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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A compilation of early Observations

A compilation of early Observations
of those who first encountered the Native Americans
and what they knew of their origins

If there is one thing the earliest of writers of the explorers of this continent suspected, knew and understood, was that of certain Native American tribes including the Aztec, they were at least in part of Hebrew decent as a result of the many similarities in Jewish custom. Keep in mind, there is no longer a point in arguing what the DNA is now showing and confirming, those who have refuted it for so many years out of pride and threat of loosing their good standing with the academic world by going against its atheistic doctrine of Evolution.

Many of the authors of Academia beginning as early as the 1830’s, begin to hack away at the root of their own tree as their writings seem to be more about discrediting the very people who formed their foundation than they do in enlightening you upon truths discovered, they spend more time in their books telling what isn’t true rather than what is trying to discredit the former authors. Where were these critics prior to this time?

If you want me to believe or even consider some thing… I will always seek out the most original source, authors who seem to have had no agenda, simply reporting what they had experienced first hand in many cases, such as James Adair, William Pigeon, Josiah Priest and others, show me the more modern writers who were there to say it didn’t happen? A modern case of a recent author who apparently had no agenda either and didn’t care what the Academic world thought, was Frank C. Hibben, a highly respected man, Anthropologist/Archaeologist and even today by many, but none dared challenge the things he reported until he himself was no longer able to defend himself… I have watched since his passing in 2002, the scum writers arise from the academic world as they slowly create their propaganda to discredit him in his findings, all in an effort to keep you in the dark concerning the truths of this continent and I ask why? The rumors began just after his passing, but have not yet reached full momentum, if you go to Google Search and type his name, you will notice in the very first paragraph at the media controlled wiki, it has begun, “He was also controversial, being suspected of scientific fraud during his studies of Paleo-Indian cultures. And of course you notice there is no footnote offering giving support to this claim of fraud, but I assure you, those who have a false agenda, are in the process of formulating a false foundation for the claim… who suspects it? Where is the accusers? What was Franks motive? What is the accusers motive? Regardless of what the spineless scum come up with, it is a bald faced lie.

Another highly respected man by the name of Cyclone Covey who passed in 2013, I was fortunate enough to speak with him just prior to his passing, what an incredible man. Take notice, at this time, I find no blatant attacks against his work, however there is attacks against what he defended, but you will see and I am curious as to who the first will be in attacking this mans character, his experience and the works he has accomplished with his most controversial being concerning the Tucson Lead Artifacts found in 1924. Now although the academic world had no personal knowledge of the 1st excavation other than those present, they scampered to discredit the find and even as late as 1994, the academic propaganda machine did the unthinkable,  it is said that “Geologist Confirm” … the caliche was formed in just hours… News Flash! Caliche has always formed in just hours, my question is, in all the archaeologist reports of the past which has used caliche as the evidence proving that some thing was millions of years old by virtue of something being found in it, what are we to make of it now? It would seem someone got caught with their pants down.

Why is it that those men seem to want to control what we believe? Religious philosophers and scholars continuously waste ink and paper trying to tell us what the prophets of old “Actually” meant when in FACT they meant what they said and said what they meant, except in the case of a parable where in it is always identified as such! The sad part is, the very week minded fall for the propaganda machine on a daily basis.

Hebrew Scholar’s of today tell us what the scribe of ancient times really meant and lead you to believe that the scribe of a given work made a mistake? Who would know more about the ancient Hebrew, those who spoke it, read it and wrote it or the so called Hebrew experts of today whom would have you believe them just because they say so?

What was the motivation of the Earliest writers of the past, those who spoke the truth of what they observed FIRST hand and were told by the natives they LIVED with, and heard from their own mouths, are we to believe that some identical agenda was had by the majority of the writers of the near ancient past and that because some one today was indoctrinated by a controlled education system of today, that their word is suddenly gospel over and above what those who experienced it said?

What does it matter if Hebrew people came to America in times past? What does it matter of Roman Jewish Colonies came here as early as 100 BC? What does it matter if the Bible is true? Book of Mormon or some religion? What if the Land of Ophir is here? What if this is the place of Avalon where King Author was buried?... WHAT IF? If it is truth, let it come forth!

If you choose to fall for this propaganda machine which is alive and well today, have at it, I would gladly step out of your way.

