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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Ogden Gold Bar Cache


Several Years ago a friend of mine came to me with a map and a story of a more modern Gold Cache story. He told me that he had spent a little time looking for it but after reviewing the map it was clear to me he was with out doubt looking in the wrong place. 

As the story went…. Sometime in the early 1970’s a man from the Ogden area was working at a Gold mine in a nearby state. His job allowed him access to the many Gold Bars that were cast, and temptation was constantly tugging at him. All the while he would work he would think of ways where in he could sneak a bar or two out of the facility in without being detected. Finally he came up with a plan where in he was able to successfully help himself to a bar or two from time to time and after a year or so he had accumulated a nice hoard… it wasn’t long after this the man ended up going to prison for a spell for some unrelated crime, but unknowing to him, he would never leave.

While in prison apparently he contracted tuberculosis (aids) and it became apparent he wasn’t ever going to leave alive. He decided to tell his cell mate about the cache and draw him a map of where he had cached the bars. His cell mate was scheduled to be released soon. Not long after the man passed away his cell mate was set free. he made a few feeble attempts to find the cache with no success. Not long after he returned to prison for some unknown reason but not before sharing the map and the story with his mother. 

His mother wasn’t much for treasure hunting but at least she took to the initiative to contact my friend and ask him for help with it. 

My friend never shared the names of the them involved nor the mother and as it would seem, that information is now lost as my friend passed on not long ago. I really believe this one can be found...

I and a couple of friends have made several trips to the area and found success in finding many of the things described on the map, and nailed down what we think is the cache area but as time went on we slept and had a few beers and other projects took precedent, we have never been back. 

I received the story in 2007 and by the end of 2008 it had been set aside for other projects. There are inconstancies in distances on the map that might need some thought; however I am certain we have the cache area nailed down. This is a project that was almost forgotten. Did the man leave some kind of mark at the cache location? A pile of rocks, maybe a carving on a tree, we don’t know, only one of my friends has been to the actual suspect cache area. It is about a mile and a half hike from where you park to the Cache area. Suspect value 4 Million in unmarked bars.


The Map with a few things missing

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