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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Hidden Treasures of Nueva España PART 1

The Hidden Treasures of Nueva España

It is estimated that billions of dollars in sunken treasure remain at the bottom of the sea as a result of the Spanish invasion of the Americas which lasted for nearly 300 years. It seems that never is it much considered that there is billions that remain hidden upon the land that never made it to the ports. There are many treasures that remain not only in the northern regions of the west but in Mexico and South America. The following will only give a small accounting of what remains hidden on the land we call America.

Since the days of the last wave of when the Europeans began to swarm the eastern coastlines of this continent referred to as the Americas, as a result of countless rumors of the past which in and of itself is suppressed even today, the indigenous of this continent’s history has gone untold from their perspective. Only recently we are beginning to hear the other side of the story of a time frame which has lasted for over 500 years and also much that they had to tell from thousands of years prior to that. This includes the stories of their origins, beliefs, and wars. If only we had listened. Among the untold histories of the oppression's, the genocide, destruction's of families, tribes and extermination of entire nations of people, and their patriotic acts against the oppression's brought upon them by a so-called superior civilized race. Today the evidences show that greed has always been the motto of Spanish and Gold was their God. Since their arrival, they have systematically destroyed the once mythical paradise and place of legendary riches which brought them here to begin with.

Fortunately a few took the time to listen to the indigenous peoples and documented the things that they had to tell, much of which is preserved in selective writings of the past. Many of these earliest authors date back to the 1500’s and some were even earlier. Today, these honorable men who lent their ear to the many indigenous tribes of the American continent are thanked by the Academic world today by condemning them as hoaxers, forgers, and nothing more than fictional writers, a practice that continues to this day. When the once highly regarded author was alive and well and gave honest evaluation and documentations of what he had found and experienced by his personal efforts to learn of these people who were found upon the last arrival of the Europeans. These recorders of history even lived with them. They were respected and quoted often, even by those who would later turn against them after they had passed on, in order to keep their good standing with the doctrine of Manifest Destiny and their seeming place of worship, the house of Smithsonian.

Any compassion shown towards the indigenous in helping them through the oppressions, catering to their needs as a result were considered as a sacrilegious act as these indigenous were considered as nothing but savages, barbarians with no more status than a dog; an attitude that continues secretly even to this day. A religious system forced upon them with bloodshed, torture, the killing of women and children, forcing them into submission, systematically dismantling their religious beliefs and their way of life; none of which was a threat to anyone. Even the mighty and once highly talented Aztec has been portrayed as nothing more than blood thirsty head hunters and human sacrifice driven people. This is a gross exaggeration of the truth. All the while the Catholic driven Europeans never saw, that they were the manifestation of Satan by forcing their religious ideals upon the people under the threat of death, seen in this manner by not only to the indigenous of the time, but by us who can now clearly look back and see with eyes to see. Of course the indigenous were portrayed and documented in the histories written by the victors as a blood thirsty head hunting sacrificing barbarian, as it was and is the only way to hide from the people the embarrassing truth of the victor’s evil demonic acts of which if the truth were known… dwarfed the supposed acts of the Aztec Indians.

The Bandoleros

The purpose of the forgoing paragraphs is to give the reader a better understanding and more accurate perspective on the subject which has never been accurately portrayed. Like the Patriots of the war against the tyranny in 1776, when the British Crown attempted the same similar practices against their own, we the people rose up seeking independence against those oppression's. Mexico in 1810, in their war for independence, was facing the same problems against the oppression's of Spain: atrocities which cannot even be compared to the pretended whoredom's of the Aztec. At this time Spain in addition to their self justified deeds against the indigenous had been raping and pillaging the people and the land all in the name of their God ever since their arrival and conquest of 1521, that God being Gold. In the latter part of the 16th century, the Mexican patriots began to organize. You will read about these highly honored men of the Mexican people as Banditos or Bandoleros in many of the writings of the Spanish authors of the past who wrote the one sided histories. These Banditos were only considered as such by the Spaniard.
(edited in part by Ron Guilfoyle)
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