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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Undiscovered Histories of Utah

There are so many different titles I could give this article, but the one I selected seems to be most fitting....

Those of you who are familiar with the orthodox history of Utah, carefully orchestrated and taught to us painting a picture of fictional events to the point that today, we do not question it. Although many remember hearing of lake Bonneville, we remember so little about what we were told other than it was a glacial lake, but as it would seem the academics are now singing a different song.

A Fairly accurate rendition of Lake Bonneville

From wonderful WIKI:

Lake Bonneville was a pluvial lake that formed in response to an increase in precipitation and a decrease in evaporation as a result of cooler temperatures. Lake Bonneville covered much of what is now western Utah and at its highest level extended into present-day Idaho and Nevada. Many other hydrographically closed basins in the Great Basin contained expanded lakes during the Late Pleistocene, including Lake Lahontan in northwestern Nevada.

Someone please remind me where precipitation comes from? In order to get “Increased Precipitation” one needs to have “Increased Evaporation”... so... exactly how does that work? For hundreds of years yet? I wonder sometimes of these people ever read what they wrote... according to these delusionists, Lake Bonneville existed 30 to 13,000 years ago...

Why didn't the same education system teach us about another great lake here in Utah, that of Lake Coppola? Most who grew up in Utah have never even heard of it, let alone its academic name, Lake Uinta, yet they made sure they drew our attention towards an ancient lake in Nevada called Lahonton and the ancient ocean in the east, the Skull seaway which has now been renamed as well, the “Western Interior Seaway.”

I highly recommend a read of a Two Part article called:

Finding the Legendary Lake Coppola and the Seven Cities of Gold

Lake Bonneville and Lake Coppola

Lets talk a bit about Lake Bonneville, Now there is a certain class of people that I tend to cater to, but I do it only because they “should” know... but don't... There is an event that I believe occurred here in Utah some 2000 years ago when the earth shook for 3 hours... You have seen what large earthquakes do in just a few minutes, imagine 3 hours... according to the disregarded and ignored record... mountains became valleys, valleys became mountains. If in fact this record I speak of is true concerning a destruction 2000 years ago, and lets say lake Bonneville was create 13000 years ago, how is it we have a “near” perfect shoreline all the way around? How did this even shoreline escape alteration in such a destruction... I have an answer... One of the two tales is a fallacy and the evidences show that lake Bonneville was created 2000 years ago at the time of this horrific event.

Isaiah 41:18 “I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.”

Another evidence supporting this hypothesis is in the form of another documentation by way of an often ignored written record... Speaking of the land “Northward

3rd Nephi 9:7: Yea, and the city of Onihah and the inhabitants thereof, and the city of Mocum and the inhabitants thereof, and the city of Jerusalem and the inhabitants thereof; and waters have I caused to come up in the stead thereof, to hide their wickedness and abominations from before my face, that the blood of the prophets and the saints shall not come up any more unto me against them.

The following evidence is a worse case scenario above that of plain ignorance, it is Historical negationism, also called denialism. Like the news article found in the Phoenix Gazette regarding an ancient cave of apparent Oriental (NOT Egyptian) origins, found in the Grand Canyon. Yet much closer to home we find in August of 1916, from the Salt Lake Telegram, Headlines appear...

Feel free to read the entire article at Marble Tablet Found Or you can find it in the book NephiteNorth. Among the artifacts which of course later disappeared... a marble tablet was found with hieroglyphic writing. The short story is that this marble tablet tells the story of a great storm that came and the tops of the mountains opened and the waters flowed down flooding the entire valley below. This record written in marble as a witness to events and other things, in a place where in the very people of 1916 living in the area should have recognized but did not...

Four days the articles appeared never at any time was there any controversy of being a hoax and surprisingly enough! The academics of the day did not try to blame it on the Mormons as a ploy to facilitate their religion... but I am pretty sure this was because they had no idea what the hieroglyphs meant. One local individual decided he knew what the hieroglyphs meant and came up with some... imaginative? Story about a salt princess? Well I suppose you could say the same of what I believe they mean. These articles after 4 days just simply stopped and the artifacts disappeared... but not without surviving pictures. All of the articles are preserved and you can find them online.

