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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Cataclysmic Pole Shifts of the Past PART ONE

And the Geological and Archeological Evidences


So much of our past remains hidden from our understanding and view largely due to the continuous indoctrination of the theories of men who refuse to recognize a supreme being, a creator or God. The legends of those who have occupied this land known as America, in all their tales, legends and stories all include a Creator, a supreme being responsible for the many cataclysmic events which has taken place not only upon this land, but on this planet. So many of the mysteries that still remain and many that are believed to have been resolved but grossly misunderstood have yet to be resolved and understood. One small example is the so called sunken cities of the Mediterranean, how is this still a mystery? They are not “sunken cities” as science has decided. If science would consider the implications of cataclysmic poles shift as Charles Hapgood tried to tell them, or consider the possibilities of an intelligence design… many remaining mysteries and fallacies to this day thought to be true, would also be resolved.

Polar Wandering vs. Sudden Pole Shift 

Charles Hapgood in 1958 shocked the world of science with his book The Earths Shifting Crust and even more so before the book was written, the book itself does not reflect what he wanted to say as he took so much flack from his peers that he succumbed to toning down the theory from Sudden pole shift to Polar Wandering. It is unclear as to whether he even believed in a 4.5 billion year old Earth but indications by his many references made within the pages would seem that he was attempting to serve two masters. 

Although Charles presented many new and interesting ideas, many he either failed to complete, did not want to expand upon the idea in order to pacify his critics, or he just didn’t know. Those of academia who read his book and entertained some of the ideas presented, immediately distorted them and created more theory based upon theory.

I feel a need to clarify that I am not condemning Charles at all, in fact I praise him for being as bold as he was in all that he did write, even if it was edited to accommodate a 4.5 billion year old Earth and therefore discounting God.

Polar Wandering which Charles didn’t believe, was created to fit nicely into current unsupported theory to prevent you from discovering we have a North Ring, not a North Pole. If the people knew there were at least four different polar axis points in this earth’s young history (Four Times) this could cause several problems with the theories of those whom we have swallowed up as fact. It was said by some that there simply isn’t any evidence of the kind of destruction that would be apparent if we experienced a sudden axis shift, Oh really? 

Charles pointed out a primary issue within the pages that seems to have gone over the tops of many heads. There have been at least four polar axis points (Four Times or altered Energy Forces), in the life of this Earth since its creation and each of these times consisted of  alterations of the principles that energy encountering mass results, its creation, growth, structure and decomposition of matter and that including Carbon 14. These four times started with the 1st being at the creation, the 2nd beginning at the time of the great deluge, the 3rd being the most catastrophic, beginning at the time in which The Earth was divided in the days of Peleg, and the 4th beginning with the destruction at the time of the Crucifixion. There is a 5th time on the horizon with another beyond that and it is quite possible that there has been at least one other that existed in the past with a total of 7 Times that will make up the entire history of this planet in one eternal round with the final one being no time at all simply because eternity and perfection can’t be measured in terms of time. How do we know that Time has changed? A pole shift would be a clear indication.

For clarification, BC North or Nephite North which is a primary focus of this article is the North that was established in BC Times in the Days of Peleg when the Earth was divided and existed until the event of the crucifixion. Iceland was the previous North location while Alaska was to follow. This North Pole was fixed and held in ONE location with the seas of the earth drawn towards it, JUST AS the North of Today, the North Pole today is not wandering and never did. This is in part the reason the Skull Seaway no longer exists but in BC times was the very sea wherein “the sea divided the Land”.  (Book of Ether 10:20) The Skull Sea Way by evidence is known to have been a shallow sea. (See Chapter 7 Nephite North) With present North being located some 1500 miles further away than its previous location, is it far enough to have pulled this shallow sea off the land and drawn more to the current North? Apparently it is. It is also documented from several sources that the Gulf of California reached up as far as Las Vegas, Death Valley and the Panamint Mountains. The Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley were covered by the ocean as well leaving much of western California in the form of an Island. What happened to the Sea Levels? Climate Change? No, Al Gore was not born yet. The distance from these places to the North Pole today is double what it was in the BC times. Is it possible that the tidal mounding effect of the seas was much greater in these places during BC times than it is now since it is some 1500 miles further away? What geologic evidences are there as a result of the sudden shift? For now, suffice it to say there are many… 