Here are just a few of the many things written of the past by those who were most qualified to say so of the day, but those who came after, over one hundred years after and even today have an opinion, but have no foundation for their ridiculous claims against the earliest of historians…

“The clergyman, in preparation for another world, went to prayer, and, being a Welshman, prayed in the Welsh language. One or more of the Indians was much surprised to hear him pray in their own language. Upon this they spoke to him, and finding he could understand them, got the sentence of death reversed, and his life was saved. They took him with them into their country, where he found a tribe whose native language was Welsh, though the dialect was a little different from his own, which he soon came to understand. They showed him a book, which he found to be the Bible, but which they could not read ; and on his reading and explaining it, their regard for him was much heightened." After some time, the minister proposed to these people to return to his own country, and promised to return again to them with others of his friends, who would instruct them in Christianity ; but not long after his return to England, he died, which put an end to his design.

It is very natural to inquire how these Indians, though descended from the Welsh, came by books ; for it is well known that the period at which the Welsh must have come to America, was long before printing was discovered, or that any writings assumed the form of books as we now have them. It should be here noted that Mr. Bealty travelled in the autumn of 1766. Major Roger's, in his "Concise Account of North America," published in1765, notices the White Indians ; but the geography of their country he leaves any where on the west of the Mississippi ; probably never having visited them himself, although he tells us he had travelled very extensively in the interior. "This fruitful country," he says, "is at present inhabited by a nation of Indians, called by the others the White Indians, on account of their complexion; they being much the fairest Indians on the continent. They have, however, Indian eyes, and a certain guilty Jewish cast with them.” (THE ABORIGINAL RACES OF NORTH AMERICA, Drake 1880)

“Adair mentions ornaments worn by the " high priests " of the Southern tribes of Indians, which may have been identical with those here described. He says : " The American archi-magus wears a breastplate, made of a white conch shell, with two holes bored in the middle of it, through which he puts the ends of an otter-skin strap, and fastens a buck-horn button to the outside of each." {Adair's American Indians, p. 84.) Our author does not fail to identify this badge with the sacred urim and thummim of the Jewish high priest, and draws a notable argument therefrom in support of his hypothesis of the Jewish origin of the American Indians. A similar ornament is mentioned by Beverly, as one of the principal decorations of the Indians of Virginia. He describes it as " a tablet of fine shell, smooth as polished marble." (History of Virginia. p. 141.)”
(Ancient Monuments Squire/Davis 1847) Footnotes

For their original, I am ready to believe them of the Jewish race ; I mean of the stock of the ten tribes ; and that for the following reasons : First, they were to go to a land not planted or known, which to be sure Asia and Africa were, if not Europe, and he that intended that extraordinary judgment upon them, might make the passage not uneasy to them, as it is not impossible in itself, from the eastermost parts of Asia to the western most parts of America. In the next place I find them of like countenance, and their children of so lively resemblance, that a man would think himself in Duke's-place or Bury-street in London, when he seeth them. But this not all ; they agree in rites, they reckon by moons, they offer their first fruits, they have a kind of feast of tabernacles, they are said to lay their altar upon twelve stones, their mourning a year, customs of women, with many things that do not now occur. (Sketches of the North American Indian, Heckewelder 1824)

The horns on these head-dresses are but loosely attached at the bottom, so that they easily fall back or forward, according as the head is inclined forward or backward ; and by an ingenious motion of the head, which is so slight as to be almost imperceptible—they are made to balance to and fro> and sometimes, one backward and the other forward like a horse's ears, giving a vast deal of expression and force of character, to the appearance of the chief who is wearing them. This, reader, is a remarkable instance (like hundreds of others), for its striking similarity to Jewish customs, to the kerns (or keren, in Hebrew), the horns worn by the Abysinian chiefs and Hebrews, as a symbol of power and command ; worn at great parades and Celebrations of victories. (North American Indians Catlin 1841)

Like the Jews, the Indians offer their first-fruits, they keep their new moons, and the feast of expiations at the end of September or in the beginning of October ; they divide the year into four seasons, corresponding with the Jewish festivals. According to Charlevoix and Long, the brother of a deceased husband receives his widow into his house as a guest, and after a suitable time considers her as a legitimate consort. In some parts of North America circumcision is practiced, and of this Acosta and Lopez de Gomara make mention. There is also much analogy between the Hebrews and Indians in that which concerns various rites and customs ; such as the ceremonies of purification, the use of the bath, the ointment of bear's grease, fasting, and the manner of prayer. The Indians likewise abstain from the blood of animals, as also from fish without scales ; they consider divers quadrupeds unclean, as also certain birds and reptiles, and they are accustomed to offer as an holocaust the firstlings of the flock. Acosta and Emanuel de Moraez relate that various nations allow matrimony with those only of their own tribe or lineage, this being, in their view, a striking characteristic, very remarkable, and of much weight. But that which most tends to fortify the opinion as to the Hebrew origin of the American tribes, is a species of ark, seemingly like that of the Old Testament; this the Indians take with them to war ; it is never permitted to touch the ground, but. rests upon stones or pieces of wood, it being deemed sacrilegious and unlawful to open it or look into it. The American priests scrupulously guard their sanctuary, and the High Priest carries on his breast a white shell adorned with precious stones, which recalls the Urim of the Jewish High Priest: of whom we are also reminded by a band of white plumes on his forehead. (Peruvian Antiquities, Rivero, Tschudi 1855)

