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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sweeping Away a Foundation of Sand

I figured it wise to get this part out of the way first, there are two primary things I feel important to address, one might only be compelling to those with understanding of Bible and Mormon scripture, the other I am certain all would find enlightening. In order for us to understand the true nature of this planet and the true geologic and archaeologic history as a result of the many geographical changes that have taken place, and to fully understand the many apposing concepts that I will present to you in the following pages and articles, we will need to understand the geological fallacies that have been in place which to this day are still ONLY theory as they have never been proven... not even slightly, yet are still presumed and taught as fact in our education system and some of which have been for well over a hundred years. When you research each of the fallacies that I will give shortly, you will find that those who write about them, confidently do so using their own theory as their justification and evidence. In short it amounts to theory based upon theory. They have adopted the practice of throwing out the evidence for the sake of the theory... this is not good science...

You will find that I often use in the mix what I call scriptural evidence, I do this not because I have been taught to believe, I do it because I have proven TO ME, the validity within them.

Thessalonians Chapter 2 10-12
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusionthat they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

It is these strong delusions that has kept the people in general in the dark regarding the history of this continent and other places throughout the world. It is the people of this continent who have brought this upon themselves, this land carries a great blessing, but with it comes a great curse, the results of which is applied and according to the doings of the people.

At times throughout my articles or books you have at times heard me make definitive statements which I am certain you wondered why I would say it... The reason is, that as a result of my in depth studies regarding these things, I feel I have a viable accumulation of correct knowledge regarding the history of this continent and or the Earth, a perspective backed with evidence that I feel makes much more sense than the current unsupported theories. 

The following theories are created by science, science is in opposition to creationism, and whether or not they would admit it, is created to diminish the creation and the creator. In the following list of Theories in question, I have added my comment/belief regarding each, some of you will struggle with my comments, simply because it is in conflict with what you were Taught to believe.

Concepts or Theory unproven and taught as fact.

4.5 Billion Year old Earth (FALSE)
Ice Age (Mostly FALSE)
Evolution (FALSE)
Radio Carbon Dating (SERIOUSLY FLAWED Base on presumptions, if the underlying errors and misconceptions were corrected, it could be used as a fairly accurate form of biological dating)
Continental Drift (DOESNT EXIST)
Tectonic Plates (DO NOT EXIST, however Fractures in the Earths crust as a result of Catastrophic Sudden Pole Shift DOES exist.)
Polar Wandering (Imaginative, Does not exist)
Global Warming (A Creation of GREEDY men DOES NOT Exist)
Sun as a fire burning Plasma (EXTREAMLY PRESUMPTIUOUS, there is NO fire)
Theory of Relativity (FALSE, (a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors)(Proven a fallacy)
Black Holes (Impossibility)
Theory on Light, Gravity, Time, Energy, (Seriously misunderstood)
Molten Lava Core Earth (DOES NOT EXIST)
Origins or cause of Volcanoes (Seriously misunderstood)
Ocean Level (No such thing)

Now while you are recovering and trying to decide if it was a good idea to remain as a reader, let me elaborate some

There is a hypothesis in which was presented some time ago by some scientists, some as early as 1870, Cataclysmic Sudden Pole Shift. Charles Hapgood  is now perhaps the best remembered early proponent, in his book The Earths shifting Crust. The theory was not taken serious and has in a moderate way, taken some flack, It is my opinion this is because if it were proven and established as a fact, a majority of the THEORIES listed above would be done away with and science just cant have this now can they? Pride is a powerful weakness. If credibility were given to the Biblical text or heaven forbid the story of which was told by Joseph Smith of the Mormons in 1832, it just might lend too much credence to the existence of a God. It is a known fact that science as we know it today, is atheist in nature and exists as it seems some men just could not wrap there head around the existence of a God, and so, they created their own form of religion for lack a of a better word, Uniformitarianism/Atheism, and every theory listed above was formulated with bias in order to support this idealism. Cataclysmic Sudden Pole Shifts possible existence is a threat to these people and their religion.

If Cataclysmic Sudden Pole Shift were considered by scientists, and understood, and the strong evidences that exists and weighed, we could get back to truth and worshiping the true one God on this land and reverse the effects of the curse placed on this land so long ago, but they themselves with their overwhelming pride, just cant break away, because they were educated and have the piece of paper framed and hanging on their wall as evidence to prove their presumed intellect, they have been taught to believe and it is this that has caused me to coin the phrase, Regurgitation of Indoctrinating does not constitute Intelligence, nor will it ever establish a Fact

The second thing I mentioned earlier in which I believe we need to get out of the way is for my Mormon based readers or anyone else who may be pondering the possibilities

A Majority of those who call themselves Mormon, I would wager have no idea why they are Mormons. I am not picking on the Mormons, this is true in all religions, I say this because it is the very point once made to me that caused me to awaken I would wager once again that a large portion of them are as such, because they were taught to believe as they do

As a test in the theory, I have asked many Catholics, most of which are indigenous of the south or of the Mexican people, I make it a habit to ask them if they would EVER accept a religion that was forced upon them, ALL of them answer the same, oh never”… then I remind them as to how Catholicism came to the Mexican people They all are stunned as they never realized it.

