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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Recent Presentation at the Gathering of Moon Lake


The following is the original intended presentation although I did not follow it exactly....

Good evening people... I am grateful to be here tonight and I would like to thank all those responsible... I am especially grateful for all those who have participated in the research and all those who have supported it these many years… I would like to express my gratitude especially to my wonderful wife and kids for their support and mostly to my maker of which without, I am nothing… 

I would like to start by telling a bit of who I am where I come from and what I do and why I do it... I was born and raised in Utah county, I grew up on a farm where imagination and the need to think outside the box was a part of everyday life, every day was a challenge and an adventure and I am grateful to have been blessed with this upbringing. 

My interests in the unknown, the mysteries of this land, the untold or suppressed histories has always intrigued me.. it has always been on my mind…. the questions of, Why? How? And When? Needless to say I wasn't very popular in the history classes if my youth... because I asked to many questions. Today, my research is centered around the untold, unknown and even the suppressed history of this continent and even this world... if there is a mystery, I am likely up to my eyeballs in it, or I have been at one time.

 I did not come here today to convince you or even prove to you the things I came to say… as the many evidences can be found throughout my books and writings… and are often right in front of your face… I accepted this invite in an effort to alleviate my need to share... with that I will move on...

We have all been schooled on the expeditions of the Europeans coming to the Americas, We have all heard that Columbus was the first European to have discovered the Americas, we have also been told, that Escalante was the first European to have traveled through this place here in Utah... some of us know better... I think the majority here know that there is just to much evidence that has surfaced over the years which shows this is likely not the case...

Although there are many things which raises ones eyebrow, one of the many discoveries that I personally have proven to myself as authentic, is the discovery and authenticity of the Tucson Lead artifacts... some of you may have heard of them…

The Tucson lead crosses are a group of some 30 artifacts that were unearthed from a cliché deposit near Tucson Arizona in 1924. Had not the private sector been deeply involved with this discovery, I doubt we would have ever heard of them. What does this have to do with North Eastern Utah?

Written upon these artifacts was found the story of Roman Colonies having arrived here at the time of the known “Rise of the Western Roman Empire” in 775 AD. The text also speaks of previous visits to the America as early as 100 BC, the people disappearing and returning to their country of origin at the “Fall of the Western Roman Empire” around 400 AD.  It leaves one thinking, “What exactly is the Western Roman Empire” It took many years to prove, to myself, however from the beginning I felt this discovery was authentic... If you are not familiar with this discovery, feel free to search it with google but be warned, the academics do not want you to know of it, or to believe in it... 

I have often wondered why there are certain things discovered that some put forth such a great effort to discredit... diffuse and keep from you knowing, and yet some of the most seeming ridiculous things they seem to ignore... I'll bet many of you have wondered, why…. why do they care? What difference does it make who discovered America? I personally don't think it really has anything to do with who discovered America, I think it has everything to do with the unknown history of this place, with a prime motive of most who has traveled here, greed.

There is another aspect of history that it would appear an all out effort has been implemented in an effort to hide the truth from you and it to is  part of our history, and is much more personal, it is your linage history and who and where you came from... most would be shocked to learn of some of your distant ancestors…

SEE Royal Ancestry Charts 

Many of you have heard of Knights Templar and we have heard all the academic views about who they were … a bunch of guys who became to powerful rich and ran around the world trying to hide a little wooden cup and about none of it is true. Just to conclude this part I will say this... The Knights Templar had a very specific purpose and a righteous one at that, and they were very good at it... and it wasn't traveling the world trying to hide massive accumulated treasure and they certainly were not trying to hide a little wooden cup from the rest of the world... What does this have to do with North Eastern Utah? What does it have to do with you? Their objective was very different in coming to this land compared to all others whose prime motive was no doubt greed...

Many here tonight thought that I came here to talk about the Spanish treasure stories, and I will try not to disappoint you, however I am hoping to take you far beyond Spanish occupation. 

I am not a treasure hunter per say, and I understand if you do not believe me... my interests lie much deeper than Spanish Treasure, or even the Spanish occupation my interests are in.. why? were the cartographers of the day just guessing?



