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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Photo Games, The Younger Brothers?

Over the years I have had several photos sent to me to ask if I thought the photo presented was Jesse James, Frank or one of the many other outlaws of the day.... nearly all so far has ended with the same results, the photo was purchased off ebay and the buyer convinces themselves that they have a legitimate photo of Jesse and Frank... There is nothing worse than those who have already made up there mind that the photo they have scored is authentic and then send it to you to get your opinion... Please people, if you are already convinced of the authenticity of your photo, please don’t send it to me just to argue with me when you get the cold hard truth.

Near a year ago a very nice lady send me an email telling me her story being the family story, and that in her grandmothers things was the letter she mentioned and supposedly a photo of Jesse and Frank posing with two of the Younger brothers, asking if I would like to see them. Of course I told her yes…. But I admit… I was excited yet I just knew that when I saw the photo she would later send, that it was going to be another ebay tintype fantasy. 

A few days later she sent a copy of the letter which I will not yet go into at this time, but when I first looked upon the very nice copy of the photo, I thought, here we go again, and just as I was about to close the photo in disappointment something said stop! And LOOK! And I did, and there they were, Jesse and Frank without any doubt whatsoever… I have revealed in previous posts portions of the photo however I have not yet revealed the entire photo of which I have very good reason. 

This morning pressing on my mind, I decided to re-read the letter, I figure beings the photo of Frank and Jesse are authentic, perhaps according to the letter and her family’s own story, it may very well be the Younger Brothers, or at least two of them. So here I am, and I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt. The two individuals min the sepia photo are the two in question said the be the two of the Younger brothers… the photo without doubt was taken most likely 1895 but could be 1896. The following Greyscale Photo is what I believe is authentic photo of the 4 brother John Younger has been inserted into the photo. 

In 1895 if History is correct... Did I just say that?... The age of the Younger brothers was as follows… 

Cole Younger supposedly born in 1844 would have been 51 in 1895

It is said that Cole was in prison at this time and after his release died in 1916. Reminder, don’t you believe a damned thing history tells you… 

Jim Younger supposedly born in 1848 would have been 47 in 1895It is said by the all knowing wonderful and oh so all knowing WIKI, that Jim committed suicide while on parole in 1902 

John Younger who is said the have been born in 1851 who would have been age 44 in 1895. Wiki Wiki say he was killed in 1874, don’t you believe it… 

Bob Younger is said to have been born in 1853, this would put Bob at age 42 in 1895 at the time the photo was taken… It is said by… well… you know… that Bob died of tuberculosis in prison in 1889 so of course he couldn’t have been there…. so it MUST be true Right?...  

With this said, I present the two photos for your scrutiny… If you have an opinion to share, please DO NOT COMMENT here at Tuscoro.com, please respond at Facebook Tuscoro.com, Tuscoro Oro or Daniel Lowe (Tuscoro) all of which you will find on Facebutt. And where you will find this post on this day, Photo Games, The Younger Brothers? Thank You. 

IFand notice that’s a big IF… these two individuals are two of the Younger brothers, which would you think? I have my thoughts but will withhold until I get some comments or these days, some interest….


Sepia photo supposedly two of the Younger Brothers Taken in 1895


Supposed authentic photo of the 4 Younger boys

Although I would agree that Jim and Cole are good likeness candidates for the two men, I can't see the two men being the age that Jim and Cole would have to be.... my take is that the two men are NOT of the Younger Brothers.

Unless the birthdates are incorrect....

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