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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Hidden Treasures of Nueva España PART 4

Treasure Fantasy

Many treasure hunters have come and gone, and many varieties exist today, some skilled in the things they have experience but of the Spanish Treasure hunters of the past and present I have found, have formed their opinions based on distorted information, and passed it down to those who have been unsuspecting, of these I will say no more. It has been portrayed the romance of the mystery in books, articles and even the movies as to the simplicity of chasing the legends, treasure hunting is so much more entailed than flying along in your helicopter, spotting a cave, landing and walking 20 feet from where you land and just a few yards into the cave, lies a dead Spaniard in his armor, and his arm draped over a large treasure chest. Nicoles Cage never had it so easy... I wish it were that easy...

With this I will also elaborate upon another fallacy. Many today believe that once you have found the treasure site, the work is done; they often comment, “well dig it up!” as if you can just drive to the nearest town, grab a track hoe and a large truck take it back to the site and load the fruits of your labors! I got news for ya… Once you have found the treasure site, the fun is over, the thrill of the hunt is gone, the mystery resolved, and now the real work begins at least for me. Unless you stumbled upon a saddle bag long forgotten, containing some gold or silver coins or a few bars, and you can keep your mouth shut, then there is no work, enjoy your find.

Recently I heard the words uttered by a student of treasure hunting books, a story I heard many years ago and even in a very small way, a part of... and because of the time that has past, gaining more and more of the information and knowledge of others, I had learned the truth of the matter… the words expressed with amazement from this inexperienced yet excited young man was, “Someone found 500 Gold Bars!” Now although this may be true in that at some time, in some place someone may have done this but the story he was repeating it from, originally was supposed two saddle bags, and the story grew from there and there is much more to that story... 

Monty’s Gold

Countless stories have been written by the many who have come and gone, writers of treasure with the flair of the pen creating fantasy, or exaggerated truths. If the typical treasure writer would do the homework required they would have no need to take such liberties with the pen, a true researcher would find the evidences of the story before they write about it, rather than create their own story line, but then, where is the books sales in that? Stories such as Moctezuma’s Treasure, Freddy Crystals caves, and the Lost Dutchman, mixed in with the Peralta stones, some have even managed to tie them all together in their vivid imagination, in effort to sell books, because they know, the typical reader will buy most anything, and I do mean "fall for anything"

Truth be known, and I challenge anyone to do the research behind it, is there a Moctezuma Treasure? Surprising to some the answer is Yes there is… However a serious student of the history of the Aztec, will find at least 3 accounts of the Aztec written by qualified individuals and they were not Treasure Writers and at least one was not a Spaniard yet the 3 records corroborate each other. The treasure of Moctezuma is mentioned in all 3 records, however it is made clear that the treasure is handed down from one Emperor of the Aztec to the next, and that it was ALL accumulated IN Mexico. It is also made clear in the records that after the first attempt of the Spanish to raid the treasure of which they were mostly unsuccessful, the treasure was taken by he Aztecs to one of the MANY cenotes and thrown in, no where in the 3 records that I recall were they instructed by Moctezuma to do so, nor did I find any instruction from Moctezuma, for the people to take he wealth Back” to a place it did not come from… I will not attempt to explain where the false story of Moctezuma’s treasure being brought back to the North came from. Is there what would be considered treasure and even that of the Aztec here in the North? If I said yes, would you believe?

The Dutchman Mine and the Peralta Stones

Now... I'm not going to tell you the story of the Dutchman isn’t real, why? Because I don’t know, and I don’t care, I’m not a miner… I am a researcher. Then along the way comes what is presumed to be, the "Peralta" Stones, The stones I do indeed believe in the authenticity of them, however, how one managed to mix them in with the Dutchman story I will never understand. As for the Peralta Stones, the story has become so twisted; added upon and altered it is difficult for the casual reader to discover the real story and to top that off, some of those so called professionals of Academia who believe knowledge comes from a paycheck, have deemed the stones as fake with no compelling evidence as if this somehow makes it a fact. In addition how the stones received the name of the Peralta family which without a doubt existed, I am left wondering. It is very plausible that the stones were at one time property of the Peralta family, and lets just say they were. We then go to the original place reported as to where the stones were found at a location east of Florence Junction which is not hard to discover if you just do a little metaphorical digging. My first question would be, why would a searcher of the past drop the stones where the trail begins? In fact, why would the stones be dropped where the trail ends? But let’s look at some common sense here, anyone who takes the time to highlight the 3 rivers in the area suspect of the stone map, can clearly see, that the rivers or drainage's presumably portrayed on the map, is not the Salt River, supposed Upper River, and Queens Creek, supposed Lower river, inscribed on the presumed authentic stone maps. If it is as many have supposed, the map would no doubt be pertaining to the Superstition mountains and “May” tie in with the Dutchman story… however…

Let’s take a common sense look and give the author of the stones some credibility as to accuracy, even though they had obvious aerial view disadvantages. Below are the 2 rivers in question in addition to a 3rd proposed intended river, each is a general tracing from a 30 Minute USGS map (left). Compare to the stone map (right) showing what everyone seems to agree is a rendition of rivers, the stone map below is also a digital copy of the original.

I dunno… You tell me which rivers were intended…

If my analysis is correct then the Peralta stone map has nothing to do with the Superstition Mountains, and if you follow the instructions of the map and applied to the new found area, you will find your self at the center of the heart, at the James DeNoon Reymert Silver mines. Mr. Reymert with an interesting background, you will find was a lawyer among other things, why would this lawyer suddenly after moving the Chili for several years for health puposes, where in the Peralta Family was known to have lived for centuries, return to Arizona and suddenly turn to mining and miraculously strike it rich on a whim in his first venture? There is so much more to the story, but this will have to suffice, or is it possible there is still some things you don't know about these stones, and the Peralta Land Grants?

Useless Maps

I hear occasionally of those who have gleaned some information from Spain, or the archives of Mexico, managing to sneak some photos of a map or a document and these people spend years searching, chasing their tail because they do not realize, it is one thing to have a map, and even a charted course, but… IF YOU DO NOT KNOW… how to read the signs and symbols left behind, carved into the rocks, encoded into the rock monuments or the quickly decreasing number of trees bearing AUTHENTIC signs, designed to assist the searcher in finishing the quest to relocate what was meticulously hidden, you may as well shred that map and go home. I can’t count the times I have been told, I found a mine dump! Great… I always think. If you have found a mine dump, you have found one of two likely things you have found a mine of the late 1800’ to early 1900’s, or.. a Spanish mine which has been mined out long before and left for anyone who wants it. I suppose a third possibility exist in that that you may have found a mine which while mining, the party had been intercepted and slaughtered by Indians, however if this were the case, the Indians would have concealed it unless the working were to extensive, unfortunately for them, some mine dumps are impossible to hide due to the size.

The point being to this section, don’t believe everything you hear, just because the individual telling you claims to be an expert or the book you read says so. Use your common sense, don’t be a sucker, question everything, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

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