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Saturday, July 18, 2015

In Search of the Seven Grottoes of the Aztec PART ONE

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The following will be given in 4 Parts


In Search of the Seven Grottoes
Origins of the Aztec

Over the years I think I have just about read everything written about the Aztecs, much of which is twisted and molded into the author’s agenda. It wasn’t until I took the time to read the 3 highest regarded accounts of the Aztec records, written by qualified individuals who had access to the original Aztec recorded history.

These 3 recorded histories, or one or more, are always cited as the source for much of what has been written now and in the past. These three records are, first and being my choice as least accurate although it reads very much like the other two, would be Historia Antigua de Mejico written by Mariano Veytia, Fracisco Ortega 1836.  I would have no doubt his primary sources were the following two. My second favored would be Diego Durans Historia de las Indies de Nueva España, published in 1581. Although I know Diego Duran was very accurate and reads just as my favored, I just cant get past the fact that my first choice was written by a Spanish educated Aztec and of Royal descendent and grandson of none other than Moctezuma II himself, and who spoke, read and wrote Nahuatl fluently, Hernando de Alvarado Tezozomoc who wrote the famed Cronica Mexicana 1598.

In order to get an accurate story concerning the Aztec, one would need to consult one or more of the records of the Aztec. I don’t know why, but the accepted History teaches that the Aztec record was all but destroyed with only a few surviving manuscripts and although the Spanish destroyed much of their written record, the Aztec took steps to preserve their history and many of the manuscripts, books, Codex etc, were immediately hidden away when they witnessed the destruction of their written record by the Spaniard.  These records exist even to this day and the locations of which are still a highly protected secret. Tezozomoc and Diego Duran had controlled access to these records, but great care had to be taken as the Spanish powers under the Roman Catholic thumb would have no doubt destroyed them if they were to discover them.

Why are these records so important and the documented history made by the 3 previous mentioned authors? There are so many things that have been discovered on this land since the time of the accepted first Europeans came to this land, things that just don't make sense, things that Academia is to quick to dust under the rug rather that make sense of it. From the Oak Island mystery to the Tucson Lead Crosses, from the Los Lunas Stone to the Michigan Tablets, all of these things would begin to make sense if the people just understood the true history of this Nation, and those things which are not authentic would begin to reveal themselves rather than be designated as a hoax as a last ditch effort rather than admit its authenticity and then the so called experts would have to admit that they do not know why, how or when.

The story I am going to tell by summary is to be taken as nothing more than a hypothesis. at this time it is no more valid than the theories presently being pushed upon the people and taught as if it were a fact. The basis or foundation of those orthodox theories, if you were to delve into the beginnings of them and the so called evidences to support them, you would find a foundation of sand.However I will try to give you something a little more solid to build on.

Who I am to tell you these things? To answer, let me ask, who are those who have presented to you the accepted truths that you might currently believe? The answer is... people, no different than I... I'm, just someone with a different perspective and perception of things due to taking the time to listen to those of our earliest records... and comparing and weighing the evidences provided by academia of the past... However the main thing that sets us apart is that I do not have to answer to anyone but my Creator. I don’t have a peer, a curriculum to follow or adhere to and I have not sworn an oath to follow some agenda with my funding being threatened to be taken from me if I do not. The fact that I have a Creator might make this much less enjoyable to the atheists, unless their mind is open to the possibilities. Unfortunately for those who push their theories of evolution, the majority of the ancients believed in an existence of a Supreme Being, and strangely enough you will find the resemblance of many biblical accounts among their legends.

According to the many legends and oral traditions of the first Americans, there is a place, where all things began, it is a place where the first of our parents lived, where they grew, had children and thrived for near 1000 years. All was destroyed, yes, a great flood came upon the face of this earth, and someday you will know how this was possible and how it occurred. Many believe this place where all things began was in the old world, Academia will tell you it was in Africa, but of course with them, it was 200 thousand years ago, always outrageous dates as a result of a failed dating system that none will admit to... It's like asking a child with chocolate frosting on his face if he stuck his fingers in the cake, and they adamantly deny, although the evidence is plain to see on their lying lips....

After this cleansing of the earth, another people were brought to this land here in the west, and I mean the west as in the area which is now Utah and its surrounding states. The people who came to this place after this great destruction came from a place according to their own record, of a great tower where the peoples language was confused. They say they were able to keep their tongue as their leader had favor with the Gods. According to another record, and a little search of the Altai Mongolian mountains, you will find their earliest leaders name, still existing in the name of places such as rivers and villages in the very area where they passed through near 4800 years ago, with some remaining behind.

According to the Aztec Record and/or the many oral traditions of the Native American people, they traveled to the east, after leaving a great tower, where their God had confused their language (Legends vary in minor details) across two mountain ranges, some of their people stayed behind; they came to the coast lands where their leader ascended a great mountain where his God gave him glowing stones. [Also found among Chinese Legends and unconfirmed Altai Mongolian Legend] From this place they were told to cross the great sea where they would find a promised land. Some stayed in the coast lands of Asia and these people became the Fathers and Mothers of today’s Asian People, all stemming from what is today known as the Altai Mongolian and is according to DNA results the primary origins of the FOUNDATION of the Native American people and those of Asia. Today, if you were to mix a group of Mongolian people with a group of Navajo people, I would doubt, any one could tell them apart.

