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The Treasures Of Utah Book

As you read and acquaint yourself with Daniel, you’ll understand what I mean.  I had the fortune of meeting him not long ago, quite by chance while searching (an erroneous) clue on the internet.  An email or two later I found myself a fledgling member of “The Treasures of Utah” Forum, reveling in the adventures and insights of Daniel and his cohorts there.  I was amazed and thrilled to find myself (at Dan’s invitation) romping the high rocky ridges and peaceful pine valleys of the Uintas with Daniel and those cohorts only a few days later searching and finding clues, learning of truths I never knew existed.  What great fun… what adventure!  Such experiences cannot be imitated… but fortunately, can be repeated.  But doing it, equipped with (at least a small portion of) the mind and soul of a consummate expert… well, that’s the adventure you don’t want to miss.

Most people who search the wilds of Utah, having some myth, legend or clue as their guide, do so in blatant ignorance… as a hunter might embark on a chase for a trophy elk, only to sadly realize, he has armed himself only with a slingshot.  If you truly intend to hunt the treasures of Utah, herein you will find the ammunition and armament, the foresight and knowledge… and tap into the great experience, knowledge, wisdom and wit your new professor possesses.  Daniel has been there and done that, that which very few have.  But it isn’t simply knowledge and experience he shares.  Dan is gifted.  No he doesn’t compose symphonies or brilliantly dance in the ballet (although that’s something I’d really like to see him try… once).  Dan’s gift reveals itself in varied and rare talents and expertise centered in realization, comprehension, interpretation, delineation, explanation and understanding.  Most “treasure hunters” lack 5 of these 6 traits yet many sadly seem to possess and cling to the one trait that Dan happily lacks; selfishness, thus his willingness and motivation in writing this book.

As you read you will clearly see these traits emerge.  You may not agree with his interpretations or conclusions… this is to be expected initially, as you must first come to understand the criteria upon which those conclusions are based.  That understanding is not easily attained but now, with this book in hand you at least have a shot at it.  As an enthusiast, a treasure hunter or a skeptic, this book is a must-read.  You’ll find yourself enthralled, astounded, possibly baffled, even lost… don’t feel bad, it’s a course, a study, an incredible journey and an adventure; enjoy it!  You’ll need to study and ponder and speculate and scratch your head and wonder and study some more… but the reward far outweighs the cost.  This book is a light… a gift from a brilliant mind.  Treat it as such and you will find, as I have, that it and its author are to be found amongst the great “Treasures of Utah””!

Mitch Winegar
Businessman / Entrepreneur

A.K.A. The Scipio Kid

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