My reasons for bringing up these events is in support of what follows. Let me start with... I could always be wrong...

There is another valley in Utah situated not far from the events of 2000 years ago, however it is believed for good reason I might add, that this same sort of event of the mountains opening and flooding the valley below happened about 1100 years ago near 900 AD. Documentation supporting this event comes in many ways. The Cedar City Paiute have a legend of a day when the earth shook violently, fire spit from the ground, the vast lake that once was there rushed north and other description. I will come back to why I believe this event took place around 900 AD.

If one takes a look at the geology of Lava falls in the Grand Canyon and if you read today concerning the geology, you can read what has been peddled to the public for ages...

Lava flows from the Uinkaret volcanic field that have cascaded down into the Grand Canyon, damming the Colorado River, have been used to date the canyon's carving. One of these cascades is today's Lava Falls. ... The Colorado River was dammed by lava flows multiple times from 725,000 to 100,000 years ago.

However, recent geologic studies not yet made public show definitively that Lava falls flowed approximately 1000 Years ago... The evidence of which I will in part withhold, simply because I am going there late this fall to see additional evidences that cannot be ignored, but could certainly disappear. A prime reason for this new date of lava falls age is in that pottery has been found in the lava. So we have gone from 725,000 years to a mere 1000 years?

Additional Evidences

The next evidence is by way of written record... documentation of the past however be warned, the academics are still trying to render it a hoax... How did the hoaxers know there was a massive earthquake around 900 AD? How did the hoaxers know that Roman artifacts would be discovered decades later to confirm the legitimacy of their hoax? The Tucson Lead Cross artifacts tell a very interesting story, one in which many evidences have surfaced validating their authenticity. Within is told of an apparent massive earthquake occurring according to the record about 900 AD.

Remaining evidence I am reluctant to share at this time until the public learns more of these events.

The Colorado Plateau

However, the Colorado Plateau uplift as the academics have named it, and according to them which uplift occurred over a long period of time somewhere around 270 million years ago. I will state that this event DID NOT occur over millions of years, it occurred pretty much in a DAY! This event although not near the destructive force of the event of 2000 years ago, was massive, the uplift caused largely by pressure, (but from what?) caused a shift of lake Bonneville sending a rather large surge northward effectively lowering the lake level by 400 feet. It also caused the eventual diminishing of the source waters which once fed the lake and maintained its levels of near 1000 years.

This same event in Central Utah caused a tilting downward to the south and the immediate evacuation of Lake Coppola sending a unimaginable wall of water southward to the extent in which likely cut another 1000 feet of the Grand Canyon depth if not the previous event being responsible. The same event is responsible for all the volcanic activity along the southern and south western borders of the plateau. The event of destruction some 2000 years ago caused an uplift of the Northern portion of the Colorado mountains blocking and terminating the once eastern river path which once flowed from Lake Coppola, and what was the westerly most headwaters of the Missouri River. Prior to this event of 2000 years ago, the Missouri River was the main feed to the lower Mississippi, this river in ancient times was likely called Sidon. Without these events you would not be able to enjoy Utah's most scenic places such as Cedar Breaks, Bryce Canyon, and Zions which were created in a relativity short period of time rather than the millions of years of erosion given by science. EACH of these formations along with several other formation through out Utah are solid evidence of the massive rivers that flow under our mountains which at times comes to the surface without warning in catastrophic events. But... don't take my word for it, just wait... it will happen again... If you live in the valleys of the Wasatch front, buy a boat.

The previous mentioned evidences can be found all along the borders of the designated Colorado Plateau, including the western border which we will now address.

Now lets move onto Sanpete Valley, the western border of the Plateau and home to the cities of Fairview Utah, Mount Pleasant, Spring City Ephraim Manti and former unnamed ancient cities... Did you know that when the Mormons arrived here in Utah, it was found many mound cities just as you see built by the Adena and Hopewell culture, also known as the Mississippi mound builders... I admit many of the mounds were simply collapsed structures, but others were unmistakable such as the large platform mound which was found in Parowon Utah, later excavated and after which destroyed. It was a flat top mound just like the large mound found at Cohokia Mounds Illinois but smaller. These mound cities were found by the dozens from Willard Utah to Saint George Utah. The mounds found near Willard were used to help build the Willard Bay Dam, this would have never been allowed to happen in the Mississippi Valley, Oh wait, two of them were destroyed by the Army Core of Engineers. A few mounds still exist in Sanpete county. Back to Sanpete...

