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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Roman Terrace Mining in the Uinta Mountains


The following topic is going to be a difficult subject, not because it is difficult to write about but because it is difficult to visualize using image examples from Google Earth, the only real way to show the details of this potential Terrace Mining is by aerial recon using a drone. 

There will be the critics who in their own genius will argue that many of these sites are not what we are suggesting and without offering anything of supportive value still insisting that they are from natural causes due to glaciation melt, and I am not going to argue with them, because I ADMIT it is always possible they are natural formations, but I will never admit it is due to glaciations as a result of some past ice age which is an utter fallacy.

Double Terrace in N Fork, appears in the Reinaldo map of  1851 and the Arolla Map of  1877 near the mine of Des Damian

Slide? mine dump? Or both?


There are several mining techniques use ever since the beginning of time many of which I am unfamiliar, what I want to discuss today is what I have come to understand is referred to as strip mining or more specifically, terrace mining.

When we hear about mining in the Uinta Mountains we always envision the Spanish digging tunnels to what seems at times, no end… but what of the many other cultures who have visited this land, whether it be King Hyrum, the people of the Queen of Sheba from India, how about the first Americans of which the Altai Mongolian have derived not to mention almost every Native American tribe on this continent, locals call them Jaredites, how about the Chinese, their descendants, the Hebrew from Jerusalem, the Greek, Romans, Welsh, Portuguese and others… what mining techniques did they use and why? 

Of all that I feel I have unraveled of this continent thought to be true and plausible history and especially in this place we call the Uinta Basin and or Uinta Mountains… is the evidence of previous occupation and the scares left behind as a result of mining and quite possibly since the days of King Hyrum. But why the Uinta Mountains? I have made no bones about my thoughts on this area and why I believe it was and still is a highly desired target of those seeking to control or overthrow this land. The evidence is obvious in that many cultures tried and will try again to overthrow this land but with a focus just like the Spanish, Welsh, French and other in trying to find this place which has been known by names such as Ophir, Havilah, Atlan-tis, Aztlan and Afflon or Affalon, all of which I believe was in the beginning, the very home of our first parents before being expelled. Those of you, who have read the former articles, understand that this is an idea that was not just pulled from my back side, the evidences are many. 

Regardless of who was here in the past the scars left behind tells us that someone other than the Spanish heavily worked the Uinta Mountains, but even with all they have mined which is extensive, it wasn’t a drop in the bucket. In the book of Genesis, it is said that the land of Havilah, is “Full” of gold, and I think the use of this word is appropriate and fitting even today. Yes the Spanish dug many mine tunnels, I have seen many of them, found those which were only known upon the maps of which we were uncertain when receiving them, but all that is behind us now and the truth is known, more proof will soon come, but of all that I have imagined and discovered I never thought I would find the scars of those who came long before the Spanish, and yet it is there, obvious and abundant but I admit… unproven.


Just a  few suspect locations throughout the Uintas,

Notice the lack of sites on the North flank.


The only way I can think to share the image of these terraces is by drone footage and let you go see for your self on Google Earth by rotating your screen in order to get perspective… so… I forget where my drone is... so here is where you want to look to see a small portion of the potential ancient Strip Mines/Terrace mines throughout the Uintas… The first place you want to see, a good example of strip/terrace mining and is easy to get to, is the Current Creek Red Ledges, although it is in an entirely different formation as to what you will find in the Uintas proper… it is the same concept of mining.

 Another site I have alluded to some time ago in a previous article is located due east of Brown Duck inlet at Moon Lake and of course above Moon Lake on the east side at 9,150 feet. It isn’t that hard to see even though a large portion of it has now been reclaimed with new growth, it takes hundred and hundreds of years for these scars to be reclaimed. This scar or ancient mining terrace continues 3 miles to the North slowly increasing in elevation as you go North, then about a mile further up it begins again and runs another 4 ½  miles or so further north.

On the west side of the lake at the North end at an elevation of about 9000 feet again you will find the scars of Terrace mining with spotty locations further North. Are there tunnels also at these locations? In some cases the maps indicate that at some of the sites, a mine tunnel might be present. 

Lets see how your Google Earth skills are. I’m telling you this that you can experience the perspective that is not possible with 2 dimensional photos. The worst part about this is, it must remain as theory until proven, and I think I have a handle on that and hope to be able to prove it in upcoming years.

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