prior to some trimming of the thick overgrowth, you could not see the implications, nor could you even come close to seeing the final glyph indicated by the red arrow.

The tree appears exactly as the glyph says, the middle has been cut out by a sharp blade which can be no other than a sword. A branch has grown out since the larger center branches were cut, this branch grew into the path where one of the larger branches would have been if it had not been cut. To me this was a golden opportunity to at least get some idea as to how long ago the tree had been cut. The branch which had grown into the path of the now missing branch core sampled at 200 plus years. How many years had past since the cutting, had this branch began to grow is unknown. But who ever pecked the glyphs found as per the instructions of the petroglyphs nearby, they obviously knew of its cutting and it is suspect to have been cut by Spaniards, but why would they do this? And why would the Indigenous go to so much trouble to obscure the site, and then provide a cryptic message to preserve its location? We will not know until we open, what remains closed...

In the following pages I am going to give you a little treatise that I hope will help you to understand the basis of the hypothesis of the Native American Petroglyph, as a written language, according to myself, and LaVan Martineau.

To be continued...      

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