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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Treasure of Utah Book

The Treasures of Utah

 $29.00 (Includes Domestic Shipping)
Hard Copy Limited number left

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If you’re looking for a nice un-involved book to read as you slowly drift off at day’s end, you've got the wrong book.  If you, by some chance, do doze off… you’ve got the wrong mindset.  Should you choose to indulge, be mindful because you’re not merely reading a fascinating new book, you’re embarking on a full fledged post-graduate college course that could and should be the most involved and thrilling of your life and will remain with you throughout it.  Were you to encounter your professor on the street or at the mall, you’d pass him off as a middle aged ruffian or a Hippie wannabe who’s probably spent a good portion of his life on a Harley roaming aimlessly along the American Highways. You’d be dead wrong as so many are when it comes to Daniel Lowe.  Daniel is a (the) veritable encyclopedia of ancient American archaeology / history.  More than that, he is a comrade and mentor; yet he’s an instant and loyal friend......


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