If you who are of the Mormon faith are going to claim authenticity of your primary supporting book, then you must also lay claim to the revelations that came from he whom you consider a prophet of God, who restored this gospel and the very book upon which delivers the message Let me direct your attention to the following, you who have been led to believe in this 4.5 Billion year old Earth and in ways I do not understand have managed to merge this falsehood into your system of belief.

Doctrine and Covenants 77: 6
Revelation given to Joseph Smith the Prophet, at Hiram, Ohio, about March 1832. Joseph Smiths history states, In connection with the translation of the Scriptures, I received the following explanation of the  Revelation of St.  John.

6. Question. What are we to understand by the book which John saw, which was  sealed  on the back with seven seals? Answer. We are to understand that it contains the revealed will,  mysteries, and the works of God; the hidden things of his economy concerning this  earth  during the seven thousand years of its continuance, or its temporal existence.

Uh oh, Houston we have a problem Perhaps you do not see the problem? Let me clarify I am of the profound opinion that the scriptures mean what they say and say what they mean, except in the case of an announced intended parable. Perhaps this is why it is said that our scriptures are put in such simple form, that a child can understand them. It is MEN who complicate things, and it would seem the more education one is inundated with the more they seem to think the scripture needs to be rationalized. They mean what they say and say what they mean! other than the already pointed out parables. This puts the orthodox Mormon thinker in a position, what did Joseph, or the Lord mean by what he said in this revelation? I will tell you and then you can decide, he is telling you that opposed to the Spiritual Existence of the Earth, the Temporal, MATERIAL OR PHYSICAL existence of this earth is 7000 Years PERIOD, this would put us on the brink of the beginning of the last and final 1000 years! What does this mean for science? What does this mean for the so called Geological record? This means that EVERY Geologic wonder that we KNOW exists, because we can plainly see it! HAD TO EXIST or was created at some point DURING these last 6000 years. What does this mean concerning the Radio Carbon Dating fallacy?

I will give some examples Here in Utah, the very home of the Mormon people of today, we have an ancient lake which once existed from Southern Idaho, down to Cedar City Utah and from the Wasatch Front to the Nevada Border. Here in the Utah education system we were taught by sciencethat this lake existed 14,000 years ago at the END of the LAST Ice Age, and that it was a glacial lake, its disappearance is credited to a climate change of dryer conditions, a description given by science which contradicts itself. It is said that it is a salty lake because it has no outlet and has accumulated the salts from the mountain for so long with no escape, and the people bought it hook line and sinker. We will discuss the salt in some latter article. 

In the meantime ask yourself, if not millions of years as a cause, where could this large deposit of Salt have come from? Consider the story of Lots Wife in Genesis 19 When Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed and the conveniently located Dead Sea... and then I will leave you with this...

3rd Nephi 9:7 

7 Yea, and the city of Onihah and the inhabitants thereof, and the city of Mocum and the inhabitants thereof, and the city of Jerusalem and the inhabitants thereof; and waters have I caused to come up in the stead thereof, to hide their wickedness and abominations from before my face, that the blood of the prophets and the saints shall not come up any more unto me against them.

Lake Bonneville

IF ANY of the forgoing explanation is true, the Mormons, and the Christians can now throw their scriptures away, and join the ranks with the atheist and scientists, we have a new God, and it is the education system of oh so wise men.

IF your scriptures are true You will recall the events described with the pages of 3rd Nephi Chapter 8 not to mention the prophetic description of the destruction to be at the time of the crucifixion given by Helaman in chapter 14. Now perhaps you did not know But did you know that you can travel the entire border of Lake Bonneville, and without failure the shore line remains near a perfect elevation ALL THE WAY AROUND, and how could this be possible in a place where in 2000 years ago, the earthquakes persisted for 3 HOURS! Mountains became valleys, and valleys became Mountains, oceans heaved beyond there bounds, some disappearing, cities sunk into the seas, sunk into the land, cities with mountains thrown on top of them, 3 cities where in the waters came UP instead thereof HOW?.... How could this be with such a great destruction? Wherein the WHOLE FACE of the land was changed? Was this an exaggeration? Are we now to believe our very scriptures are embellished? This holds true for the Bible is well.

Lake Bonneville was created AT the event of the crucifixion, it was NOT fed by the non existent glacial melt it was fed as a result of the fractures in the earth which ARE within and below our beloved mountains as a result of one of the worst sudden pole shifts and these rivers which are larger than any surface river on the planet at times, are forced to the surface due to a shift which blocks the conduit in which it flows and at times forcing it to the surface in volumes you would not believe, and it has happened many times here in this land once known as a land of Many Waters Rivers and Fountains wait until you see the evidences. 

Did you know there is a second lake created much the same way as Bonneville? Ya, Utah history forgot to teach us about this one, it was located in the Basin area, From Duchesne to and past the Colorado border, it is called lake Uinta, the Spanish and explorers before them called it Lake Copala. This Lake even appears on the old Latin maps the Spanish used in coming to this place, and yet it was not found. How did those who made the maps know there was a lake? How is it they were able to capture its very shape if they had never seen it? Science tells us it existed 33 Million years ago, yet it existed at the same time as Bonneville.