Now please understand this map was created in 1575, just 62 years after one of the first explorers Juan Ponce de Leon underwent his land expedition from Florida to the west with Coronado not far behind in 1540 from Mexico city to New Mexico of today. How did they manage to accomplish so much in such a short time? Where are all the expedition documents to accommodate all the notations on these maps? I have a collection of 180 recognized exploration documents translated into English in the late 1800's, but where is the history of all these places you see on this map?



On this 1652 map Notice California is recorded as an Island Why? The academics claim it was a mistake, but what they don't tell you is that prior to a cataclysmic event 2000 years ago, much of California was in fact an Island, but how did these Spanish Cartographers know that?




On this map, notice the gulf of California as it extends all the way to modern day Las Vegas…what happened?  it may have been an event you might have heard of, but it didn’t happen 250 million years ago over a period of a million years or so… it likely happened a mere 1100 years ago… and in one day! The Colorado Plateau uplift the events of which is documented by several different cultures…

Of the many cultures that have come here in the past,  people known today as Altai Mongolian, Hebrew, Chinese, the Indians of India, Indo Greeks, Welsh, Scots, French, Portuguese and Romans... not just the Spanish but of those in AD Times, why do they all seem to be looking for the same place?

Septem Citia

a certain place that appears on several maps, a place called Septimania, with a lake named Copola, surrounded by 7 cities.... in a land called Calulus or Calicuas why? What is so important about this place here on the south flank of the Uinta Mountains.

There are some who have a hard time believing that man has been building boats and coming to this continent for near 5000 years. I am of the opinion that man has been building boats ever since that guy Noah built one.... How do you think the first inhabitants of this land got here after the great flood? Oh ya, the land bridge right?

Just a few facts that you can feel free to consider, but certainly don't take my word for it.... 

Originally this get together was to be at Moon lake so the distances I am about to give you are based upon moon lake lodge… 

Within 40 miles of where we sit, is over 100 mine locations at least 13 cache sites and several other things... and I am certain even more...

Approximately 800 Yards from here is an old Spanish mine which was blasted shut some time after the Moon lake dam  reconstruction project in 1938.


1600 yards from here is where the famous Don Foot writings were found which no longer exists and believed to have been intentionally destroyed.

Roughly 650 yards from here is located one of the most famous mines in the Uinta's known as the sacred mine of the Ute's also known as the Church Mine and some call it the Rhoades Mine. 

About 1.8 Miles from here is one of the larger mining projects of the past but certainly is not the largest in the Uintas. and it is the primary reason the trail running up the west side of moon lake exists today... some would have you believe the Forest service created that trail, how ever it has been here for a very long time. The mine workings extend another mile and a half up the canyon and have been worked as far back as 1200 years ago.

Another is about 1 mile and a tenth from here and can be seen from this very spot and is about 2 miles in length.

About 5 miles from here is buried some of the most respected Shoshone chiefs, Previously thought to be Ute, and it is one of the few reasons the Ute tribe to this day would rather you stay out of that area.

13 miles from here as a crow flies is the largest tunnel/shaft mining operation of the past, the mine dump covers 3 and ½ acres  and at an average of 70 feet thick. It is believed that the main tunnel travels all the way through the mountain and exits approximately one mile away from its mouth on the other side of the mountain. This mine is one of the most sought after mines due to its almost unknown history, but of all the mines is the most lacking in information in order to find it... and it remains hidden largely because its size is bigger than most's imagination... The mine is known as the Mina de rey or Mine of the King, not the Kings mine as some  have written in the past...  Reyes Mina, is the Plural. It is believed to have been mined as far back as in the days of King Hyrum, the friend of King Solomon in 900 BC, and although it is certainly possible, I have my reservations. It is believed to be thee prime location as to where the contents of Mel Fishers, sunken ship the Atoche truly came from... Including the Emeralds.


Strange Anomaly

Another five miles beyond this mine, is ONE OF the strangest anomalies I have ever seen in the Uinta's, an unconfirmed mine dump that if in fact it is what it seems to be, would be thee largest open pit or open face mines in the Uinta's, its mine dump covering 160 acres averaging a thickness of 100 to 150 feet. Aside from today's Rio Tinto operations at Kennecott, this would be the largest man made mine dump at least in Utah, and I assure you, it is not a natural slide and it wasn't made by Spaniards. 

