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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lions Mouth and the missing Cave

Now Lions Mouth glyph site is a long way from the following story, but I place this story here as Lions Mouth is similar to the appearance of glyphs that were found long ago in a cave, found by blasting the end of the mountain away... Yet Lions Mouth Glyphs is a small drop in the bucket as to what the cave in the following had.

In the mid to late 1960's when I was just a wee whipper snapper, my friends father and future scout master was working on the I-80 road project to Wendover from Salt Lake City. Just one mile east of the Skull Valley turn off, he recalls one day a dynamite blast trimming of the end of the mountain to make way for the new super highway... as the dust cleared one of the men working the site hollered out "there is a cave here!" A few of the workers went to investigate and according to my friends father now deceased, he said there was a cave that was covered with pictographs, some of the most elaborate he had ever seen and he has seen many in his day.

To his knowledge nothing was done to document or photographs the paintings and a few more charges were set which sent the remainder of the cave and pictographs to eternal oblivion... I hope that he is wrong and I hope someone did something to preserve the ancient history that was likely preserved in the paintings. If anyone has any information as to whether these pictographs were documented, I would certainly like to know. I do not know how to discover the answer as no one, even after all these years is going to admit to anything.

I first heard of Lions Mouth Pictographs from a friend in about 1998, who lives nearby. It would seem that every time I tried to get there something always prevented it. Ever since my scout master told me the above story, whenever I hear of a new site, I have butterflies in my stomach, until the site is documented, Well, I must say, it was worth the wait, and although the site is vulnerable to vandalism, it remains untouched...

Lions Mouth Pictographs
April 19th 2015


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