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Monday, December 18, 2017

Utah Tomb site

Photo's by "Wild Bill" Michael, or myself..

This is why sometimes if not most of the time, it is better to show and not tell... Here is one of many examples...

Some time ago a colleague sent me some photos that someone had sent to him, he asked me to go look for this site to investigate and document. "Wild Bill" and my soon to be archaeologist Nephew after about an hour of searching, located the cave.

What a fascinating site I thought, but as suspected, would be treasure hunters were apparently all but finished digging the place up, what they didn't know is that the "tomb" site had been long ago pilferage and the body[s] removed, whether this was done but mummy hunters of the 1800's or licensed thieves, we will never know...  You can see the the diggings pile on the right and the boulders to the left of it which no doubt once concealed this once sacred site with and interned body. There are  two more suspect sites nearby, but do you think I am going to tell? I left a nice little note for our would be treasure hunters in the cave... I don't think they have been back.

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