And Just a mile or so from the previous anomaly is located more of the largest and oldest mining operations in the Uinta's

"rojo, gris, rico, oro


Just 15 miles from here is one of the places where beginning in 1926 Kaiser Wilhelm the last Emperor of Prussia, was buying up hundreds if not thousands of acres at the hand of Baron Von Horst... Why? and then in about 1943... after Kaiser Wilhelm and the Baron had passed... someone began selling it off... why?

Land Records

About 6 ½ mile from here was once a very large foundry, one in which was built so long ago that it was near non existent or profoundly in ruin when the Spanish arrived in the late 1500's ....


I won't say how far from here but not far, are believed to be found two cities of ancient origin, one is believed to be one of the seven on the old maps showing Lake Copola, the other is noted on this map north of the lake.

Lower Elevation at approx 6000 feet

Higher and older Elevation at approx 6200 feet


Approximately 21 and 27 miles from here is located two Roman vaults re-discovered by Antonio de Espejo some time during his second and fatal expedition between 1584 and 1588. Orthodox history has him dying in Havana in 1585... If this were true, then how did he sign his map dated 1588?

And not 2.9 miles from here is thee single most important location in the Uintas of which I will leave to your imaginations.... lets just say, it is not in White Rocks, and it is not in Rock Creek.


Thomas Rhodes was quoted as to saying that there is a certain formation in which geologists would not consider, and if you can find out this formation, you can follow it through the Uinta's from Mine to mine to mine... and certainly do not take my word for it, but this statement I attest, is true...


Now I would like to leave you with something to ponder... and this is applicable to the very most important thing about this place...




We have heard from the writings of Plato a place he called Atlan-tis with T-I-S being a suffix giving ownership in that you or some thing are FROM Atlan or OF Atlan.

We know, the legendary King Arthur frequented some distant Island called Afflon or as the academics have come to spell it, Avlon or Avalon, however the Welsh have no Z or V in their alphabet... King Arthur requested he be buried at this Island of Afflon.

Could it be?

We know his great great and some odd Grandsons, some 250, 550 and  750 years later followed in his footsteps one of them you may be familiar with known as Prince Madoc the son of the King of Wales, Owain of Gwynedd. Another of his ancestors whose name is noted all over Mexico yet no explanation in history as to why? (Saint) Iago (Welsh for Jacob) Idwal. He was the GG Grandfather of King Owain and 15th G Grandson of King Arthur. They were simply following a very old trail...



We know the Aztec left a certain place here in the North, in humility, a place they called Aztlan, which was a place of 7 cities surrounding a lake... why they left can be a long story... it has also been referred to as Turtle Island by other tribes, it wasn't called turtle Island because it looked like a turtle, 

it was once existing as an Island and a prime breading ground for the very large sea turtle... those of you who live in the Uinta basin can attest to the many sea turtle shells in the area…




But the one place of the past that knocked my socks off was this.... while studying the MANY original texts of the Bible, and a majority seems to agree with each other... It would seem that in in the book of Genesis speaking of the Garden of Eden it is said, implied or inferred, that there was a large source of water that naturally breached the surface of the earth and formed 4 heads.... this is an very unusual occurrence but none the less it happened and as far as I have been able to discover has only happened at one applicable place on the planet, the Uinta Mountains... some might consider a lonely word in an often disregarded or ignored book, the word Ripliancum, said to mean “to exceed all” of which it most certainly did and will again. Moving on with the text, it then describes the 4 rivers.... The first being the river Pison, it is said that this river in them days traveled around or through a land of gold, Bdellium and the Onyx stone ... it is also noteworthy that this river in latter times was also known as Sidon.

Plato wrote of a place called Atlan-tis

King Arthur visited and was buried in a place called Afflon

The Aztec came from a land they called Aztlan

The LAND that this river of the Garden of Eden Pison, “Compasseth” or traveled through or around was called Havilah.... Is it possible?

 Atlan-tis 90 BC

Afflon 500 AD

Aztlan 900 AD

Havilah 4-3000 BC


Are we beginning to see why so many cultures of the past are seeking this same place? There is one hell of a story yet to be told… and I don’t know that I am up to be the one to tell it…. Tonight You have only experienced a very small glimpse of the untold history of not only this place here in North Eastern Utah, but this continent.

To find expanded versions of included statements, supporting evidences and just more of the story, may I offer additional reading which can be found here….

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