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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An Unlikely Discovery in an Unlikely Place

My friend Bruce called me yesterday from his work site excited and said, I think we have some monuments out here... today we went out to see just what was there...

My long time friends, Bruce and Todd

Here is some highlight photos from today... in addition to 5 authentic Spanish monuments,  we also found 4 claim marker monuments some distance away however of the 5, I have no doubt are from Spanish expeditions leading to a place you would not think. It is highly suspect at one of the two monument sites we visited, one is suspect of a cache site. I wish I could tell more but you know how it goes,

I will say this, documented evidence proves expeditions passed by this place roughly 150 to 180 years ago. Based on the crustose lichen growth it is apparent they were not the first, and my non professional conclusion is, these monuments were built 250 to 300 years ago.

The Last Monument Photo is not a Spanish Monument, it failed the test miserably... hard to tell them apart no? Not really, There are actually 4 things that must be present and if you want to learn how to tell the difference, join us some time...

It is my opinion, this one was a simple claim marker. Many would have claimed it as authentic, 
the other 3 claim marker were very much more obvious.


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