The border of the Plateau runs along the mountains on the west side or possible the east, it would seem the maps don't agree. The mountains above Sanpete county to the east is called the Wasatch Plateau, and known as part of the Colorado Plateau. Again the geologists tag these mountain as they do the Uinta Mountains and crediting the many horseshoe formations found at the tops of them as a result of Glaciation. People! there were NEVER glaciers in the Uinta Mountains, there were NEVER Glaciers in the Mountains east above Sanpete Valley. Bold Statement? I have a couple of Geologists that agree... I don't know why it matters so much to the academics that we either had an ice age, two of them or none at all.... what difference does it make?

But lets focus on the horse shoe formations located at the tops of the mountain from Horseshoe Mountain and all the way to the Birch Creek drainage just south of Fairview. Are we all satisfied that these basins were created by glaciers? Are we satisfied because it is what we were taught? Or is it possible and more likely these formations are a result of high volumes of water? Have you ever looked at it with a little common sense? We don't want to look much further north than Birch Canyon because it seems the glaciers were not as heavy over there... glacial melt must have somehow been inhibited... it must have had something to do with that increased precipitation and decreased evaporation thingy... I have decided that glacier locations are directly proportional to the convenience of the scientific whim... in other words, they were right where science needed them to be... why have they never considered the only other and more fitting option? Oh I know why... because they are still stuck on the Pangaea crap....

At this time some of you may consider the lonely word Ripliancum meaning (“to exceed all”) and the phrase “land of many waters rivers and fountains” (NOT Springs)... The google kmz picture I have included you will notice Light blue ball circles, this is where the waters likely originated, Horseshoe and little horseshoe on the right with Birch Creek Drainage on the left. The Blue line is the path the waters took and the yellow lines show the alluvial fans created NOT by glacial melt but large volumes of water. The alluvial fans have for the most part gone unnoticed by a majority that live in the area, oh yes, they do know about the massive boulder fields below these drainage's but a majority have no idea where they came from. The horse shoe shaped formation of horseshoe mountain is the missing part of the mountain, All of the earth or rock that use to occupy that now empty space is now the alluvial fan of boulders at the bottom with these fans covering 2000 acres at some 150 to 200 feet thick.

If it were not for these occasional surfacing of these ancient water ways, The entire city of Orem Utah might not be built on top of the largest river delta in Utah. Hill Air force base and Washington Terrace might not be built on top of another of the largest River Deltas and there are many more and there isn't a geologist alive that could convince me the all the cobble rock found in the Orem Utah delta was deposited because of the slow process of glacial melt. Both of these enormous delta's material origin is the mountains east of Kamas Utah. There are chapters with greater detail in the book Nephite North regarding this. Again back to Sanpete...

You will notice that the alluvial fan of boulders (Yellow Elevation Lines) # 1, 3, and 4, quite naturally spread out, but # 2 and 5 seem to have stricken an immovable object, or should we say many? These obstructions (Obstructions 1 and 2)which seem to have been the barrier in which stopped the boulders and forming what science calls drumlins and of course drumlins according to science are created by glacial till in which the flow strikes an immovable object such as a giant boulder or land formation, and it begins to build a hill up and over and which is elongated extending away from the hill made by the immovable object. The question is... what is the immovable object or objects under each of those hills?

Before this flooding event it is likely the valley floor was fairly flat, the only possibilities of obstruction that I can imagine is a natural upheaval which magically formed 5 peaks, or there were man made structures. Could this have been the westerly most city shown in the old Spanish maps with the 7 cities around like Coppola? Some of you may still be wondering what it is that causes me to believe this event was at 900 AD rather than 2000 years ago or some other event.... I am not yet ready to let go of that however lets just say... Salt is a strong factor and very much identifying.

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