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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Historic Giants of the World

 Original Article December 2018

Let me start this article with… Wow… I am amazed at the imaginations of the many out there, and ever since the internet has come and made the possibly to express one’s imaginative thoughts, it has gone way beyond belief… or has it? This is a topic I generally avoid simply because my beliefs are so far removed from the many perspectives of what the imaginations have created.

I recall reading long ago among the scriptures, (A Written History by the way) a verse or two that I at the time was unable to imagine just how far the delusion could really go… We find in…

Thessalonians Chapter 2: 9-12
9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusionthat they should believe a lie:
12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
Now granted, this is based on the belief of a one true God of which is another thing that has been greatly diminished over these last few decades… and what is to follow flowing from my keyboard, will no doubt be considered as the same or a comparative delusion…

There are several statements that I will make that I will offer no explanation for, in all fairness my words should be regarded no more valid than the many delusional and imaginative theories out there today. With that said, let’s begin…

Nephilim, The Sons of Gods, who took upon them the daughter of men, against the will of God as it produced mighty men, giants comparatively speaking to those of the day, they became proud, controlling, destructive, ruthless to mankind, therefore they were destroyed.

The Nephilim are NOT the same as the Giants that were observed by the Spies of Moses, not even close, this kind of misunderstanding is what happens as time goes on with men reaching a point in which they believe they are wiser than those who first translated the scriptures, and even those who wrote them, then they create things such as the NEW Revised Standard Version of the Bible, this is where some of the delusion begins… was there something wrong with the Old unchanged standard Bible?

In the first days of Adam and possibly until the time of the flood, men were of an average height compared to our measurement standards today, and average 12 to 15 feet tall. Did they know they would someday be considered as a giant among the people of today? My doubts are high, and I am sure they saw themselves as we do ourselves… so IF this is the case, just how large were the Nephilim giants that were among them? And the answer to that is using our standard form of measurement, 28 to 32 foot in height, these were the Nephilim. It would be like comparing a 6 foot man today with a man 12 feet tall, Dinosaurs to the average man of those days, were not much different comparatively speaking than man today compared to an Alligator, Komodo Dragons etc… The Largest dinosaur in the days of an average man height of 15 feet would be like man today compared to an African Elephant.

How is this possible? I am reminded of the statement made by Frank the Pug in the movie Men in Black, “You humans, when are you going to realize size doesn’t matter.” The further this planet moves away from its creation origins, the smaller living matter becomes and it has moved at least twice in the past and not necessarily all at once.

So if an average man in the days of Adam had his little pet Horned Toad as we call them, like I had as a child, and it developed according to those same principles which regulate all living then and as we know it now… and to that man it was comparably like it is today… and his little pet dies, and the Adamic man takes his little pet and builds a little sepulcher for his beloved pet placing it within… time goes on, things happen, several thousand years pass and today, some man of our time happens upon this little sepulcher, but it isn’t so little and we might call it a Dolman, and he excavates it and finds… a Ankylosaurs dinosaur… Are you beginning to understand the construction of Stonehenge and the Pyramids yet?

Was Noah a Giant? Compared to us today I would dare say he was much larger, but I believe the principles which regulates all living things was gradually decreasing in effects over the first 1000 years where in a great change took place and continued to diminish from that time. I’d bet if they could find his body, it would be quite large, but you would never know that because it would be hidden from the world...

What about the Egyptians you say? What about them I say? I have never seen such a culture risen to a point of worship as has been done by those of the archaeological world, and yet when they learn the truth of the Egyptian, they will find, most of what they think they know, is delusion created by imaginative men, dripping with pride and envy… but… we were talking about giants right?…

 I do not think this planet moved away from the governing planets overnight. This is one of those things that would take much explanation, however I will ease the mind a bit and leave you with this. I believe we as children of a God, were given a pattern in all things, that we may not be deceived… Look around you, take the time to see what we are taught to not to see, the principles are the same and can be seen in every living thing if you would just look…

Moses was instructed to send spies to the land of Cannan, and while they were there, they encountered what they called Giants, they were no doubt larger than the people in the days of Moses, but we honestly do not know the average height of a man in the days of Moses., My personal belief is that man at this time was average 7 to 9 Foot or so, however I would suspect the height of what is called a giant to be 10 to 12 feet at that time.

