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Sunday, August 14, 2022

The Colorado Plateau Uplift


Here in this place that many of us call home, Utah and surrounding, we have  some of the most interesting, unusual and mysterious geologic formations which results in some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenery. One in particular That I believe took place about 1100 years ago despite the guess of the academics of it occurring over a period of millions of years, The Colorado Plateau Uplift, My goal in this is to shed light on why so many cultures of the past who made their attempts to find this place, and some did, but they couldn’t keep it. I think you will see why the Aztecs left their homelands in humility. Some of you might get lost on some of the points made.

A year ago at the presentation I made some implicating statements concerning this place in that… in the distant pass, it has been referred to by several names, all seemingly stemming from a common origin, Aztlan being the ancient home of the Aztec in which they mysteriously left for some unknown reason… perhaps we will find the answer today. Affalon, a mysterious place where King Arthur would disappear to across the sea to some unknown land, perhaps today we may learn where that place is. Atlan-tis in which Plato writes existed on an Island surrounded by a sea and said to have been swallowed up by the sea… or was it the sea which disapeared? And then there is the place mentioned in the Book of Genesis where in one of the four rivers that went out of the Garden of Eden, the River Pison is said to travel trough a land full of Gold, this land was called Havilah. After a year I still wonder if these four names are not of the same origin. Some believe that where Adam went after being expelled from the garden of Eden, was a place they call Adam ondi Ahman, and we know that when was he was expelled from the garden, he went east out of Eden… If you travel west from this place called Adam ondi ahman, following the ancient river of Sidon or Pison, which once flowed from the east effluent of Lake Copala, you just might find yourself at or very near the place of where the Garden of Eden of the Bible was located….


Early Utah 

Now… Utah and its surroundings hasn’t always looked the way it does today, no matter where you are standing. It took some pretty incredible cataclysmic events to get it to shape into what it is today. Prior to what is called the Colorado Plateau Uplift, right here where you are sitting was a near tropical environment, with an ocean that surrounded what was the early creation of the Uinta Mountains very much as it is today but not near as high and the tops of the mountains were full of vegetation instead of bald mountain tops as they are today.

At that early time, the Uinta Mountains was an Island surrounded by an inland ocean and its shores were prime breading ground for Sea Turtles. Almost anyone here in the basin can attest to the numerous fossilized Turtle Shells found around this mountain, some as big as ten feet in diameter. Some might even have referred to it as Turtle Island.



About 2000 years ago that all changed with a catastrophic event that according to some records lasted 3 hours, mountains became valleys and valleys became mountains, the Uintas became much higher due to water pressure causing them to rise even higher,


with the tops of the mountains splitting open and the underground rivers came up out of the earth and flowed down which in part fed the creation of Lake Bonneville and the much ignored and now gone Lake Uinta or what is shown on the old Spanish maps, as Lake Copala.


 About a mile and a half to the South East from here would have been the shore line of the North west side. Lake Bonneville and lake Copala existed for about 880 years before another event changed this area from semi tropical to high country desert. But we will come back to that shortly.


Underground rivers and the Waters of Ripliancum?

There might be a few here who are wondering where do these underground rivers come from? How is it they even exist? I will try to keep this short and simple but I don’t know that this is possible. The worst past catastrophic event occurred about 2700 BC. It shattered


 the earth from end to end and creating not only the mountains here in the west but huge chasms under them yielding some of the largest underground rivers on the planet, and occasionally due to earth quakes and shifting, these underground chasms


 get blocked which forces the rivers to the surface. Perhaps one such underground river has existed since the beginning.  In the book of Genesis it is said “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads. Have any of you ever seen a large river that divides and become four heads of smaller rivers? Is this an occurrence of a large underground river coming to the surface and dividing? I only know of one place where this has happened and it was in these Uinta mountains. Some might consider this underground river as the waters of Ripliancum. 

If we look at the area of Alaska where it is believed these huge underground rivers begin, like a global water pump sucking the water in at the north and traveling through these chasms and because of the centrifugal force of the earths rotation it pulls these waters towards the equator. It is said that a large river flows under the Rockies, and splits some where in Idaho with one river flowing under the Wasatch range, one under the Sierra Nevada mountains and one under the Stansbury range. The largest of the 3 was said to be larger than any surface river on the planet.

