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Sunday, December 17, 2017

A few rarely seen glyphs

It is common orthodox practice to refer to the many glyph sites as such and such "Style," Fremont, Vernal, Barrier style etc... However In these past 30 + years of documentation and the study of the Native Glyphs as a written language, I have never seen it as "Art" as it is clear that it is an intended message from the past. I have found there is no such thing as "style" however what is seen as style by the majority is nothing more than different subject matter content, based on Native Historical events unknown to the majority, and which occurred in those specific locations giving the appearance of different styles by different tribes. What were these events? If there is one thing the earliest of explorers knew, it is that through hand sign language and the written form found on the rocks not only throughout the American Continent, but the world... they all understood it at one time, it was a universal known written language and is now all but lost to time. If the majority wish to see it as ONLY Art, doodling, scribbling, hunting magic and many of the other ridiculous things I have heard... I certainly will not stand in their way... 

The boundaries of the box a majority feel they exist within, is a fiction, it isn't there... Venture out and seek truth... light is only possible and is manifest, when energy encounters mass... don't limit yourselves to orthodox thinking...

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