A presumed 9 foot skeleton found near southern Utah
This is NOT a Nephilim giant...

One giant skeleton found in the same area was shown to my friend in its burial site where it remains today, my trusted friend said the femur bone when one end was placed on the ground standing next to his foot, it reached nearly to his waist, he has plans to return to get comparative photos. The Femur bone represents approximately 25% the height of a man, my friend who is not quite as tall as I, using his waist height and by his description, the bone was 32" up to 36"

Many accounts have occurred where in Spanish and other explorers have encountered what seemed to be giants, The Catalina Island Queen and her sister said to be 8 to 9 feet tall just to name one, oh wait, she had a sister, make that two, but to find these accounts one has to do some in depth research as the more modern writings have omitted them.

The Aztec also have their accounts, like the Paiute of Nevada, they had their run-ins with what they called giants and eventually they lured them into one place and annihilated them. In the case of the Paiutes before it received too much attention one could go see the skulls of these “giants” that the Paiute killed. After my friend Adam took this well-known photo below, and placed them on the internet and after many would be experts who had something to say about giants used his photos circulating them on the internet, suddenly the powers that be descended upon the bearer of the skulls and forbid them from showing them again least they lose their funding… why? Ask Adam who is now working on his archaeologist degree if he thinks the Paiute legends were stretching the truth…

The legends of the Choctaw Nahullo, and those of my own ancestors, the Lenape, have their traditions of the Alligewi, as opposed to Talligewi which are often confused.
The following is just one of the many accounts which remain among the writings of the modern accounts, it is humorous however to see the choice of words in order to diminish or make it unbelievable. Regardless of the many accounts and perceptions, the first Americans were an average height of 9 feet at a time roughly 600 BC, many grave sites in southern Utah and Northern Arizona confirm this to a degree. Today we only need look at the Alaskan tribes the Inupiat, Aluet, etc, The Navajo, Dine, or most closely related to these first Americans giants are non other than the Altai Mongolian.

Altai Mongolian Eagle Hunters
I wonder where the Native Americans got there fascination with Eagles from?

Had you ever heard of the Patagonian Giants?

From the All Knowing Wiki…

The Patagones or Patagonian giants are a mythological race of people, who first began to appear in early European accounts of the then little-known region and coastline of Patagonia. They were supposed to have exceeded at least double normal human height, some accounts giving heights of 12 to 15 feet (3.7 to 4.6 m) or more. [I have not yet found one account to validate this statement of 15 feet] Tales of these people would take a hold over European concepts of the region for some 250 years.
First mention of these people came from the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan and his crew, who claimed to have seen them while exploring the coastline of South America en route to the Maluku Islands in their circumnavigation of the world in the 1520s. Antonio Pigafetta, one of the expedition's few survivors and the chronicler of Magellan's expedition, wrote in his account about their encounter with natives twice a normal person's height:
One day we suddenly saw a naked man of giant stature on the shore of the port, dancing, singing, and throwing dust on his head. The captain-general [i.e., Magellan] sent one of our men to the giant so that he might perform the same actions as a sign of peace. Having done that, the man led the giant to an islet where the captain-general was waiting. When the giant was in the captain-general's and our presence he marveled greatly, and made signs with one finger raised upward, believing that we had come from the sky. He was so tall that we reached only to his waist, and he was well proportioned… [Likely 7 to 9 foot]
Pigafetta also recorded that Magellan had bestowed on these people the name "Patagão" (i.e. "Patagon", or Patagoni in Pigafetta's Italian plural), but he did not further elaborate on his reasons for doing so. The original word would probably be in Ferdinand Magellan's native Portuguese (patagão) or the Spanish of his men (patagón). Since Pigafetta's time the assumption that this derived from pata or foot took hold, and "Patagonia" was interpreted to mean "Land of the Bigfeet". However, this etymology remains questionable, since amongst other things the meaning of the suffix -gon is unclear. It is now understood that the etymology refers to a literary character in a Spanish novel of the early 16th century. Nevertheless, the name "Patagonia" stuck, as did the notion that the local inhabitants were giants. Early maps of the New World afterwards would sometimes attach the label regio gigantum ("region of giants") to the area.
In 1579, Francis Drake's ship chaplain, Francis Fletcher, wrote about meeting very tall Patagonians.
In the 1590s, Anthony Knivet claimed he had seen dead bodies 12 feet (3.7 m) long in Patagonia.
Also in the 1590s, William Adams, an Englishman aboard a Dutch ship rounding Tierra del Fuego, reported a violent encounter between his ship's crew and unnaturally tall natives.
In 1766, a rumour leaked out upon their return to the United Kingdom that the crew of HMS Dolphin, captained by Commodore John Byron, had seen a tribe of 9-foot-tall (2.7 m) natives in Patagonia when they passed by there on their circumnavigation of the globe. However, when a newly edited revised account of the voyage came out in 1873, the Patagonians were recorded as being 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m)—very tall, but by no means giants.
The people encountered by Byron were in all likelihood the Tehuelches, indigenous to the region. ---->Later writers<---- [WIKI Sources] consider the Patagonian giants to have been a hoax, or at least an exaggeration and mis-telling of earlier European accounts of the region.
These accounts may also refer to the Selk'nam people. A photo of a seven foot tall Selk'nam ("Ona") man can be found in the Library of Congress.

