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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Key Glyph (Aztec Navigation Glyph) PART TWO

The Key Glyphs consist of four parts; the first main dot which we call the Sun Dot and is always at the end of the long line. The second dot often present is identified as the Venus dot, used to indicate the season of the year and which clearly shows the positioning of Venus on the horizon at sunset. The circle represents the sky or better said, the complete round of the horizon, and the long tail which represents "Path" and in this case, the path of the sun, we also refer to it as the sunset baseline. 

The ancients responsible for these glyphs knew the destructive power the sun has on the elements, especially the sandstone with standing water, and in addition to the meaning attributed, due to the standing water, the long tail also had a purpose of providing drainage to the glyph. You will notice if you have seen many of them, that they almost always have the long tail which slopes gradually away from the circle, with exception of those that have for whatever reason shifted for some cause. I have observed dozens where in the rock they are found in, has shifted and as a result the glyph not able to drain, and in these cases, the glyph is in very bad shape.

Quite possibly... To be continued...

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