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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

In Search of the Garden of Eden

the Origin of the 7 Cities of Cibola
the 7 Caves of the Aztec

The title topics above will be one of the most difficult for me to put words to, not because the evidence is lacking, but because of all the misinformation published since they were first written about.

What does the 7 Cities have to do with the Garden of Eden? Maybe nothing, maybe everything, this is something the reader will have to decide.
I would really like to know who is reading, if you would please pm me, comment anything other than a “like” which tells me you didn’t read but that you at least seen it… It is almost as if the posts are not getting to my friends… like that ever happens… This article is purposely without photos… lets see who actual reads…

The Garden of Eden

Anyone who has given any serious or even mild effort to study the Old Testament, knows that the Garden was first written about in the first of the five books of Moses, other wise known as the Torah and under the instruction of God, in and effort to write the history from the beginning of time and to the events after Moses led the Children of Israel from Bondage and Captivity. The Torah is also known as, The Book of the Law, and by others it is known as, the Brass Plates.

I recommend a reading of not only Genesis of the Old Testament, but in addition a general synopsis of what the Scholar’s and or WIKI writers are regurgitating. I will only address a small part of this in order to bring certain aspects of common sense to light.

10 And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.
11 The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;
12 And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.
13 And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.
14 And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria. And the fourth river is Euphrates.

After reading this it seems pretty cut and dry doesn’t it? The problem is, the rivers do not fit with the academic views, and are we to understand that the names being used by Moses are references to the original names from the times of Adam PRIOR to the Earth being flooded, or the names given to the new surroundings where the Ark Landed no doubt placing names of the previous world upon the new world. An example of this can be found among the curious people called Later Day Saints or best known as Mormons, The Book of Mormon tells tales of the old world in which they came from and many names from the old world are placed upon things here in the new world such as Jerusalem, a city located in The Land Northward, which is later destroyed by the Waters coming up in stead thereof, at the time of the great destruction or the Crucifixion. We also have the LDS people after migrating to Utah, placing upon the cities the names of Ancient cites found in the text of their book, such as Lehi, Nephi, Moroni and Manti just to name a few, does this some how make these places one and the same as those found in the Book of Mormon?

This perspective may or may not be worthy, but to assume the Ark departed from the area of the proposed academic location, and floated freely for not only 40 days and nights but another 100 and some days, that it would miraculously land geographically near the same general area? I don’t think so…

However, what puzzles me the most is the seeming blatant ignorance to the text found in verse 10 of the 2nd chapter of Genesis above.

According to the many hypothesis of where Eden was, the existence of rivers is used in most of them, however in each case, NONE begin as a single river that divides and becomes 4 rivers. Each of the Scholar’s of these previous mention hypothesis, openly and clearly describe rivers of which their starting points are hundreds of miles apart NEVER meeting the requirement of the text of 10th verse, 2 Genesis.  

Now I have not covered the entire face of the globe looking for this specific arrangement especially because I presume the earth today looks nothing like it did in the days of Adam, however strangely enough, there is one location where in not only is this possible, but the geological evidences shows that it once existed and in part still does.

And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

In order for a single river, large enough to divide and to become classed as 4 rivers, not creeks, brooks or washes, it would seem a very large source of water would be needed. There are 2 scenarios in which this may have happened, much of which I have already written in my first previous book, (Nephite North). Based on the text of Genesis 2, some geographic circumstances had to exist, for example, this large river could have breached the surface being of a source of a large underground river, which naturally flows from the North to the equator and upon surfacing due to periodic earth quakes obstructing its natural flow underground, then divides, presumably from the top of a mountain providing the means to divide and peruse 4 directions, or the river source gathered into a lake and as a result of the effluents and volume, departed in 4 different effluents or rivers or a mixture of the two.

Isaiah 41:18 “I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.”

As you can see in the above quote from Isaiah, speaking of a future event, this has happened before and it will happen again, and is absolutely fitting in the proposed location that I have not yet revealed.

One of the many hypotheses regarding the Garden, one stand out for me. According to WIKI we have the following…

 Latter Day Saints
Followers of the Latter Day Saints movement (also known as Mormons) believe that after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden they resided in a place known as Adam-ondi-Ahman, located in present-day Daviess County, Missouri. It is recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants that Adam blessed his posterity there and that he will return to that place at the time of the final judgement in fulfillment of a prophecy set forth in the Book of Mormon.