The Opposition

For the serious researcher you will find the majority of those early explorers, many with the credentials to make the statements they did, who knew the Native American in general had Jewish roots and traits of the Hebrew all seem to utter the same opinions of the Native American Origins, until about 1830 to 1840 the opinions began to change and the opposition who once held loyal to their piers, were now discrediting them, but what I have found in a majority of those who are commissioned by their indoctrination, um, I mean education controlled by Smithsonian, to now change the belief of what those who experienced it knew…

Those who now offer their opposition I have yet to find a one of them who gives a solid argument as to why their once piers are now wrong.

Although John  D Baldwin motives were slightly different, he is a classic example of those who came after Smithsonian’s course and direction was changed, who discredits those who were there and lived it, but gives nothing in support as to why, other than a poorly written explanation with his evidence amounting to nothing more than taking his word for it, absurd, ridiculous etc… is not evidence.

This example below is an excellent example of what became the norm, and exists to this day, It remind me of theologians of today, explaining and trying to convince us of what the prophets of old REALLY meant other than what they so plainly wrote….

From John D Baldwin, a Congregationalist, and anthropological writer, having been indoctrinated at Yale, it is clear his agenda, I wonder if he really knew how transparent he really was, and those today who continue the practice to discredit those who were ACTUALLY there.

“One of these theories is (or was), that the original civilizers of Mexico and Central America were the "lost ten tribes of Israel." This extremely remarkable explanation of the mystery was devised very early, and it has been persistently defended by some persons, although nothing can be more unwarranted or more absurd. It was put forward by the Spanish monks who first established missions in the country, a class of men to whom the world is indebted for a great variety of amazing contributions to the literature of hagiology; and the same men, in a way equally conclusive, explained the sculptured crosses found in the old ruins by assuming that the Gospel was preached in America by St. Thomas. Lord Kingsborough adopted their views, and gave up nearly the whole of one of his immense volumes on Mexican Antiquities to an elaborate digest of all that had been written to explain and support these absurdities. Others have maintained this Israelitish hypothesis without deeming it necessary to estimate in a reasonable way what was possible to those Israelites. According to this truly monkish theory, the " lost ten tribes of Israel" left Palestine, Syria, Assyria, or whatever country they dwelt in at the time, traversed the whole extent of Asia, crossed over into America at Behring's Strait, went down the Pacific coast, and established a wonderful civilization in that part of the continent where the great ruins are found. The kingdom of the ten tribes was destroyed not long previous to the year700 B.C. How many years are allowed, after their escape from captivity, for this unparalleled journey, has not yet been ascertained. But, if such a journey had been possible, it would have resulted in utter barbarism rather than any notable phase of civilized life. Even the Jews who remained faithful to Moses, although important on account of their scriptures and their religion, were not remarkable for civilization. They were incapable of building their own Temple without aid from the Tyrians. Moreover, there is not any where either a fact, a suggestion, or a circumstance of any kind to show that the " lost ten tribes" ever left the countries of Southwestern Asia, where they dwelt after the destruction of their kingdom. They were " lost" to the Jewish nation because they rebelled, apostatized, and, after their subjugation by the Assyrians in 721 B.C., were to a great extent absorbed by other peoples in that part of Asia Some of them probably were still in Palestine when Christ appeared. This wild notion, called a theory scarcely deserves so much attention. It is a lunatic fancy, possible only to men of a certain class, which in our time does not multiply. (Ancient American Baldwin 1871

I wonder where the Spanish priests got those silly ideas....
Even though the DNA is confirming what the early explorers knew, many of the academic world are still kicking at the pricks…

Among many of the tribes and the Aztec and Mayan, there is a tradition of two primary migrations to the Americas, the first was from the west by sea around 2400 BC, the second was from the east also by boat and is said to have occurred around 600 BC. Many others had come in the interim. The first migration is associated according to the written histories and oral traditions of various tribes, having come from a great tower where the creator had confused their tongue. The second migration is associated with the creator opening a path through a sea where in there leader led them through. Of then times the details are intermixed and directions of east or west reversed.

