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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Historic Resources, Books and Maps NEW PAGE ADDED


Donations Needed


I Have added a new page which you can find 
in the side menu under Books For Sale

I have decided to cut loose with some of my resource material and make it available for those who would truly benefit from it… For your benefit and mine, the following is the resource material I am making available as I need to raise some cache… groceries have double and the power bill scared the hell out of me… I am certain I am preaching to the choir… Here is my chance to offer something of value in return for donations.

KEEP IN MIND, ALL … well… mostly all of the following Files are available online for download for FREE, if you have the time to find them and download them all… However I have already done that and by providing you with a link you can download your choice of collections below. Should you donate and wish to receive a file, I will need your email address and your choice of files, once you receive a file share notice, and access the file, please download as soon as you can before your link expires. Rarely someone has troubles with downloads, but if that occurs, we can resort to using a flash drive and good old fashion snail mail. Once you have your files I suggest you make a flash drive copy and put it away so you don’t loose it. 

And may I say, I know times are hard right now, I get it, that’s why I am doing this until I find more stability… so if it is beyond you due to hard times, don’t worry about it and let me say regardless… Thank You for your continuous support.


I am going to start with the 3000 PDF book collection.

For a $100 Donation 

When I first started this … hobby? about 1999 I sought out the best of books and articles, books written by the earliest of explorers and in them days, I had begun quite a collection of physical copies until around 2009,  circumstances beyond my control forced me to sell them, But I never sold a book that I had not found a PDF copy, a scan of the original, this is what started my PDF book collection. Today there is 3000 or more books and articles written by some of the earliest explorers of this land and others. Many of the books are OCR in other words, they are searchable, for example just doing a Title Search using “GIANTS” yields these titles.



Adding the search option to find the use of the word Giants within the text of the books I unexpectedly got these results… and this is just the topic of “Giants”



I thought my search results would be less than a quarter of what I got.

In this collection there are NO books like Tom Sawyer, Moby Dick, To kill a Mocking Bird or Dick and Jane, these are all research books that I have gleaned many nuggets from the pages.



Old World Historic Map Collection For a $50 Donation



Hundreds of Digital Mostly HIGH Quality Historic old world Maps including what you see in the folders, ALMOST 500 files, you will not be disappointed! The Academics claim California shown as an Island was a mistake, well we had quite a few cartographers making this mistake, or they knew something Smithsonian and the puppet master doesn’t want you to know because geological evidence shows California at on time was indeed an Island but it was over 2000 years ago! Where did these cartographers get their information?


Highly sought after 15 minute USGS Topographic maps!

For a $50 donation. NEAR 1000 Maps!


Complete with Index of all maps made, includes the 4 corner states of Utah ColoradoNew Mexico and Arizona. 

If you do not know what a 15 minute map is, please look it up and educate yourself, but from a TOPO map user point of view I say this, 15 minute maps have always been coveted, they were made from 1890 to 1950 but what I love about them is they contain all the detail of a larger 7 Minute Map but the appearance is smaller, each 15 minute map contains the equivalency in area covered of NINE 7 minute maps without loosing any detail.  Also the 15 min maps are known for having details such as old mine sites, old cabins, old roads that no longer exists, ranch houses, railroads, discovered ancient ruins sites, historic locations and sometimes petroglyph sites, because of these maps I was able to log over 2000 ruins locations throughout the four corners states. Many of which disappeared from the maps after the 1950’s however in the late 1970’s all historic markings are now removed from the TOPO maps. These maps have played a big roll in my research over the years. If the day ever comes where in we loose our satellites and GPS capabilities, how many people will still be able to navigate? I would venture to say the number would be a single digit.



HISTORIC Topo MapsWestern States Collection $50 donation

The first Topo Maps ever made, Including Utah, IdahoWyomingColoradoNew MexicoArizonaNevada and California. Some of these maps are also found in the 15 minute map collection. NEAR 1200 Maps. Other States $20 donation each state.

Western State Collection

From 1:250,000 scale to 1: 9,600 scale



Other States also available $20 Donation per State

From 1000 AD to 1884

No other states available other than those in the above image

First number in the file name is the number of maps to expect in the folder

180 Exploration Documents $25

From 1000 AD to 1884

Email me to get an index, tuscoro@gmail.com or send message in messenger

I have has these for 22 years and still haven't read them all... it is clear when reading many of them, that they were following a very old trail... Coronado Columbus and others...



7 Minute 1;24,000 scale Map collection UTAH ONLY $25 Donation

1970’s to 1980’s Full Collection of the entire state. Near 1500 maps.



30 Minute Map Collection UTAH Only $25 Donation

Entire State as far as I know…

85? Maps in this collection1: 100,000 scale



Donations can be made to:

(Preferred) PayPal   crickett4@gmail.com  (Please Use Friends and family option) 

(Preferred) VENMO   @Amy-Crockett-Lowe (3771)

Metapay on Facebook   Amy Crockett Lowe 

Or... Direct Deposit at any America First Credit Unions

(Amy Dawn Crockett) Duchesne Utah

NOTE: IF you make a donation, MAKE SURE you specify what files you want AND MAKE SURE I have your name and email address to send link for download.

IF I DO NOT HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS I CANNOT send you a file share link; IF YOU DO NOT receive a file share link via email within about 24 hours, it is likely because I do not have an email address included in the payment message.

NOTICE: Some have experience trouble with download, to avoid any potential issue, please include $12 for a flash drive and media shipping. and I will need a mailing address.

 If you have questions or issues you can send a message to tuscoro@gmail.com, DO NOT send payment to this address

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