WIKI, Defined... 1. the act of regurgitating indoctrination, citing the opinions of writers of recent origins, writers of who in turn did the same rather than seek original source material, this practice is considered as intelligence.

2. a controlled form of writing regulated at times directly or indirectly by the curriculum of Smithsonian and designed to lead the reader to believe that because pretended educated men RE-wrote it, it must therefore be true.

An original translated account of the Magellon account written by Pigafetta

Even Hubert Howe Bancroft himself lists several 
sources mentioning giants in the following... 

Oh, I see the problem, Mr. Bancroft wasn't a "Later Writer"

In closing I will say we have a very fine example of a very large man in a collection today, however I will not speak of it until a team is ready to conduct honest tests to confirm or deny its authenticity, because if I spoke now concerning it, it would no doubt disappear from existence as do all things that do not fit the criteria and controlled agenda of Smithsonian.

Here are just a few of the many so called exaggerations...

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Today I am going to do something a bit different, but it is classified as Treasure Hunting… So whether your interest is peaked or not, that depends on what makes your boat float, to each his own eh?


One day, sitting outside by the fire pit having a morning cup of coffee, pondering many things yet nothing which would spawn the thought which entered my head…. I know I heard the words, and clearly… “ You need to buy Nickels”… WHAT? I said verbally, “where did that come from?”

Pondering the idea as if it were some sort of premonition, the voice I heard seemed very familiar in fact it sounded like my brother whom the doctors killed some 5 to 7 years ago. My brother was a coin collector and worked in a coin shop in Salt Lake, I loved my brother, I thought highly of my brother and miss him dearly… Some have heard me say, he and Jesse James look very much the same. 

I thought about it for some time trying to rationalize why those words popped into my head… I thought about metal value knowing nickels other than the war nickels, are the only coin left that has any precious metal value, as little as it may be, 25% nickel and 75% copper, I can’t buy silver anymore, at least not now, and gold, certainly not… I already know where there is more silver and gold than you can count, <stepping down off of that pedestal>… but lets just call that unsupported boasting…

But I knew that if the market ever does crash, which it will, precious metal prices will soar, and that includes Nickel and Copper.  Heaven forbid I have a few hundred pounds of Nickel lying around when it does happen. But one of the things that sold me is the investment… I can spend a hundred dollars on nickels, and I still have a hundred in value unlike today’s pennies, dimes and quarters.

So after throwing a 20 dollar bill at the nickels from time to time, being the meticulous soul I can be and lets not forget curious…. As I looked at them rolls… wondering… hmm… I cracked a few of them rolls open to see just what might I expect, and I dove into just about anything I could find on youtube and other sources to learn as much as I could about nickels and the history of them. I will spare you all that. 

Today, when I can, I borrow or throw a hundred dollar bill at the bank and get a box of nickels, its like a kid in a candy store… I sort through thousands of nickels most of which look like they were shot from a shot gun into a gravel pile…. And then… sticking out like a diamond in a goats ass… pops out this coin that you already know is unusual and special… that is the experience I look forward to, to me it is no different that if I were walking the old Spanish trail and stumbled onto a small Silver bar…

I have found that I just cannot throw away a nice looking coin, and I thrive on the coins that carry luster, I’m not talking about “shiny” any new coin you can find shiny, shiny is easy to find but not what I want… but luster is a clear sign that what you are about to look at closely, and under microscope is special. I admit… I have been bit… I am a junky… NICKEL BAG! 