This BC North location or our previous north was located at N 52.00 W 152.00 (give or take 50 miles); approximately 600 miles South/West of Anchorage Alaska at 189 Degrees. This however was the resting point of this BC North. The initial impact zone of this North before coming to rest at N52 W152 was at or near N62.50 W 150.50 approximately 700 miles north of its eventual resting place. This Impact Zone is about 500 Miles N/W of Charles Hapgood’s #1 Pole location, he was close.

The Impact Zone, as I have come to call it, is the place where the Polar Axis Magnetic Pole was established in an instant as if a switch was thrown to turn on an electromagnet. By the time the inertia and the mass of the earth had adjusted due to the sudden change of axis that caused the massive destruction which dwarfed the events of the crucifixion which would occur some 2700 years later, it had shattered the earth from North to South and formed what is now known as the Ring of Fire, it had come to rest at N 52 W152. Picture slamming on the brakes in your car, does it stop exactly in the position you were at when your foot impacted the Brake? Of course not, now apply this to an object in gyro motion at 1000 miles per hour weighing in at Trillions of tons of earth, something has to give.

The evidence to support this theory of a BC North being at the location given are many and we have just covered some of the geological evidence. These evidences will not only show that it happened but may also give us better understanding as to when it occurred. 

If such a catastrophic event occurred as I have stated, there must be some archaeological evidence as well. At the point of the location, which I have called ground zero, the effect would have been enormous as there was nothing to absorb the shock to thereby diminish its effect such as on the other side of the globe, or in other locations of the same latitude. Although it was undoubtedly felt in a large way all over the world, we will look to ground zero and points nearby. 

The following is excerpt from an article I found on the internet which I believe is just a repeated creation and do not know who compiled it, but the bulk is the writings of Professor Frank C. Hibben of the University of New Mexico, a highly respected archaeologist and anthropologist. It is titled, Some evidence of Recent Pole Shift. I would recommend reading the entire article.


Frozen Muck 

“In Alaska thick frozen deposits of soil, boulder, plant and animal exist, commonly known as "muck". Prof. Frank C. Hibben of the University of New Mexico described these deposits: "In many places, Alaskan muck is packed with animal bones and debris in trainload lots. Bones of mammoths, mastodons, several kind of bison, horses, wolves, bears and lions tell a story of a faunal population. Within this frozen mass lie the twisted parts of animals and trees intermingled with lenses of ice and layers of peat and mosses. It looks as though in the midst of some cataclysmic catastrophe of ten thousand years ago the whole Alaskan world of living animals and plants was suddenly frozen in mid-motion like a grim charade twisted and torn trees are piled in splintered masses  at least four considerable layers of volcanic ash may be traced in these deposits, although they are extremely warped and distorted"


This suggests that although volcanoes were erupting, other forces were required to dismember these animals - with mighty floods and hurricanes being the most likely.


"Fossil bones are astonishingly abundant in frozen ground of Alaska, but articulated bones are scarce, and complete skeletons, except for rodents that died in their burrows, are almost unknown. The dispersal of the bones is as striking as their abundance and indicates general destruction of soft parts prior to burial."


Meanwhile in Siberia, mammoths were being wiped out in a similar manner. Massive graveyards of their remains have been mined for ivory tusks. It has been estimated that more than half a million tons of mammoth tusks were buried along Siberia's Arctic coastline, which equates to roughly five million mammoths. Several dozen frozen mammoth carcasses have been found with the flesh still intact. They died suddenly. In their stomachs can be found undigested vegetation, including grass, bluebells, wild beans and buttercups, food typically available in the summer. Scientists examining them have concluded that three of the mammoths died of asphyxiation. The cause of death of the others has not been determined.