Lake Copala on the right, Lake Bonneville on the left

Another example of geologic features in which if understood, opens the eyes to another geologic feature mentioned within the pages of this Mormon book. When I was in school it was referred to as the Skull Creek Seaway. 

I would like you to take a look at the next three photos and tell me which best fits the description given in the book of Ether chapter 10 Verse 20-21:

Panama, where the "sea divides the land"? Or where the land divides the sea?

Where the Sea divides the land? Not a good candidate...

This rendition may look arbitrary, but it is actually quite accurate as to what North America looked like in BC Times... More evidence of this will come in future articles..
This IS an accurate match to the phrase, "Where the SEA divides the land"...
Notice the "Narrow Neck of Land"

Another possibility of the Narrow neck, which is accurate will not be
 know until on site investigation is carried out...

20  And they built a great city by the  narrow  neck of land, by the place where the sea divides the land.

21  And they did preserve the land  southward  for a wilderness, to get game. And the whole face of the land northward was covered with inhabitants.

I never understood exactly what made F.A.R.M.S. (The LDS Church recognized archaeologists) believe that Panama even remotely fit this description? What made them think that this land bears any resemblance to what it did in BC times considering “The Entire Face of the Land was changed”? What part of this didn’t they get?

More Evidence of a Catastrophic Pole Shift.

Frozen Muck

“In Alaska thick frozen deposits of soil, boulder, plant and animal exist, commonly known as "muck". Prof. Frank C. Hibben of the University of New Mexico described these deposits: "In many places, Alaskan muck is packed with animal bones and debris in trainload lots. Bones of mammoths, mastodons, several kind of bison, horseswolves, bears and lions tell a story of a faunal population. Within this frozen mass lie the twisted parts of animals and trees intermingled with lenses of ice and layers of peat and mosses. It looks as though in the midst of some cataclysmic catastrophe of ten thousand years ago the whole Alaskan world of living animals and plants was suddenly frozen in mid-motion like a grim charade twisted and torn trees are piled in splintered masses at least four considerable layers of volcanic ash may be traced in these deposits, although they are extremely warped and distorted" This suggests that although volcanoes were erupting, other forces were required to dismember these animals with mighty floods and hurricanes being the most likely. "Fossil bones are astonishingly abundant in frozen ground of Alaska, but articulated bones are scarce, and complete skeletons, except for rodents that died in their burrows, are almost unknown. The dispersal of the bones is as striking as their abundance and indicates general destruction of soft parts prior to burial." Meanwhile in Siberia, mammoths were being wiped out in a similar manner. Massive graveyards of their remains have been mined for ivory tusks. It has been estimated that more than half a million tons of mammoth tusks were buried along Siberia's Arctic coastline, which equates to roughly five million mammoths. Several dozen frozen mammoth carcasses have been found with the flesh still intact. They died suddenly. In their stomachs can be found undigested vegetation, including grass, bluebells, wild beans and buttercups, food typically available in the summer. Scientists examining them have concluded that three of the mammoths died of asphyxiation. The cause of death of the others has not been determined.
Regardless of cause, they froze within days of dying, and when unfrozen the flesh has been fresh enough to feed to dogs. With the previous pole positioned at Hudson Bay (see below), the North Siberian coastline would have had the same latitude as Japan does today, well outside of the Arctic Circle. But when the poles shifted, the climate would have rapidly changed, from a summer savannah where mammoths munched on buttercups, to a frozen wasteland. But wait a minute; weren't the woolly mammoths suited to living in a cold climate? They are described as woolly due to their hairy coat, but this is only hair, greaseless hair. To help protect them from the cold, all of today's Arctic mammals have glands that make their hair oily to retain warmth - the mammoths had no such gland. Although thicker, a mammoth's hair is the same as that of elephants, and they live in the tropical regions. Many animals found in equatorial jungles also have thick hair, the tiger being one such example. Anyone still unconvinced could consider this - bones of tigers, rhinoceroses and antelope were found alongside the mammoths, and these are obviously not Arctic creatures.

Another deposit of an estimated tens of thousands of bones was found in Nebraska of all place, not whole animals, but fragmented bones of many types of animals, the evidence shows there was a great force involved and it shows that it was accompanied by large volumes of water.

If we could wrap our heads around the fact that there was a sudden pole shift, in fact at least 3, two of which were devastating. We could better understand the geologic feature that have been created as a result, If science could come to terms that if the evidence does not match the theory, throw out the theory. If there is no such thing as tectonic plates and continental drift or a fabled Pangea, then what caused the rifts or fractures in the earths crusts such as the ring of fire, stretching and extending from pole to pole, and even former poles. If there was no Ice Age, let alone a second one, then what caused the many features thought to be created by glacial existence? Don’t get me wrong, there was a cataclysmic event that took place in the past that caused an instant freeze in the Polar Regions, it just wasn’t an “Ice Age” What really caused the massive dead zone on the west coast of South America in Peru and Chili?

Now I have told you, in time I will show you…

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