Today I have no money to buy, or should I say exchange, but I decided a few months back that I am not going to hoard nickels just to have them, I find the best looking nickels I can in circulation, some I throw back and some I keep but with what I think is a strict criteria, I usually end up with about 1% of what I have gone through each box or bag of nickels, today I am at about 104,000 nickels that I have gone through, a professional in the field would say, “Oh just beginning eh?” I would have to respond with a sheepish… yes… 

So if you have done the math that 1% is ten nickels per thousand, some boxes yield more and some less, but today, I have about 7-800 (less than $50) of the finest nickels found in circulation, I don’t like the new nickels 2006 and on, I think it is the worst design of a coin I have ever seen…in short terms… they suck…  2004 and 2005 are ok… but there is no coin more beautiful that the original Jefferson Nickel, running a close tie with the Morgan Silver dollar, and if I could, I’d would again collect those as I did many years ago.

So those of you who can relate… My expenditures to get set up were about $40 for the microscope which plugs into the computer… why pay for a second screen? My capsule containers which hold 100 nickels or up to a quarter size coin… about $14 each… the coins are mostly free as you never really spend the money. After going through a box I take them back to the bank and run them through there machine… and then buy another having to maybe pitch in a dollar or so for the coins I found and kept.


So if something like this floats yer boat great , if not simply move on… to give you and idea of what can be found in circulation, the above and following photos will give you some idea, 1-8  all 1960’s nickels, starting top left to right then down one row and again  left to right (photo above), the first coin is minimum condition I collect , anything less better be rare or out it goes… the first four have a minor luster 1 being in lesser condition increasing to # 4. the second photo coins 5-8 have a beautiful high luster and these are the ones that stick out like a diamond,,, well… you know the rest..  looking at them in white led light with no scope, most would say they are the same, using a scope I say that # 6 and 7 are the finest coins, keep in mind 5, 6, and 7 were found in circulation, # 8 is an BU uncirculated coin, under a scope 6 and 7 are nicer coins than the uncirculated #8 and by comparison better than graded examples on pcgs.com. the last 4 compare in every way with Grades MS 64 to MS 68 Only one of these 8 coins is FS (full step), and it isn’t the recognized uncirculated nickel #8.

I would like to be able to trade nickels with others, some are hard to find and some more so depending on where you live. The goal is to fill my Jefferson Nickels book/album with the nicest coins found in circulation… 1938 to… ugh.. even 2023 and then hopefully by then. I can start another with the Luster coins, who knows! But that may not happen simply because the book requires filling the proof slots and proof coins just don’t excite me… but I’ll tolerate them… leave the glory, the pride and political bullshit behind and do it just because you enjoy it, no matter what it is you do…. This is one of the many things that keeps my boat afloat… Treasure hunting in a box, at home yet…

An ANACS grader once told me, this is a millionaires game, they don’t do it to make money, they do it to spend money, you will never find the coins you are looking for… I feel sorry for them… sounded like a challenge to me… and so far I have found several… 

I hope you enjoyed the story… and the message…

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Chad Adams

 I regret to inform my Treasure hunting friends and those who knew and loved him, Chad Adams, is no longer with us...

Thank You Chad! for all you so selflessly did for my family....

Rest in Peace my friend! 

Espejo Update


Well another year has almost gone by and as it would seem my efforts of bringing forth knowledge of Antonio de Espejo and his adventures into the Utah mountains as far back as 1583, are beginning to pay off. Thanks to a few good men who has been a part of the exploration that has occurred this year. And one man who has seen to it that I could actually escape my prison to be able to venture deeper into this project, Thank you Michael for all you have done and contributed making these things possible and Chad for his selfless act which continues to bless us…

To brush up on the story of Antonio please re-read…

Roman Vaults in the Uinta Mountains?           originally posted 2018

Massive trees growing out of the second mine dump location

Very old (1480) Spanish coin found while digging out the second mine location


In the last two years focus has been upon finding points upon the Espejo Map in order to validate its authenticity, this was accomplished quite smoothly, validation is now a moot point, however finding the mine sites, amour caches or Vaults would be the ultimate, and I am going to keep moving in that direction as circumstances allow. 