Whirl Pools 

But… if this is true I thought…


(6) this means that somewhere in the north there would be no doubt be whirl pools, with that amount of water being sucked in, there would have to be giant whirl pools along the fracture of the ring of fire off the coast of Alaska. And guess what?.... there is… they are located some 3800 miles from the equator. Science calls these unusual and misunderstood phenomena Eddys.  I prefer Whirl Pools.

Now how did these huge fractures get there? 

Iceland to Alaska 2700 BC 

In order for these fractures to exist it would require some literal earth shattering events…



The most horrific geologic earth changing event that ever occurred was around 4700 years ago in the days of Peleg, “When the Earth divided” (Genesis 10:25) and I don’t mean continental drift, or tectonics plate movement, or some Super Continent called Pangea all of which is an absolute fallacy. 

In those days what we consider as a North Pole existed at what is today known as Iceland until some outside astronomic source such as a passing celestial body, caused in an instant magnetic disturbance in our earths magnetic field and cause a shift moving North near 4000 miles from Iceland to Alaska near Anchorage. Iceland continues to this day to repair itself from the damage.


 These are the world wide Volcanoes that are monitored, you will notice they occur along the fractures of the earth from North To South and explains why there is no “Super Volcano” under Yellowstone. Some day perhaps we will talk more about what actually causes Volcanic activity,


 and the mind blowing real cause of the massive Atacama Desert existing along the west coast of South America. 

When everything had settled our new North existed off the coast of Alaska south of Anchorage some 600 miles where it existed until 2000 years ago.



This is the very event that created what is known as the ring of fire, a fracture that surrounds the pacific ocean from north to south and back. This is the event that created some of the most magnificent mountains here in the west not the mention the volcanoes all along the western shores of North and south America. Today it is taught that these mountains were created over millions of years as a result of subjection or tectonic plate movement, when in fact these mountain were created pretty much in a day. Keep in mind, there were no people on this continent when this happened. However there were many varieties of Animals including Mammoth, and horses and their shredded remains can still be seen in the frozen muck in Alaska. A majority of life was wiped out here in the west due to the immense impact and being so near the impact zone.


Alaska to Current North


 The next land altering earth shattering cataclysmic event occurred about 2000 years ago which we previously talked about and as I said mountains became valleys and valleys became mountains, Oceans disappeared and oceans appeared where there had been none, rivers appeared and rivers disappeared, and all of this took place in a period of about 3 hours and this was minimal compared to the previous pole shift. You van Imagine what the previous shift was like.


 A lot of earth shaking has occurred that has shaped this land and the events and geological wonders we see in our National Parks and if you saw how they were actually formed many of you would not believe. It would be another 880 years before the next event which is the topic here today. Are we to believe that a huge cloud formed here over Cedar Breaks and rained for a million years?


The Colorado Plateau Uplift 880 AD 

Many have wonder what it was that caused the Aztec to leave their near paradise of Aztlan, I to had wondered at their only words shedding light on the reason. All they said is that they left in humility. I assure you that for any group of proud men to give up their homelands and brought into humility would have had to have been a pretty big event to have that kind of impact. Prior to this event of what is referred to as the Colorado Plateau uplift, as I said this area here in the basin, this High country desert, was once a semi tropical environment, with many waters and rivers and a couple of very large lakes along with others. With all that now gone, it became high country desert and I would suspect the Aztec thought the Gods were angry at them as a result of there iniquities, and they were swept off. 

What is the Colorado Plateau? What is the Colorado Plateau Uplift? Well we could see what academia has to say by visiting the all knowing WIKI… but if we do that we would just be reinforcing the theories of imaginative men. However I highly recommend that if you have an interest, read the WIKI write ups so that you fully understand the contrary as to what I am going to tell you. The short of it is according to the academics, the Colorado Plateau is an uplift in the Earths surface which was caused by pressure, which is correct, and the pushing up of earth as a result of the Pacific plate out there west of California pushing under the San Juan Fuca Plate which is America and this which has caused a portion to break away but within. and known as the Colorado Plateau. It is said that this occurred over a period of millions of years, when in fact for the most part occurred in a day.