According to the Aztec Record, their people consist of many migrations to this land. Two migrations are considered in the record as the primaries. The first migration was from the great tower which according to the record was in about 2400 BC and consisted of 7 families, they are adamant that they came from the west BY BOAT. The second primary migration recorded by the Aztec was in about 600 BC and consisted of 7 smaller migrations and came from the North East, and again by boat.

According to the Aztec, when they first arrived on this land, they came by BOAT and landed very near what is now Las Vegas Nevada. I will let you ponder that one for a time. To my knowledge, of the many legends, written histories, origins stories, all ignored by a majority of Academia, there has never been a tribe who says they came here by way of the some Land Bridge which I might point out, is a theory and is not known if it ever existed.

They built their first principle city and placed the name upon is, Anahuac. This city is thought by Academia as being in Mexico and because it has been taught for so long as fact, it is now believed by the majority even in Mexico that this is the case. This city, or should I say, the ruins of the many cities that have been built upon the ruins of the former is now known as Pueblo Grande of Nevada. It was known by the Roman colonies who began coming here as early as 100 BC as Tontonteac and this is the name you will find on the old Latin maps used by the many European expeditions of the known past such as the French and the Spanish.

The first and original Americans thrived over the hundreds of years that they existed as the original people, and from occasional expeditions of others from what is considered the old world has spawned many legends of many cultures. Legends of places such as Atlantis, Avalon, and Shambala just to name a few, and always the accepted theories place them in a more believable place but it wasn’t really necessary as they are all regarded as nothing more than Myths anyway, right?. Eventually these same places which some are actually one and the same, are the Aztec origins mythical place called Aztlan (Place of the Heron). If you could ask the Aztecs in the days of the Spanish Conquest about this place, they would have told you it is very real, but today, because Academia cannot make sense of it, it is for the most part considered as a fictitious place just as the other mythical places.

I find it interesting that the Nahuatl word Aztlan,  and who would know how to pronounce it better than they?... Is mispronounced and taken back to the old world at different times as Av-lon and Atlan-tis, [Tis At-lan] with the suffix -tis being added in old Latin meaning having to do with or knowledge of  and or from... today use of it by itself is considered a contraction of It is.

Aztlan or should I say the name of as we know it today, was unknown to the world outside of Mexico until the arrival of the Spaniards with the exception of the Royal families who sent them, but the place was known long before and of the riches it contained. As early as the Days of King David and King Solomon this place was known in fact Moses knew of it. Cartographers have been mapping the Americas for as long as people have been coming here. But what was it that compelled them to keep returning and the answer is easy to see simply by understanding the weaknesses of men, Riches. Did you really think the Kings of the old world left their Kingdoms for 3 years traipsing about the old world in their crusades? It was HERE they were coming. Is it a wonder how a people can loose the Island of Avalon and the burial place of King Arthur... Isn't it amazing how the entire Asian culture can loose such an important CITY, the birth place of Buddha, Sh[e]mbahla?

It is thought that those of European origin has only been in this area of the west for just over 200 years, beginning with the Spanish and French followed by those of the British Isles and then the Mormon settlers, and yet it is believed that we know of all the past civilizations that have existed here and because the belief is that man originated in Africa and spreading from there to the far reaches of the world it was believed that no advanced civilization of the past had ever existed here and yet, they discovered the ruins of the mound builders, the ancient cities of Central and South America, all highly sophisticated civilizations and all believed to have never been known prior to Columbus?

It is nothing more than the pride of men that they suppose they have it all figured out. In places where it is believed man has been for thousands of years in the old world, lost cities are found, sophisticated structure of unknown origin, caves of elaborate construction and carvings such as Ajanta Caves in India were found and yet at one time they were unknown. How do such profound structures and creations of man become lost in places where man has frequented for thousands of years? How much more possible is it for civilizations of the past to have become lost in places where in it is believed that only barbaric and savage men have lived? How much more possible is for the known world to have lost or never known of vast civilizations of highly sophisticated populations of the past that might have existed here in the west?

I do not believe that the Royal families of England, Whales, Scotland, France and Spain sent expeditions here all in the spirit of adventure and the hope for new discovery, I believe they knew well and good what is here, and even 500 years ago, they knew more than the so called experts of the past do today. These people knew because they all had access to the Imperial Library of Constantinople which met its final intentional destruction in 1453.

In addition to the vast amount of information that was lost but much of which had been preserved, it is legends through oral tradition that many things of the past have been discovered in the old world, why should it be any different here?

Here in the Americas many legends of vast civilizations exist, many which would rival the so called mythical place of A[z]tlan-tis recorded by Plato who lived in the 5th century BC.

What is the origins and truth of the many mythical legends, The Golden Fleece, The Holy Grail, The Ark of the Covenant and the Fountain of Youth, all thing which men of the past considered as sane individuals went looking for... why? Did they have less reasoning than we? or is it us who is diminished in belief and become slothful in unraveling the mystery rather than resort to the labels of hoax, myth, ridiculous etc?

It is said that the Egyptians were well aware of the people of Atlantis and feared them, and rightfully so, as the people of Atlantis were consider masters of great technologies and scientific accomplishments, even more so that we have today. The Egyptians of the past are always given way to much credit, they never went anywhere, they didn't build anything they were helpless without those whom they subdued into captivity... They were lazy slothful people... and rose to power as a result of those whom they eventually brought into bondage...

To Be Continued..... PART TWO

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