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Friday, July 5, 2024

Another Peralta Treasure?

1600's Armor

The story I am about to tell is one of the many here in Utah which has never been told, and aside from minor mistakes on my part due to vague information or perspective of information shared... and I am still under oath... It is with out doubt a true story and part of Utah's untold history. This is the first I have spoken publicly about this project since I was asked to participate in this project. So no names, no location...

If I am not mistaken, some time in the early 1600's, a Spanish family, likely of the Peralta family, came to the Utah Mountains (NOT The Uinta's) and with license from the King of Spain, likely King Phillip III or IV, to mine a certain area. All went well for many of the years, but eventually the family grew and due to some dispute they separated from each other yet still mining their own mines not far from each other. 60 Years had gone by since they arrived in the Utah Mountains but not long after the separation in their mining efforts a bigger dispute ensued which result in an all out war between the two families in which one family was completely eliminated and the other only 3 survived, one dying shortly after. The two remaining men closed the mine and or cache, gathered the maps and journals and headed south to Sante Fe. One of the men died of complications due to his wounds no sooner than they arrived in Santa Fe.

To this day members of the two families are still at war with each other but I cannot elaborate on that. I don't know if the story and records were recorded in Sante Fe, however one of the descendants from one of the families who still has the map and journal begrudgingly shared with a friend of mine some of the information from the map in that he let him copy with pencil and paper for 10 minutes anything he wanted from the map.

According to the map, 3 caches were left behind but only one gave specifics, 125 Cargas of Silver, 30 Cargas of Gold, one cannon, Arquebuses, lead and Armor. One Carga equals the weight in which a mule or horse could carry, 200 to 250 lbs.

1600's two man bronze cannons

Despite the academics efforts to bury the history of the Peralta family and others, regardless of what author Robert Blair, “Tales of the Superstitions” says, there has been several Peralta Massacres in the last few hundred years.

I invite you to read my spin on the Peralta Stone Maps.


1600's Silver Bars

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