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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Utah Mound Builders? PART ONE


Mississippi Mound Builders in Utah?

Did you know that here in Utah there were dozens if not tens of dozens of mound cities very much like those of the Mississippi Mound Builders? Some nearly identical in design and apparent purpose.

Were these valleys filled with the same people as the Adena and Hopewell or are the the remains of some other unknown culture who has visited this land?...  I wonder...

The platform mound in Parowan although not as large, was very similar to the platform mound found at Cahokia Ruins East of St. Louis.

Monks Mound, Cahokia
I wish I could tell the significance of the Platform mound at Cahokia, but my critics are the very people who should already know, and I admit, I am not ready for the back lash I would receive from them.

Years ago I found a compilation of articles in a book written by two brothers; Mike and Steve Holmes, now my personal friends, entitled Sierra Madre West. 

Although the book does not deal specifically with the subject at hand, the two brothers through extensive research of old newspapers have gathered and resurrected much of the talked about earthworks that were apparently very well known in the early days here in Utah.

The sources for the information that they have gathered is primarily from and article which appeared in the Millard County Chronicle February 26, 1931. It would seem that of all the archaeologists roaming this country, that here in Utah we were being sorely neglected. It would seem that as they all seemed busy on such projects and recent finds of the times such as Casa Grande in Arizona and the like, Don Maguire suddenly takes interest and managed to document many of the sites. Maguire worked with John Wesley Powel for some time, no surprise, and it would seem that even Mr. Smithsonian, J. W. Powel paid visits to some of the sites with great interest, I wonder why... Maybe he was gathering information to try to get with Army Core of Engineers to figure out how to build enough dams to cover it all up... However as it would seem, it is clearly downplayed, reburied and eventually forgotten and plowed under by the farmers... did they treat the ruins of mounds in the Mississippi Valley like this? Most people living in these areas have no idea of the culture[s] whose remains are right under their feet.

In the following posts I will display snapshots of the original article as it appeared in the 1931 article written by Maguire no doubt under the careful eye of J.W. Powel. 

In the words of Mr. Maguire... "I can do no better than quote the words of Dr. Neil M. Judd in Bulletin 82 of the Bureau of American Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution in his volume entitled Archeological Observation North of the Rio Colorado" Of course not, stick to the narrative, he didn't want to loose his funding....


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