The first mine validated was in some ways accidental as the finder did not know of the Espejo map when he found that mine, it wasn’t until years later that it was realized what it was. Many portions of the old trails has been validated as well especially last year. The second mine was to me the most exciting, after months and years of studying the map and fine tuning my understanding of what drainages were intended, one mine location caught my attention and using all I could to pin point it’s location once I was certain, I called one of my best colleagues and he without haste went to visit the site which wasn’t exactly easy to get to, and sure enough he found it! Much has occurred since in the effort to open a mine that likely hasn’t seen the light of day in near 450 years.

Yesterday was a big day for me. After discovery of the second mine, my focus changed to another area of a 3rd mine, careful consideration and planning was made and early last week I and Michael made our way into the area, I having some limitations, Michael did all the work. The day ended with us not being to much wiser and plans made to return just a few days later were made. We arrived at the site yesterday morning and planned our course for the day. A better path chosen made it much easier for me to get closer in however again Michael did most of the searching but with the benefit of the old trail present. Standing way above the search area and tracking Michaels moves, I spotted a small clearing and flat spot below, this I would use as a point in order to see his positioning. The more I looked at it the more I could see that it was likely what we came to find. After seeing it up close and much investigation I am for the most part certain it is what we think it is… keep in mind after 450 years, an old mine dump is well on its way to merging back in with mother nature and can in some ways be difficult to see even if you are standing on it, further investigation is in the works.

I wish I had some pictures for you, but over growth made it pointless, I’ll see what I can do next trip.

Who knows, I may even have time to find a 4th location this year… we’ll see… maybe one of the Vaults. I hate the cold and the leaves are beginning to change… Michael just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful landscapes… I will never doubt the off-road abilities of the Lexus. ;-)

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Monday, September 4, 2023

A Letter from my friend Steve... Rest in Peace


Several times have I written in my articles about “a friend” who has shared information with me… some of you know well and good who it is… but others don’t really need to know do they? 

a clip from the Espiritu Santo Minas Map of 1588

Received June 15th 2013


In the years after I returned from my stint in the Army I ventured out into the Uinta Basin once again having missed my friends and Ute companions. Meeting with those people was and always will be something I will keep close to my heart.

Richard Riddley was a man of integrity and honesty. He would never tell just anyone something to appease them. He used to play tricks on Rhoades all the time and he and I would laugh when Rhoades would take the bait. I never told Rhoades of the trickery because to Richard it was an honorable thing to do to you enemies. Richard never liked Rhoades but tolerated him because Rhoades was friends with his youngest son Hoby. He treated me like a son.

Bishop Arrowchis was the same. He took more of a liking to Rhoades than Riddley did. Richard and Bishop were cousins and rode as Ute Rangers back in the 40's and 50's. They knew were many mines, treasures and battles took place.

Paul Cornpeach was of the same cut. I first met him while prospecting Rock Creek back in 1969 when he came upon me near Miners Gulch. We met several times after that.

Neil Wyaskit was another one that taught me much. I met him back in 1965 and rode with him in the Uinta Mountains to mines he used to work. He showed me smelters, massacre sites, mines and cache sites, mostly on tribal land. He once took me to a site where an old Spanish barrack once stood. All that was left was the foundation but around the area were pieces of armor sticking up out of the ground. He told that the Ute's rode up the hill and killed the Spaniards while they slept. They took a large cannon that was there and pushed it down hill into an old air shaft where it remains today. I was taken to the shaft but it is full of derbies.

Richard Mountain was another man of knowledge but not to be trusted. He tolerated me but did show me and tell me a few things. He was a Ute Ranger as well. We met when I was poking around Treasure Hill back in the early 70's. The reservation wasn't so closed up as it is today.

Tabiune was another. He took me to smelters up Dry Gulch now called lime Kiln Springs. The were still pretty much intact then. He told me how the Spaniards built them and why. A few miles upstream were two mines that they gold good gold from. At that time water ran down the wash were the smelters are, but today it is dry.

