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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Glyphs that just don't fit...

 December 7th 2015

If it doesn't fit, just throw it out?


As it appears today

When I first saw these glyphs of course I knew these are not Native American glyphs as we known them in any sense. And so the question comes, who did it? 

I asked one individual who is fully qualified if not the most qualified concerning the area, and she told me that the first one is considered as the "Old" one and no one seems to know anything more about it. The second one however a man in the past stepped forward around 1985 and made the claim that he had made it, given the situation, who would question it right? I am told he was about 50 years old at the time. Well, when dealing with the unknown it would seem most would gladly accept this claim, however there are just some things that for me, does not fit in the mans story. My first question is.... why?

If they are modern which will always be the general comment with no explanation or no thought what so ever... why are they modern? Who Made them? If not and they are possibly ancient as the typical glyphs in the area, then who is responsible, what do they mean and why are they here?

I would be curious as to the many opinions concerning these glyphs as to who is responsible. What do you think?

The first 2 images below have been enhanced, the 2nd two is as they appear today. I do not know that these are generally known to the public and so I will keep the location obscure.

The closest representation of a known ancient glyph/symbol is the Triple Horn of Odin, ancient Norse/Celtic or the Viking Horned Triskele.

Digitally Enhanced

Digitally Enhanced



Now, the guy who stepped up to the plate claiming in 1985 he had made the glyph in the photo above... well... just a few days ago an archaeologist friend sent me the picture below... It is from the Frank A. Beckwith collection, Frank was a photographer and amateur paleontologist from the turn of the century, the photo below was taken between 1900 and 1930 at the latest, long BEFORE the claimant was born....of the same glyph supposedly made by this man around 1985, 

Now this still doesn't make it ancient but it just goes to show, never should we be to quick to comment or make a decision based upon a so called claim... regardless of the truth of the matter, good science should never draw conclusions based upon convenience of the situation, or the lack of a reasonable solution, or that it just doesn't fit... so make up some BS "probably" explanation. it is what it is... my thoughts are just that... mine...  I feel based upon similar situations, evidences of other cultures visiting the Americas, and conclusions or evidences of other discoveries, that this could be an authentic rendition from the past, but who, why and when....

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