 But to simplify that, the Colorado Plateau is an area in Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico where in a circular fracture or fault of the earths crust and an unknown thickness, has developed due to previous catastrophic event and finished off by an astronomical event, allowing it to move at times independent of the surround earths crust. It will move again. 

What caused the uplift? Well the earths crust had already been fracture by at least two previous cataclysmic events so it really wouldn’t take much to get this area to shift again but in this case compared to the two previous events, this was actually quite minor. However, the Cedar City Piute described it like this



The Romans described it in “A.D. 880: Israel III, for liberating the Toltezus, was banished. He was the first to break the custom. The Earth Shook. Fear overwhelmed the hearts of men in the 3rd year after he had fled. They went to their cities and kept themselves within the walls. They prohibited that none of the dead to be buried or burned within the city, Hills rung the city” as a result of the quake.


 Around the perimeter of the Colorado Plateau there are many individual events that has occurred that can be seen or hear about. Looking at the Plateau boundary we can begin in the Northern Mountains of Utah being already fractured all across the top of the Uintas west to east and raised up due to pressure from the previous events about 880 and about 3500 years prior, the results of which is a long story but suffice it to say, that a very large source of an underground river flowed from the tops of the mountains which fed Lake Bonneville and lake Copola. This event of 889 AD caused that source water to return for the most part to its previous underground course following the fractures such as the Wasatch range and heading south towards the equator.


 In the Sanpete Valley areas along the Manti La Sal Mountain tops the waters opened up and flooded the valley below, washing everything south the remnant of which is now at Sevier Lake. How many of you knew that the entire city of Orem Utah is built on top of an ancient river delta comprised of cobblestone averaging the size of a soccer ball or larger? How many of you knew that Hill Field air force base and to the north, Washington Terrace and South Ogden are also built on top of an ancient river delta.

We have mentioned the events described by the Cedar City Piute earlier but many other events were simultaneously occurring.


 Take a good long look at Cedar Breaks and ask yourself, do you really think a big cloud formed above the breaks ONLY and rained there for millions of years causing that erosion? Why didn’t these millions of years have any effect on the same dirt next to and surround the breaks? it was in a land of many waters, rivers, and fountains?


 Also take notice of all the Volcanic activity and flows starting in Richfield area, Fillmore, Cedar City, Saint George, Mesquite, Mount Trumbull and Lava Falls where in qualified individuals, Geologists, Archaeologies etc discovered while studying the lava falls, found Indian Pottery IN THE Lava and which dated to about 1100 years ago.

Now continue around the south end of the Plateau and notice the Lava fields around Prescott, Showlow, Sunset Crater Volcanoes, the Zuni and Navajo reservations, Jornada, and the lava fields and flows all the way up to Taos and beyond into the Colorado mountains where in you have lava flows and the same mountain top formations as you find in the Uintas.

What caused all of this? and did it occur over millions of years?

The event of the Colorado Plateau uplift puzzled me for some time, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it did not occur as science has said and initiated the way they said, the evidence is profound to the contrary… but I also knew it wasn’t a pole shift.

However one day while studying the southern regions of the uplift, I stumbled across something I have seen and pondered many times, why I had not made the connection sooner, I do not know… but there it was…


Meteor Crater of Arizona

Reading the academics view found in WIKI, I find conflicts and conjecture which amounts to nothing more than theory although the article is written as a matter of fact. With this said let me remind you that my views must also be considered as theory and I openly admit it.

Is meteor crater as young as they say? Well sort of, but not 50,000 years young, in all probability it is about 1100 years young. The reasoning behind my confidence in this is the evidence involved and what some might see as coincident. I think it is a pretty good guess that all the volcanic activity in that area and extending around and away, is likely connected and we have it on very good report that Lava falls was flowing roughly 1100 years ago, but not just Lava Falls,


Sunset Crater just 20 miles to the North West and according to the Academics! Flowed about 1000 years ago, but understand Sunset crater is not just one… it is dozens of craters.

The Meteor that created Meteor Crater is said to have  hit with a force of 10 megatons and was estimated as being about 160 ‘ wide and weighing in at 100 Million tons, Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs were estimated at 20,000 tons of TNT, ONE Megaton is equal to 1 million tons of TNT. The point being, do you think this impact was enough to set in motion the chaos that already fractured earth from previous catastrophic events? More than likely.


