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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Double Eagle Gold Coins & Bob's Rock

I lost several good friends in these past years... one in particular who was considered a very good researcher... In the years leading to my friends passing with his health failing.... he would occasionally send me information on another of the many treasure stories that he just didn't have time for or was just getting to old to travel or to even care... as time passes, I can relate more and more... One January morning of 2016 I received a call from him, he said I sent you another story.... go check your email... the email was simple...

EMAIL Subject: Bobs Rock

Dan, you should go check this area out. There is supposed to be a set of saddle bags with double eagle gold coins buried near this rock.

(Coordinates given).... close, within 100 feet

Apparently some outlaws robbed the stage that use to run through that area along the Old Spanish Trail. They were chased to this area and captured. None of the gold was with them but before they were captured they wrote on this rock to where it is supposedly hidden up. The outlaws both died in prison but they told some good friends about the cache and the rock. From what I was told the friends were too old to look for it when they got out of prison so they told some family members and that's how the Rock was discovered....

So... With the exception of looking at the email at that time and filing the story away, today is the first time I have looked at this since... I have never researched the story for validity and today I am sharing it just in case someone wants to peruse it... I have certain individuals in mind to share it with... but I can be swayed... I will say it is east of Castledale and south of Cedar Mountain... give me a call...

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