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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Seeking Origin of Hieroglyph that just doesn't fit...

 My friend Coty noticed this one while we were on a trip one day, I don't know how he even seen it...  something just wasn't right with it, I tweaked it with photo studio which made it all the more apparent that I needed to see it better... so I ran it through the D-Stretch program and this is what it revealed.... to me, it looks like Mayan origin to me, but what do I know eh? I know I have seen hieroglyphs very similar but can't seem to put a finger on it... If you recognize the origin and have example to compare, please do... All in all, it just doesn't fit with all the other glyphs in the McConkie Ranch area... and is still virtually unknow to most who pass by it...

D-Stretch Image

Original Image

Photoshop Tweak

D-Stretch again..

Digital possible recreation...

Another similar hieroglyph to the right of the first one, but not even D-Stretch can pull out enough detail to see what it is....

Coty Tabbee
Photo by Rick Crawford

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