A location for the Garden as compared to Adam-ondi-Ahman is not given, but is suspect that it would be westerly simply because when Adam was expelled from the Garden, he went “East out of Eden” This of course suggests that the Garden of Eden was on this continent, and if the LDS doctrine is correct, there would have to be some form of evidence of which there is. NOTE: to my LDS friends, Adam-Ondi-Ahman IS NOT synonymous with the Garden of Eden. But where is a place where in this geologic wonder occurred and likely will again?

The Waters of Ripliancum

Again in the contents of the Book of Mormon and more specifically the book of Ether, is a reference to one of the most misunderstood place names in the combined books, The Waters of Ripliancum. I could fill a book with the conjecture and regurgitation of Scholar’s regarding this elusive source of water, most of which are of the LDS faith. Why is it they all seem to presume it is a large body of water, and always it seems, a lake? NOWHERE in the text does it say anything about it being a river, fountain or a lake.

Ether 15:8 And it came to pass that he came to the waters of Ripliancum, which, by interpretation, is large, or to exceed all; wherefore, when they came to these waters they pitched their tents; and Shiz also pitched his tents near unto them; and therefore on the morrow they did come to battle.

Them? as in more than one?

The only real things we know about these waters is, that it is water, they are large, they are in the land Northward, they existed in the days of the Jaredites and may not exist today simply because according to the same text source, at the crucifixion, the ENTIRE face of the land was changed. It would be presumptuous to think they still exists, or do not. I certainly wouldn’t want the reader to believe something just because I said it, but I will ask to at least consider, the evidences of this are found in my first book titled Nephite North. With this said, let me say that what I know is the elusive waters mention are the source waters in which flows under the mountains of Utah as a result of fractures from the North to the South due to Sudden Pole Shifts of the past, this is a part of what is called the Ring of Fire. The water travels through these natural conduits from the North towards the equator, with the earth acting in its rotation due to centrifugal force as a water pump.

At times in the past, this source of water has been forced to the surface due to earthquakes causing the natural channels to be blocked and forcing the waters to the surface through the earth’s fractures. This is the same type of event which caused the creation of Lake Bonneville, Lake Lahonton of Nevada and what is now called Lake Uinta but is better known by some circles as Lake Copola. The evidences of this type of event can be tricky to see, not because it requires a stretch of the imagination, it is because the majority have been “Taught” to believe… the results of this event I have just described can be seen in the tops many of the mountains along this natural water corridor. One of the best places to see this is the entire tops of Uinta Mountains, of course geologist will tell you that these horse shoe formations are results of “glacial melt” as a result of “The Last Ice age.” I would love to have them explain an existing feature called Cedar Breaks in Utah and the like as compared to the tops of Uintas mountains and a relatively small location at the base of Nebo Mountain also in Utah, and explain how the presumed slow melting of a glacier forms these formations of hoodoo’s in such an isolated spot while ignoring everything around it! Then there are the massive river deltas here in Utah, while one canyon displays a very large Delta and the one next to it is a canyon with an equivalent watershed collection area and it displays no evidence of a delta at all!

My reasoning for bringing this up is two fold, one is to show that some time in our ancient past, the evidence shows that text in the Mormon book  may be true, also to show that the most important feature in which the 7 cities of Cibola have always been associated with, lake Copola but largely ignore, not only by today’s researchers but also the Spanish, and why? Because they did not find the lake which accompanied the original information handed down from their ancestors, from the Roman Colonies Welsh, and or Indo-Greeks and Portuguese expeditions from centuries before. As a result of a massive earthquake in about 900 AD, the lake exited southward, this event is likely the very same event responsible for the Colorado Plateau uplift, an event in which geologist say occurred 20 million years ago and the disappearance of this lake at 30 million years ago, this cannot be the truth.

The 7 Cities of Cibola

What is it that has kept various cultures coming to the Americas all seeming to be looking for the same location? Why is it many of the 15th,  16th and 17th Century Cartographers always included this elusive lake on their maps and often times, the 7 cities? Who built these cities and where are they now? What happened to the lake and the cities? The 7 Cities is NOT to be confused with the 7 Caves of the Aztec.

