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Friday, September 23, 2016

Tramway into the Grand Canyon? It won't be the first time...

I don't know how many of you have heard about this, but I think it would be pretty cool... I do not know the whole story but I do know there are groups who do not like the idea...

BUT... did you know this would not be the first time a tram was built into the Grand Canyon? Just 15 miles or so to the North of the above mentioned proposed project, a tram descended into the grand Canyon to a shelf some 1000 feet above the river, Why?

The exact year it was built is unknown as I cannot find any mention of it anywhere, however I do know it was still there in 1954 and the lower tower remained until at least 1956, whether it was in operation or not in 1954 or falling apart from its previous use what ever that may have been, we may never know. To my knowledge, nothing of the tram remains today… So, my question is this, why was a tram built to descend 1800 feet below and ending on a shelf some 1000 feet above the river?

What is more interesting to me is that it once existed at the very location where the purported Egyptian LIKE (NOT Egyptian) underground city is known by some, to have been located in 1909, of which its entrance was said to be about 1000 feet from the canyon floor and 1480 feet from the top rim... curious indeed…

Whether a underground city was actually found in 1909 or not is neither here nor there, I don't think a one of us could verify one way or the other. But has any one ever heard of this tram, and if so, why was it built in such and awkward place? How do I know it was there? 

The Tram that once existed in the Grand Canyon for some unknown reason

Keep in mind, in 1954, there was no city of Page Arizona, Page was established in 1957 and the rim in which the tram departed was strict Navajo Indian Reservation. Glen Canyon dam did not start construction until 1956. Tuba City and Kanab were at the time the closest towns some 56 miles away.

Why would anyone build a tramway in the Grand Canyon and to a seemingly useless spot 1000 feet above the river? Bat Guano maybe?

It would seem there was another tramway constructed in 1907 that existed on the south rim, it is said it was to bring bat guano from a cave in the depths of the canyon... curious...

IF any of you know anything about the previous mentioned tramway that existed until 1956, and anything about its purpose, please contact me. tuscoro@gmail.com

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