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Friday, May 10, 2024

A 300 year old manuscript telling of Treasure found in cave.


In 1889 or there abouts...

Some 300 year old manuscripts were found in cave.

They Detail the Massacre of Party of French and Spanish Colonists and Tell of a Buried Treasure.

Santa Fe. N. M. Mr. Gallegos, and a number of boys have discovered a cave in the foothills six miles from town. which contained a plain tablet in the wall. The boys removed the tablet and found that it protected a niche in the wall in Which there was a stone box. In this box were found Latin and Spanish manuscripts.

F. O. Kihlberg Spanish and Latin scholar, deciphered the manuscripts. They stated that 300 years ago, a party of Spanish and French colonists from Mexico were attacked by Indians near the locality and all of the party except four were killed. Subsequently one of the survivors died and was buried close to the grave in which the documents were stored. The three survivors feared that they would never reach their country or see their fellow countrymen again, and saved certain directions to be observed by the finders of the document.

The document stated that at a distance from the cave, the grave of the man who died would be found a certain quantity of gold and silver in bars and bullion and the shaft to a Goldmine where to be found in the same locality. It was also requested that the finders of the treasures should forward half of it to the heirs of the colonists.

Gallegos found the cave as indicated. it being covered with a black slab with hand carvings that is no longer readable. under it was found the skeleton of a man. the treasure has not been found this far but a thorough search has been instituted. Kihlberg offered $300 for the manuscript and Hon. Thomas Benton Catron $1500 for it.” Missouri born Catron an ex confederate would later become the first Senator of New Mexico, his history is interesting to say the least.... I would have no doubts of his acquaintance with Jesse James.

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