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Nephite North

Daniel gives a treasure trove of information which will surely be debated for years. I for one do not believe everything that I hear or read. I am not sure that I believe everything he has written here, but I tend to believe that it should be taken seriously rather than with the “grain of salt” that Daniel suggests many times in his book. I have found the book very compelling to read and as his editor, I have found this work a labor of love. (I offered my assistance as editor because I was very impressed and felt that I could help improve it without changing his message.) I highly recommend his book because it contains a wealth of information that you cannot find in any one place. He has brought together in one book many items which should be read by Mormon and non-Mormon alike. Until now, I am unaware of any definitive work which gives compelling evidence for the validity of the Book of Mormon with regards to the ancient history of this hemisphere. Buy the book and read it. It will expand your sense of perspective as it has mine. You be the judge.

Sincerely, Ron Guilfoyle