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Friday, April 1, 2016

Things that make you go hmmm...

The two maps you see from the same Cartographer are French and are from 1804 and 1811. These two maps called the Humboldt maps are among the Historic Map collection I occasionally offer...

It is amazing to me the blatant evidences which can be found... here upon this map is a reference of a word that which was unknown to the modern world until 1828 due to the claimed translation of an ancient record. Although the maps predate the translation, the maps were not available to the modern America until the mid 1800's... Lets see if you can find the significant words or phrase... this is in French. I have included a blow up of the area of the word or phrase.


  1. I feel dumb, because I am not seeing the phrase. What is it?

  2. "Indiens Nijoras" Nejor's Indians or Indians of Nejor


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