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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Your Thoughts Please Just a Test


I would really appreciate your opinion please, there is no right or wrong answer, no one is going to say you are right or wrong, these experiments work much better the more that participate, please humor me in this, You CAN ALSO EMAIL your thoughts at tuscoro@gmail.com or even MESSAGE Me on FaceButt...  I am not looking for any particular comparison, just look at the photos and say what you have to say, if you think two people are the same person, GREAT! if you don't that's great to.... do they look like brothers? Same Person? One or more different people? Is one the Father of another...  I don't care what your answer is, only that it is your perspective and your opinion.... Don't worry about who they may be... I'm trying to tap into your abilities of overall first impression of facial recognition... forget the chin, eyes, nose, ears, eyebrows, and hair just look at the overall picture. BE WORDY if you must...

This is all in an effort to create future articles and to give you the best information I can based on sound research all in an effort to find truth.

Thanks You!

Picture A

Picture B

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