The following is other accounts noted by the many early explorers/authors, and in these times there was no opposition as there was beginning at about the same time as the reorganization of Smithsonian by Squire and Davis. The observations they wrote about, are now being confirmed with DNA Technology.

The first and most striking fact amongst the North American Indians that refers us to the Jews, is that of their worshipping in all parts, the Great Spirit, or Jehovah, as the Hebrews were ordered to do by Divine precept, instead of a plurality of gods, as ancient pagans and heathens did and their idols of their own formation. The North American Indians, are no where idolaters they appeal at once to the Great Spirit, and know of no mediator, either personal or symbolical. The Indian tribes are everywhere divided into bands, with chiefs, symbols, badges, &c., and many of their modes of worship I have found exceedingly like those of the Mosaic institution. The Jews had their sanctum sanctorums, and so may it be said the Indians have, in their council or medicine-houses, which are always held as sacred places. As the Jews had, they have their high-priests and their prophets. Amongst the Indians as amongst the ancient Hebrews, the women are not allowed to worship with the men and in all cases also, they eat separately.

The Indians everywhere, like the Jews, believe that they are the favorite people of the Great Spirit, and they are certainly, like those ancient people, persecuted, as every man's hand seems raised against them and they, like the Jews, destined to be dispersed over the world, and seemingly scourged by the Almighty, and despised of man. In their marriages, the Indians, as did the ancient Jews, uniformly buy their wives by giving presents-and in many tribes, very closely resemble them in other forms and ceremonies of their marriages, In their preparations for war, and in peace-making, they are strikingly similar. In their treatment of the sick, burial of the dead and mourning; they are also similar, In their bathing and ablutions, at all seasons of the year, as a part of their religious observances having separate places for men and women to perform these immersions -they resemble again. And the custom amongst the women, of absenting themselves during the lunar influences, is exactly consonant to the Mosaic law……

Amongst the list of their customs however, we meet a number which had their origin it would seem, in the Jewish Ceremonial code, and which are so very peculiar in their forms, that it would seem quite improbable, and almost impossible, that two different people should ever have hit upon them alike, without some knowledge of each other.(North American Indians Vol 2 Catlin 1841)

...A very remarkable representation of the ten plagues which God sent on Egypt, in order to punish Pharaoh's hardness of heart, occurs in the eleventh and twelfth pages of the Borgian MS. Moses is there painted holding up in his left hand his rod which became a serpent, and with a furious gesture calling down plagues on the Egyptians. These plagues were frogs, locusts, lice, flies, &c., all which seem to be represented in the pages referred to; but the last and most dreadful were the thick darkness which overspread Egypt for three days, and the death of the first-born of all the Egyptians; the former of which is represented by the figure of an eclipse of the sun, and the latter by Mictlanteotle, (or the god of the dead,) descending in the form of a skeleton or a cadaverous body, from the rod of Moses. The curious symbol of one serpent swallowing up another, occurs likewise in the nineteenth page of the same MS. It is not extraordinary that the Mexicans, who were acquainted with one portion of Exodus, -- that relating to the migration of the children of Israel from Egypt, -- should also have not been ignorant of another.... (Antiquities of Mexico, Kingsborough 1831)

A celebrated French traveler, M. de la Borde (Caribbean. Paris 1785) says, Many of the Caribs told me that their early ancestors were a great and powerful people, whom I cannot help but identifying with the Jews. Their laws relating to marriage were the same, and they were forbidden to eat the flesh of animals like the peccary or South American swine. (Lee pp. 126-127)

The following is a couple of many of the of Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui Hymm Prayers composed for the Situa ceremony around 1440-1450 It would seem clear they had a knowledge of the same God and Christ of the Hebrew.

Lord Wiracocha, Who says Let there be day, let there be night! Who says, Let there be dawn, let it grow light Who makes the Sun, your son, move happy and blessed each day, so that man whom you have made has light: My Wiracocha, shine on your Inca people, illuminate your servants, whom you have shepherded, let them live happy and blessed preserve them in peace, free of sickness, free of pain.

Oh Creator, root of all, Wiracocha, end of all, Lord in shining garments who infuses life and sets all things in order, saying, "Let there be man! Let there be woman!" Molder, maker, to all things you have given life: watch over them, keep them living prosperously, fortunately in safety and peace. Where are you? Outside? Inside? Above this world in the clouds? Below this world in the shades? Hear me! Answer me! Take my words to your heart! For ages without end let me live, grasp me in your arms, hold me in your hands, receive this offering wherever you are, my Lord, my Wiracocha.          

Why must we fight the truth? How is it men born of nature, willfully use their intelligence to come to the conclusion that the nature they were born of, is somehow unintelligent? This I will never understand…

John 10:16

And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

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