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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

In Search of the Holy Grail


One of the most sought after and controversial artifacts on the planet as it turns out, isn’t an artifact at all, and I think we have not only the academics to blame for this gross misunderstanding but also those in who true knowledge of this supposed artifact would upset their current curriculum designed to keep you in the dark regarding certain sacred knowledge.

LMAO! I can just see a carpenter carrying this to work each day… no wait… I can’t

This so called artifact is none other than the Holy Grail or chalice. Did the people really believe that the Nights Templar ran all around the world in a quest to keep hidden a little old wooden cup? It is also said that the Templar’s commission or purpose was to protect the Christians from the Muslim of the Islamic faith, which is in part true, and who according to their taught belief even to this day is to kill Christians. It is written in the Quran that if they do, they are rewarded in their heaven for it. Anyone who can read is welcome to pick up a copy of the Quran and read it for themselves. What they don’t know is that their so called Prophet Muhammad, the man who supposedly wrote the Quran, is a fictitious entity created by authors out of the Vatican to create diversity and conflict, just as the world bankers or elite do to this day and where ever they choose for their purposes. 

If you have not watched the movie the Davinci Code, you might find it interesting as there are some truths within, but there is much that is twisted and created out of the minds of those who do not understand. Who is this Davinci any way and why would we give credibility based on a painting, however the more you dig into it the more it all makes sense the one thing that sticks out for me is why would Davinci paint the apostle to the left of Christ as a woman? He is an artist and new well and good he was painting a woman.

Without hashing over the books Holy Blood Holy Grail and The Hiram Key, let’s just propose the idea that the Holy Grail or Chalice is not a cup, but instead is the woman who carried the seed of Christ. We could talk about the evidences, such as the wedding Christ attended and was made to provide the wine, a responsibility by tradition or law, that the groom provide the wine, or the scriptural reference that Mary was Jesus’ companion, which literally means she was his wife, or where in it is said that she administered unto him of which in those times, if a woman administered to a man, it was because she was his wife, or when Mary was brought to Christ to be judged, this was because it was the mans right and responsibility to judge his own wife. But the skeptics cannot provide a viable answer for these things and often uttering the words, “Well you can’t prove Mary was the wife of Jesus!” alas… by the same token, they cannot disprove it. I despise their efforts to diminish this sacred women in trying to convince us, that Mary was a Whore… sounds like the acts of Satin himself. But the one thing that puts the nail in the coffin for me, really isn’t written, translated or changed and what ever drives the motive of the hundreds of those so called scholars who have changed the message… is that if the true God, truly sent us his ONLY BEGOTTEN son of THE FATHER, as an example to teach the children the never changing gospel, and he was not married, then we have to accept that God sent us a hypocrite. Now why would he do that? The answer is obvious… He would not.

Why would these seeming small concepts be changed? As simple as I can put it, without these changes in scripture your understanding can become pure, with these orchestrated changes, the powers that be, maintain control and the ability to manipulate you and profit from it in ways you would not think. 

One thing that all genealogist know, whether they accept or admit it, is that Jesus had a family just as you and I… and to make matters worse for the believers is in all likelihood Christ had more than one wife, a concept in which is hinted as to why so many Kings of the past openly had many wives and in some cases, many concubines, without writing about it they were simply mimicking what they knew of the Christ and of those of the Royal Bloodline, such as King Solomon, King David, Abraham Isaac and Jacob of old… 

In the movie The Davinci Code it is portrayed that Jesus and Mary had one child, a daughter named Sarah, but this is only in part true, Jesus and Mary had at least 3 children. The line of power or authority and boasting Royal blood has created more wars that you can think, the power struggle for the purest bloodline is right before your eyes in the history and genealogy of the past kings of the earth, and in their arranged marriages. 

For clarity the Royal Bloodline is one in which stems from King David or Solomon, the Holy Bloodline in which the pompous rarely use as a reference is the literal bloodline of Christ given to us through the chalice, Mary or what we have come to know as the Holy Grail. 

Again in the movie The Davinci Code, it has portrayed that only one rightful heir exists after 2000 years of conceiving and begating… The only Holy Bloodlines I am aware of are derived for one from Sarah, who represents the French Holy Bloodline, and Joseph or Josephus a son of Jesus and Mary which stems the Welsh and/or Scottish  Holy Bloodline. There is one other but we have not sufficient evidence to trace… Yet. It is a possibility that Josephus is one and the same as he who write the Antiquity of the Jews, just a few years ago researching this possibility, I found that it has been  common knowledge for 2000 years that his parentage was unknown, from his own record “ He was born of an aristocratic priestly family in Jerusalem”, today’s search we find some one by the name of Steve Mason who miraculously and suddenly knows his parents names and of course WIKI picked this up as justification of gospel in 2000. Some of these pretend scholars have gone as far as stating that Josephus did not believe in the Christ, despite in his own words, in Book 18, states that Jesus was the Messiah and a wise teacher who was crucified by Pontius Pilate 

Intertwined within this collage of a story is the keys to the sacred Nature of the woman and this is a very guarded secret in which the elite and the Vatican does not want you to know… it is the very reason why she is diminished in certain religions and made to keep silenced by giving her the belief in that she may become a wife of Christ through celibacy, by doing the exact opposite of one of the most important things she was created for, in bringing forth life… have you noticed the similarities of the dress of Certain Women, in Catholicism and Islamic? And here is Wisdom and a clue to those who pick up on the little things… Turn to the pages of Proverbs, but more specifically Chapter 8 and all the while you read, ask your self, who is speaking… 

The Nights Templar were created for various purposes but the primary was in fact, to protect, hide and relocate the literal children of Christ, his linage… and I hate to break it to those who fell for “only one”… but there are thousands of direct descendants of Christ and strangely enough, they all seam to be gathering in one place and they are among a certain people, who they themselves would deny it if the knew…

This is why the Knights Templar visited this land, but focused on a particular area… frequently in fact, not gallivanting the world in a quest to hide a old wooden cup, an inanimate object of which the worship of is idol worship in its greater sense… The Knights Templar were in many cases the literal seed of Christ, such as Henry Sinclair who was actually never a Templar, and his wife Joan of Wales, a bottleneck, each carrying the other bloodline, Henry Sinclair was however of the Order of Christ. It isn’t about who has the purest bloodline, it is, are you of the bloodline, and are you of the children of Christ.

What could have happened that brought the demise of 1307 upon the Templar? History tells us that it was because they became to powerful and wealthy and became a threat to the Vatican. King Phillip is said that he saw opportunity to excuse himself from a very large debt owed to the Templar and all of these reason may be true or in part true. I believe that the Knights Templar had a calling, one in which they took very serious at first and later become slothful due to haughtiness pride and bringing in greed… the only thing that brings a people as a group to destruction is iniquity, and I believe this is what brought the claims against them. I believe the humble of them survived, repented and those are they who went to Portugal and reorganized eventually becoming the Order of Christ, and I believe they fulfilled their calling in redistributing the literal children of Christ and hiding up the records of this effort. Where the true Holy Grail has landed is unknown and we may never learn where she was finally laid to rest. So for those of you who choose to pursue and old wooden cup, I won’t get in your way… carry on!



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