I still have friends out there but most have gone the way of the spirit. I am blood brothers with some and one not of the Utes but of the Apache. I have kept my word with them for years by not showing or telling anyone what I have seen and what I've been told. I laugh at those who THINK they know when I know full well they don't! But I keep my mouth shut and let them rave on making fools of themselves. Richard and Bishop taught me how to read Spanish signs and symbols. Gale Rhoades taught me as well. The Indians were taught by their fathers who learned from the Spaniards themselves.

          This sets the stage of two of the many mines I've either been shown or told about. These two stories will give you something to look for. It won't be easy but I can give you some clues to help you. I've looked for one but not the other.

Excerpt from Bishop: "Someone - when surveying the Indian boundary line of the west side of the _______ River found a small opening or hole and inside was found a lot of gold bullion & artifacts stacked up. This was found by Indians and then left as was found. The cave or hole is just off the line...on Forest Ground. They stacked rocks over the hole but first laid medium sized trees down."

          I hiked that fence line several times and then one day as I was walking the fence line and keeping my head down with eyes fixed so as to notice anything out of the ordinary an Indian came up on me from the thick trees before I even heard him. He was on horseback too. He stopped and asked "What are doing?" I said, "Looking for gold." He looked at me for a moment they added "You are too far down, you need to go higher up" "Why" I asked.  "You are a friend of the Arrowchis' so I tell you, you are too far down, go up."  I said, thank you and asked his name. He said it didn't matter and then wished me luck. I did go further up but darkness over took me so I abandoned that venture. Time, money and other things got in my way so I never did go back.

<Hand Drawn Map>


                                    Arrowchis' map drawn by his wife for me.

<USGS Map>

Also withheld

The Indian Fence line and where I think the hole might be. I was 1/4 mile short of the ridge.

          Riddley told me about a mine that was once worked by Aaron Daniels and maybe Caleb Rhoades however he did not know about the later.

          He said that when he was a boy the Daniels' sons and grandsons used to look for the Lost Rhoades Mine but he said "They were way off.".  He took me to a place up in ______ Creek not from the _______. There in a hillside he pointed and said "Look there, this is a old Spanish mine that Daniels worked and got much gold out of, however I think it might be behind us because some old Indians say he drew the map like Indians do, always in reverse."

          I asked him if he was sure about this. He said, "I know what came out of the mine and I know what is still in the mine because of Daniels telling his wife and her people know. I don't know if the mine is there or behind us."

          Dan, these two sites should produce good gold for you. I leave these in your hands. I hope you and benefit by them. I know it will be a burden to go after these but if you do and spend the time needed you'll find them.

<USGS Map>


                   Two possible sites for the Daniels' Mine dubbed #3 on his map.


It has only been recently that I discovered that the mines in question are located on the Espiritu Santo Minas Map of 1588 If we can find them, we will have two more locations found on the previous mentioned map, aka Antonio De Espejo Map.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Aztec Burial or Other?


In January of 2017, a friend of mine who has since passed away sent me an email asking me if I would be interested in investigating a story… as usual I accepted… the following is the short story of what he sent me…

A friend of mine dropped by my home years ago with one of his sons and his father-in-law. They called him "Bink" and that's all I ever knew him by. Anyway, old Bink grew up in ________ and his family had sheep up on the mountain to the east. I would imagine they were up _____ Creek and _____Creek as well. 

Anyway, when Bink was a teenager he found some of the sheep hanging out on

the face of the hill between ______ and ______ creeks so he went up to get them to move off the face and into the canyon where he could gather them up easier. While up on that face he noticed a sort of flatten off area but still on the slope. He started nosing around and found a white rock about the size of a coffee table leaning against the hill side. It looked odd he said! He decided to check it out and found it had been fashioned to that size. He pried it away from the hill side to reveal a small hole in the mountain. 

Some time later he came back up there to excavate the hole and after he had made entrance he was surprised at what he found. There he found Aztec warriors sitting up in a circle fully clothed and several horses with them. They were in surprisingly good condition. Bink told us that he covered the cave and left it. He was afraid of what might happen if he told about what he had found because the family might lose their grazing rights on the mountain. I sent two guys up there to investigate it for me but they didn't find anything. Of course they are not exactly experts in the field.


