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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Jesse and Frank James, Outlaws and their Alias


Jesse W. and Sylvester Franklin James 1895-6

As each day passes here in America, we see more and more of how history has been changed/is being changed, and twisted to fit some agenda of a pre conceived narrative. We discover many things that just isn’t what we were taught, the events of past wars, political narratives, archaeology, anthropology, science and discovery of America.  I’m not talking about conspiracy theory; I’m talking about blatant evidences that show that what has been recorded as truth simply is not the truth at all. Have we ever been taught that President Lincoln was the first president to commit treason against the free Republic? And Why Not? Instead we give him a huge statute in Washington and praise him as the greatest president ever…  Have we ever been taught the true nature of atrocities committed against the Indigenous of this land all done in the name of God using the term “Manifest Destiny?” What ever would we have done without Smithsonian to dictate to us what is true and what isn’t? is this where the concept of “Fact Checking” came from? 

During the days of the civil war and long after, it was common play to change ones name, all they had to do was decide what to be called, create their own family ties and then live by it. Certain men with motive changed their names like some changed their underwear, once a month or once a year.

It was difficult enough to know and stick to what was truly happening without trying to remember faces you might see once in your lifetime  or maybe a few times per year, we didn’t have google to access the many photos available today, in fact cameras were in their infancy and photos of each individual was a rarity. It is remarkable that we even have as many photos from the 1800’s that we do have. 

The only way anyone could positively identify someone in the 1800’s was if you knew them personally and interacted with them on a regular basis. I remember the faces of my school mates even after 45 years, but it is because I seen and interacted with them 5 days a week for 12 years. 

Facial recognition was the only thing we had in them trying times of the civil war or the testimony of someone who knew them well. This disadvantage to some was an extreme advantage to others. Once a familiarity of ones face is established a testimony of their “opinion” develops merit and becomes worthy of consideration, but consideration of that opinion depends on motive of that individual and or ability. 

I have found that there are some whom even if you took a line up of someone’s valid photos throughout their life, and put it in front of them, they would discount some of the photos as not being authentic and the reverse we have those who have no idea what Jesse WOODSEN James looks like except for a purported photo which no one seems to know the origin of… and it is used as a standard, even in encyclopedias of the past and used frequently by our wonderful WIKI and academic sources. And then there are those who without any familiarity having only WIKI to rely on, can put Jesse’s face on any old tintype they buy from Ebay. Some have it and some don’t…. With this said, my abilities should be considered just as I have written above. Moving on…..

There are many individuals of historic importance that has a past to hide and have taken advantage of the obscurity mentioned, people whom you would not think but perhaps we will come back to them. Today I want to tell of a curious individual that some or not many of you have never heard of, Captain Harrison Trow. Below is 5 verified images of the man who called himself Captain Harrison Trow whose history seems to begin in 1882 when he mysteriously just happen to be in the neighborhood on orders from Governor Crittenden and identified the body of Jesse WOODSEN James and the history ends with his purported death in 1925. I’d bet big money if the grave was exhumed, you would find an empty coffin or some poor schmuck inside who was going to spill the beans or some rat who deserved to die to fill the coffin. 

The first hint of Harrison Trow appears in 1860 Census showing he was 19 and working as a farm hand owned by George Hudspeth in Fort Osage Missouri. Was this the real Harrison Trow of which no record of birth or christening is found? Or is it the first time the name was used as an alias? Next he appears in 1866 in a marriage record, marrying Missouri Ann Jesse. (Myra Bell Shirley) Also in 1880 Census he is shown as living in Missouri living with Missouri Ann listed as a Laborer and Farmer. There is no known birth or Christening records for Harrison or Missouri Ann, but this was common. 

Jim Reed aka Harrison Trow aka Jesse W. James 
and Myra Bell aka Missouri Ann

Now before I get rolling here too much I must admit that much of my information comes from my efforts to prove or disprove the book called Jesse James was One of his Names, nick named, the Black Book, and evidences gathered over the years. 