The following in this paragraph is short of evidences but with admitted speculative common sense I will give this hypothesis. It would seem the 7 cities were built by and as a result of what I would say is the first wave of Europeans beginning as early as 100 BC some time not long after either Alexander the Great in about 326 BC or King Demetrius in about 180 BC, or some time between, the ancient libraries of the people of India were sacked where in it was found ancient manuscripts showing the maps of ancient voyages of their people from the days prior to the voyages of the King of Tyre, King Solomon’s friend. The Greeks knew well and good the stories of King Solomon and the voyages of the Phoenician King of Tyre, King Hiram, in fact they likely had much more information than we have today. These were the primary contributors to the Imperial Library of Constantinople which would not be established for a few hundred years, with much of the contents which likely came from the ancient library of Alexandria of Egypt. What would the Voyages of the Phoenician King Hiram have to do with the people of India?

If the above paragraph is true, why would these people have settled in this place in and around lake Copola at the foot of the Uinta mountains and south along the green river drainage of today? Lets step back in time a bit… Many of you are familiar with the many discoveries in the past that suggest Phoenicians visited this land in the past, but few know of the occupation of the people from India and the very reason why the Americas were at one time referred to as the “West” Indies, a term in which we were led to believe was created because Columbus thought it was where he had arrived as in India? But if this were true, wouldn’t he have first approached the shores of East India had he voyaged across the Atlantic? Or is someone going to try and convince me it is because he went west? The title “Indian” given to the ancient Native people of this land, was quite literally because “Some” of them are actually decent of the people of India particularly the Maya, and Columbus damned well knew this.

Turn to your pages of the Bible to the story of King Solomon, 1st Kings, end of Chapter 9 and onto Chapter 10, why is the story of King Hiram intertwined with the story of the Queen of Sheba? Why do the Scholar’s not consider? Why is it when the story doesn’t meet their curriculum, the default is always dump it on Africa? Hiram was not sailing to Africa, Ophir is not in Africa, and the Queen of Sheba is not from Africa. Here is another hypothesis, but there is much evidence that will not be given here as it is already written in my many articles and in my Book title The Forbidden Histories of the Americas

The Phoenician King, Hiram of Tyre would set sail from time to time under the directions of King Solomon, to a place named as Ohpir, why and how Scholar’s have determined this is in Africa baffles me. Hiram was raised in the outskirts of a principle city called Sidon located at the edge of the sea, thought to mean Fishery or Fishing town. The city of Tyre where he ruled, was a satellite of Sidon and grew into one of the most important Phoenician cities. Sidon is interesting to me as this rare word also shows up in the book used by Mormons being a principle river. According to some of the Native people, the name given by my ancestors the Lenape was Ma-Supi, (fish river) other tribes it was known as Misi-Ziibi (great river). Interestingly enough, the Sidon River according to my findings yet contrary to those who foment the “Homeland Model” of Book of Mormon lands, is NOT the entire Mississippi River. Ancient Sidon prior to the Crucifixion flowed from its source waters, “Ripliancum” into the elusive lake Copola, which at that time is suspect of having its primary effluent which drained to the east forming the head waters of the Missouri, then arriving at the confluence of the Mississippi with the volume of the Missouri causing the river to flow to the east of what is now known as Cahokia. After the events of the crucifixion, OR the Earthquake of 900 AD, the primary flow which was the Missouri was cut off when the Colorado Mountain rose up, and the main flow of lower Sidon became the upper Mississippi river which at the confluence caused the river to flow on the west side of Cahokia. With this said, was there a city named Sidon at the edge of the sea Copola? Where is/was REALLY the city known in the Mormon book, Zarahemla? There will be a few that will scratch there heads over this paragraph…

Anyway, the thing that stands out for me is, the ancient River Sidon which ORIGINATED at the very place in which Hiram at Ophir while likely Mining, (Mina del Ray located near Granddaddy Lake Uinta Mountains), met the people of the Queen of Sheba, (short for Shem-Bhala, meaning Children of Shem). These people who met Hiram and his men, Hiram likely taught them of his friend and legendary King, Solomon, the man who was offered of God anything he wanted but who chose Wisdom. Those men of the Queen of Sheba who met Hiram and his men likely returned to the Yucatan Peninsula to their “mythical kingdomShem-Bhala, at the land they colonized some time before Hiram’s voyages, and to tell their Queen of this great King from near their place of origin, India. No wonder they can’t find this mythical lost kingdom, they are looking on the wrong continent… Did I mention that the mother of Buddha’s name is Maya? Who was Buddha? (See The Forbidden Histories of the Americas)

Isn’t it amazing how the historic mysteries and even Mythical begin to unfold when you do not adhere to educated orthodox thinking?