Regardless of cause, they froze within days of dying, and when unfrozen the flesh has been fresh enough to feed to dogs. With the previous pole positioned at Hudson Bay (see below), the North Siberian coastline would have had the same latitude as Japan does today, well outside of the Arctic Circle. But when the poles shifted, the climate would have rapidly changed, from a summer savannah where mammoths munched on buttercups, to a frozen wasteland.


But wait a minute; weren't the woolly mammoths suited to living in a cold climate? They are described as woolly due to their hairy coat, but this is only hair, greaseless hair. To help protect them from the cold, all of today's Arctic mammals have glands that make their hair oily to retain warmth - the mammoths had no such gland. Although thicker, a mammoth's hair is the same as that of elephants, and they live in the tropical regions. Many animals found in equatorial jungles also have thick hair, the tiger being one such example. Anyone still unconvinced could consider this - bones of tigers, rhinoceroses and antelope were found alongside the mammoths, and these are obviously not Arctic creatures.


I find this an interesting read and suggest reading the entire article. There is much more to this evidence that can be found all the way down the fracture zone from Alaska to California and I am quite certain that other evidence of massive waves of oceans being hurled far inland can be seen as well as in Mexico, Chile and Peru. It is interesting that no one refuted Frank C Hibben while he was alive, now that he has passed on the atheists or evolutionists are attempting to discredit him. The word spineless comes to mind…


Ancient Cities and Structures


We know that the cultures of the past were in the habit of observing the Stars and planets. Many observations have been made especially in those ruins which we have good evidence showing that they were created in AD times, but what about ruins that were built in BC times? Why is it that so many of the ruins seem to have Odd Alignments or appear to have no alignment at all? In all that I have been able to find pertaining to burial tomb chambers suspected to have been built in the last 2000 years, they always seem to be built with the main tunnel aligned with summer solstice sun rise. Was this for the same reason that Christians bury their dead facing the east?

The Murray Farm Tunnel Chamber


One such Burial Chamber, or at least based on its construction it is thought to be, had a strange alignment and because it did not align with the Summer Solstice Sun Rise it was determined that it must have been built for some other purpose. It is called the Murray Farm Tunnel Chamber found one mile east of Greer Ohio in about 1981. Its exact location is not easy to discover but then we don’t need to as the degrees of alignment and the general location are given in the report. I won’t go into all the details of the article but this is a classic example of the delusion that occurs when you fail to think outside the box.


The Chamber tunnel (IF it is a burial chamber), is supposed to be lined up with Summer Solstice Sunrise, but it is lined up with 9-14 Degrees. It has all the characteristics of the typical burial chambers but it just doesn’t line up. The people involved in trying to resolve this puzzling structure resorted to an astronomical polar alignment of sorts; assuming the chamber lines up with the polar stars at the horizon.


After measuring the distance from BC North and comparing that measurement with today’s North we can get a proper BC Latitude location. Now assuming the Earth has not moved away from the sun and retains a similar tilt, etc… We can now calculate where the sun might have risen at the Solstice during BC Times, and you guessed it, it would have appeared on the horizon at half sun at 9 degrees and at full sun at 14 degrees. The solution to their problem is that the chamber was built in BC times, prior to the next pole shift at the time of the crucifixion. BC North at this location was 51 degrees to the west or at 309 degrees. To read the entire report, go to Google and type Murray Farm Tunnel Chamber.

Other sites would be Hanukkiah Mounds, The Milford Site, the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuac√°n, Chichen Itza, The Great Pyramid and as much as I would love to get into it, even Stone Henge, but the following is focused on an archaeological site that has been most misunderstood ever since its discovery…

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