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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Proposed Monthly Meetings


As I sit here pondering the past and the experiences I have been blessed to have been a part of over these many years… I find myself thinking of those who have gone to the other side, Steve Shaffer, Jim Phillips, Gale Rhoades, George Thompson, AC Wilkerson just to name a few… and not to mention the many who passed before them, of the Ute Tribe and those who rubbed elbows with them and Caleb Rhodes etc… taking there secrets to the graves intentionally I’m sure… leaving only bread crumbs for those who followed and there will no doubt be some who follows them or tries to.

There are few left who know the secrets and I’d like to think I am one of them. I have been very blessed and fortunate by way of documentation, being in the right place at the right time... I can’t help but think of the events that took place after the passing of those I knew, after their passing several men tried to contact the families with only one thing in mind, to try to acquire their research for their own greedy personal gain… I began to think about the day when my time has come, which I am certain is still a long way off… but ya never know… the last thing I want is for my life’s work to become my family’s burden…  

As a result and an effort to somewhat defuse this possibility, I am considering holding monthly meetings open to the public to go over the details of one project at a time, with hopes of finding that new blood in the next generation of true truth seekers those with real intent and pure motive, if you come for the sole purpose of tooting your own horn, or if your motive is not pure, you are cordially invited to stay home.

 I would like to set aside the delusion and although I know it is imposable, I can at least prevent some from falling into these paths. We seek those who are truly tied with the principles of seeking, verifying and finding truth and rendering faith dormant and establishing true knowledge.

 I encourage “real thinkers” and the curious to come join us… those who see brick walls as merely something to be circumvented rather than an impassable barrier, and to come and be a part. It will be open to the public and participation is encouraged but not disruption… there is a difference.

 We are not looking for the imaginative Kenworthy , Calvin Keys, Royal Poodle People types that seems to be growing in great numbers. It seems every thing in this world is twisted now days especially among today’s treasure and petroglyph hunters…. and the principles of determining and validating truth is rapidly becoming a lost knowledge.

 If you attend, and your intent is to create your own little gathering in the corner luring others away from the intended focus peddling your imaginative ideas of markers and shadow markers… please… create your own group on your own time and at your own place.

 I am amazed at so many who have fallen for the delusions of Kenworthy and Mr. Keys, many of which are my very good and cherished friends, and they are more than welcome to believe as they do, however it has no place with me or my research, I need facts, I need original source material, not something that has been accepted as fact, just because it was written in a book and because the author said so…  especially when it has no supporting evidence or foundation what so ever and is nothing more than the authors imagination. I am thinking of doing this for the focused purpose of certain projects, and if the meeting become disrupted, off continuous track, I will discontinue them or eliminate the disruptions.

I invite you to be a part in an effort to resolve that which is unresolved and perhaps connect with those who can further the needs of the research, not just by idea or participation, but financial support, that it may some day help change the lives of some for the better or bring to light that which has been hidden for so long by what ever means.

I have NOT yet decided to do this...I would like to hear your thoughts on this possible monthly meeting. No comments please, you can message me or email.

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