I must sincerely apologize to the reader and the skilled academics at this time, I don’t mean to write with a chip on my shoulder,  it is just the way I am, and although it is no excuse, I offer this, I have read so many academic papers and cites or quotes from so called sources, it at times makes me sick, Wiki quoting a book author who wrote a book five years ago, who is quoting an author from a book written two years prior who in turn is quoting some other recent opinion… why can’t we just get to the original source instead of telling us what the original words were actually saying, did it ever occur to some that the original author might have actually meant what they wrote? This kind of research practice these days is the inspiration of my new coined phrase… “Regurgitation of Indoctrination will never amount to Truth nor Intelligence” If you find any of my works as offensive, remember, you are more than welcome to not read it… Besides, I have discovered I am allergic to bullshit… ;-)

The 7 Caves of the Aztec

Now that we have touched upon the “considered to be mythological by most Scholar’s” Garden of Eden, and the mythical 7 Cities of Cibola, and discovering after an extensive and rigorous search, that I could not find any give a damn… let’s turn our attention to the 7 Caves of Chicomoztoc of the Aztec which has gone down in the regurgitated history as the birth place of the Aztec, which being no surprise to me, isn’t the truth.

We know from the un-regurgitated Aztec record that according to the Aztec, they originated from two places, a first mentioned place from the record where in their people left a great tower where in the Gods destroyed it and confused their language. They left this place after building boats which they knew how to do ever since that guy Noah did it… and eventually left the old continent arriving on the western shores of this land... Sort of… and a much later and second migration of people who arrived at a very specific date which escapes me at this time, in about 600 BC, it is said they came from the North East across the sea, it is mentioned that those who arrived were of light completion of which they, the Aztec being in poor condition, took them to be their leaders. They eventually ended up in a place called Aztlan, a place that at times has been referred to by different cultures pronunciations as in, Atlan-tis, Avalon or Affalon, and suspect Antilla and Ophir, but most curious, Havilah. According to the actual Aztec records, for some reason they left this land of Aztlan in “Humility” some time around 900 AD, it would seem there was some sort of natural disaster and or upheaval that drastically changed the climatic conditions in Aztlan, from near tropical and a near Garden of Eden sort of place, to high country desert. This event no doubt caused a sudden draining of Lake Copola which also added to the new dryer environment. I would venture to say these people saw this event as a punishment of the Gods which would explain the use of the word humility. From their home in Aztlan said to be an Island surrounded by a large sea, they then traveled south to a place where in there were caves or grottoes in which they inhabited for 200 to 300 years before leaving the caves and traveling further south into today’s Mexico.

Again I would venture to say that the 7 caves were well known by the Aztec knowing they were there beforehand and having been abandoned long before. These caves having likely been built by and abandoned by the previous culture from India, but possibly by their own ancestors at a time when the Chinese came to America the first time, around 100 BC and met a people whom they say had no religion and they had horses. It is said by the Chinese record that the inhabitants were living in the caves of a Great Canyon described and likely by the description, can only be the Grand Canyon by their description. They are said to have taught them Buddhism and if you read the article regarding the Cave supposedly and likely discovered by G. E. Kincaid, the article describes what can only be artifact items that can only be of Hindu or oriental origin, NOT Egyptian. Although Kincaid said the caves “was of Oriental origin, “possibly” from Egypt.” He then described the Idols found within and describes what can only be renditions of Buddha or Vishnu, “sitting with legs crossed holding a lily in each hand? “The cast of the face is Oriental…. The idol almost resembles Buddha”  Egypt has no such God as described.

The cave discovered just in the entrance is described exactly as the Aztec Cave rendition found in Historia Tolteca Chichimeca.

The Image and the description given by Kincaid, if the 1909 incident is real, leads me to believe that the 7 Caves are within the one cave found by Kincaid. If this is true, then there is explanation in order for several other suspect locations of Caves, One which describe a “cave of enormous dimension containing amounts unknown to any man” and one in particular described by certain Ute Indians as an “underground city large enough to house 50,000 people,” and it is not in the Grand Canyon, but suspect as one of the 7 City locations indicated on the old maps. It would appear that some of the cities indicated were in fact an underground city, accompanied with a surface city. 

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