Sedan Crater Made by Nuclear Testing, about 1/6th the size of Meteor crater


Unfortunately in 1902 when Daniel Barringer who was a mining engineer and business man had staked a mining claim in the crater and obtained a land patient with the motive to extract the meteor, it was no where to be found. It is estimated that near 30 tons of fragments were found scattered around the site. So now we have a meteor crater with no meteor. Well in the WIKI articles you will find the use of certain words which should be a clue to all who reads them, “Must have been” “is thought to be” “probably” ect… It is so much easier to just admit they don’t know… all because they could not find a meteor, it must of vaporized upon impact…. Now in your mind I want you to picture 100 Million tons of solid iron “Vaporizing”… poof! 

In all likelihood their missing meteor or at least a large chunk of it, after ricocheting off the presumed bedrock below,

Willamette Meteor Oregon

 lies over 900 miles away in a valley in Oregon, where they have a meteor with no crater… they just found this 15 ton thing laying on the ground in 1902,  but that’s ok, they got it figured out, “they”… and we know who They are… have decided, that the meteor with no crater “must of” LANDED on a ice glacier up in Canada and was carried down to Oregon during the melting of the ice cap. NOT IMPACTED the glacier, NOT STRUCK!… but landed…. Have any of you ever hit a golf ball across a frozen lake? If a meteorite STRUCK and ice glacier there wouldn’t be anything left of the glacier for hundreds of miles. But what I really got a chuckle out of is… of the many meteor descriptions, the academics were puzzled as they said it appeared that it had at least struck something TWICE!… I’ll bet, bouncing around under the Arizona desert before shooting back out of the ground near Sunset crater and landing in Willamette Valley.

But what summed it up for me that Meteor Crater is more than likely our cause of this chain of events surrounding the Colorado Plateau uplift 1100 years ago. This is the very wording the academics use to excuse why the crater does not show the signs of an age of 50,000 years and clearly displays a very recent occurrence. From WIKI….

The crater was created about 50,000 years ago during the Pleistocene epoch, when the local climate on the Colorado Plateau was much cooler and damper. The area was an open grassland dotted with woodlands inhabited by mammoths and giant ground sloths.


The object that excavated the crater was a nickel-iron meteorite about 160 ft (50 m) across. The speed of the impact has been a subject of some debate. Modeling initially suggested that the meteorite struck at up to 45,000 mph (20 km/s), but more recent research suggests the impact was substantially slower, at 29,000 mph (12.8 km/s). About half of the impactor's bulk is believed to have been vaporized during its descent through the atmosphere. Impact energy has been estimated at about 10 megatons TNT The meteorite was mostly vaporized upon impact, leaving few remains in the crater.


Since the crater's formation, the rim is thought to have lost 50–65 ft (15–20 m) of height at the rim crest as a result of natural erosion. Similarly, the basin of the crater is thought to have roughly 100 ft (30 m) of additional postimpact sedimentation from lake sediments and alluvium. Very few remaining craters are visible on Earth, since many have been erased by erosive geological processes. The relatively young age of Meteor Crater, paired with the dry Arizona climate, has allowed this crater to remain comparatively unchanged since its formation. The lack of erosion that preserved the crater's shape greatly accelerated its groundbreaking recognition as an impact crater from a natural celestial body.


So with all this said, and I know it is a lot to swallow but the evidences not presented are even more profound, do you think something like this could have caused the Aztecs to leave their homeland? The point to this was not only to bring the cataclysmic possibilities to the readers attention but also to give them some idea as to what is so important about this place here north of the basin. Many cultures have sought after it knowing it exists but they could not find it or those who did weren’t sure they found it and then couldn’t keep it, some have been led to it by the hand of God and they never knew what it was and is, or represents. If my research is correct, I believe with a high probability, that this place has been called in the past, Aztlan, Afflon, Ophir, Atlan, and Havilah with names associated with it nearby, Ripliancum, Sidon, Pison and a few I am certain no mater who you might be would not accept…. It truly was a land of many waters, rivers and fountains and full of Gold.


Thank You

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