In February of 2017, this same friend called me up and told me to check my email. Why I asked, He said he had another story for me to check out should I get into the area. In these days, his health was beginning to decline and as time went by, searching his files, he would come across another lead and send it to me, he once told me that it has become apparent that there is no way he is going to be able to follow up on many stories he had received over the years and so he would send them to me hoping that someday I might be able to do what he could no longer do. I have intentionally left his name out in an effort to spare his surviving family, any harassment yet at the same time I want to give credit where credit is due… 

I did as he asked and checked my email and in it was the following letter written to him, I have also left the individuals name out who wrote the letter, written I believe in the 1990’s.


Dear Mr. ….. 

The reason for writing to you is to tell you of a story that my grandfather told to me before he died in 1948. He, along with two friends who happened to be Taos Indians went hunting deer up in the mountains above <city named>, Utah. They had hunted all day long seeing only a few deer, and none that they could get a shot at. Grandfather knew the area pretty well having hunted there most of his life. Even though he was born and raised in Arizona he liked hunting up in Utah.

The day wore on and soon the sun began to sink low in the western sky. Grandfather and his friends decided to make camp near a cliff where water and grass was plenty for their horses. After camp had been set up and the evening meal ate they sat around the fire talking about the days events. Jake <last name>, one of the Indians began telling a story that perked up my grandfather's ears. Grandfather said that Jake told him that the Spanish were in this area looking for slaves at one time. And that Jake's own father had been a slave under the hands of the Spanish. one of the times the Spanish were hunting slaves they came to the area north and east of present day <city named> where a group of Indians were camped. When the Indians saw the Spaniards they beat it for cover. 

Jake's father and his older brother ran as fast as they could for a low cliff over hang to hide. Once under the over hang they looked for more concealment. Digging in the back of the over hang the brother accidentally knocked some loose rock out of what was a cave of sorts. Moving quickly both boys opened up the entrance so they could get inside. Once inside they covered the hole up leaving enough so they could look out but anyone looking at the spot could not tell what was there.

Once the Spaniards had rounded up all the slaves they needed, which was just about everyone in the village they headed south. The two boys watched in horror as their family was whipped and beaten as they were herded to their new homes in Navajo land. It was when the two boys opened up the hole to get out that they noticed that the cave was some how strange and inviting. They made the entrance large enough to see that there were a set of rock steps going down inside. They went back to their camp where they gathered enough material to make a fire and returned and made up some torches. Down inside they made a fantastic discovery. There was a large room about fifty feet from the bottom of the rock stairs. And in this room was 58 Indians, all in their finery.

They were not any kind of Indian that either boy had ever seen, but they had the look of Indians, and they were perfectly mummified. They were very tall and large men. And they had weapons of iron, swords and bows of a strange design. They also had strange necklaces on with beautiful rocks attached. There were several large baskets with all sorts of corn and peas in them. There was two large wooden boxes with very strange designs on them and they had two long poles on each side of the boxes suggesting that it took several men to lift these boxes. One of the boys opened one of the boxes, and inside found gold and silver that looked like coins of some sort. The boys thought that they were in the tomb of a god and that they had better leave it like they had found it. So they went to the entrance and reburied it better than they had found it. They never returned. 

Grandfather asked Jake if he had ever been to that place. Jake said that he had, and that his father and his brother had taken an oath not to open it up again. The brother died long before Jake's grandfather, and as far as he knew he never told anyone about the place. Jake told grandfather that he would like to show someone the place before he died just in case the time had come to open it up. The other Indian was not to be involved in this, and I don't know much about that because grandfather never told me. 

He was shown this place and then told me about it. My problem is that I never found anyone I could trust to tell this story to. I also don't know that country at all and couldn't find anything if I had a map with an "X" on it next to a 7-11 store.

I was wondering if you would be interested in pursuing something like this, and if so would you meet with me so that I can see if this would be the thing to do? I am getting on in years and have no children of my own and not a soul to share this with. 

Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you very much

Pat ….


There are many stories regarding these strange Indians who were somewhat different than what was here a couple hundred years ago, and some day I’d like to write more about them, but for now, I cannot…

If I knew where the Indian camp site was North West of the city, I might be able to find this overhanging ledge…. 

If you have any personal knowledge of this site, please reach out to me