It is well known that in 1860 Jesse was just 16 years old, wiki birth year is incorrect. Jesse was belly aching to get into the impending wars like his two older brothers, John and Frank and his Father George S James. Jesse was always told he was too young. My personal belief which was not pulled out of my backside is that the name Harrison was used as early as 1860 by Jesse or Frank, Frank also found in 1860 Census not a few miles from where Harrison’s name shows up, but no sign of Jesse? But was it Alexander Franklin, Zerelda’s son? Or was it Jesse WOODSON James’s brother Sylvestre Franklin James son of Molly Dalton? My guess is Jesse was using the name Harrison, but in the census he list himself as being 19 where in he is only 16. 

Harrison again shows up in a marriage record in 1866, by this time Jesse is a very wanted man at the age of 22. There are many stories of Jesse’s marriage to Myra Belle Shirley, in this case she was using the name Missouri Ann Jesse of which she used for the rest of her life, Jesse used the primary alias of Captain Harrison Trow much of the time and was a primary alias along with William A. Clark. Many other alias’s were used in different situation through out the years. 

In 1882 Captain Harrison Trow just happen to be in the neighborhood of where Jesse was supposedly shot and killed by Bob Ford. He said he was sent by Governor Crittenden who was some 250 miles away, how did he get the message to Harrison which enabled him to arrive in the scene 15 minutes before the sheriff located 1 hour away? Harrison Trow went down in history as the man who identified the body of Jesse Woodson James, and he would know right? After all he rode with him in Quantrill’s Raiders. There was no better man to identify Jesse, because he was Jesse. This is the story that is told in the Black Book but is it true? Well… I knew if I could find a photo of Harrison, he would no doubt look just like Jesse, but which of the many photos was Jesse? 

I have already demonstrated comparisons of various Jesse Photos in previous articles leaving me with no doubt that they are in fact Jesse WOODSON James, however some may see it differently. In order to get more familiar with the true face of Jesse the following choices are of my opinion are authentic. 

Of all the photos circulating today that is supposedly Jesse WOODSON James, these are among the only ones who I have verified is Jesse.


But what about photo comparison of known photos of Harrison Trow and Jesse W James?


Captain Harrison Trow

Below is a Charcoal drawing done by Anna Lee Dillenbeck who was very much known for her work in creating charcoals of Quantrills Raiders, She was clearly a friend of the families and lived in the same towns as Jesse and others. She was known for making many of her drawing from photographs and although I suspect a photo exists of the following, one has not yet been found. However knowing if I could find a photo of Harrison, I knew it would be the splitting image of Jesse due to the story in the black book, where in he is said to have left the murder scene for a bout 15 minutes and returned as the “elegant Captain Harrison Trow” Using a point dot process for alignment, these two photos of Charcoal drawing of Harrison on the left and Jesse on the right from near the same time frame are compared, you decide.

   Captain Harrison Trow            Jesse Woodson James


The Charcoal photo on the right is used to overlay the photo on the left and the opacity increased each photo.

 And now using the same photo on the left, I compared to an older known photograph of Harrison Trow using the same point dot alignment.


Jesse on the left and Captain Harrison Trow on the right


In 1925 on February 24th, the alias of Captain Harrison Trow came to an end when Jesse again killed himself off and 8 days later he killed off his other primary alias William Andrews Clark on March 2nd. 

Jesse spent 25 years of his life in Hereford Texas, with him was his one true love, Myra Belle Shirley still using the name of Missouri Ann Jesse. Also during those years were 4 of Jesse and Myra Belle’s children, along with his Mother (Molly Dalton) and Father (George S James). DO NOT fall for and confuse Bell Starr with Myra Belle, they are two different people and Jesse was never married to Bell Starr or Zerelda Mimms. 

As far as any of us know, after Jesse killed off the alias Harrison Trow, and assumed the name of J. Frank Dalton. I’m sure there are many details during this time we are unaware. According to certain genealogy sites Missouri Ann died in 1928 but did she die? I see no way of finding out unless some family member comes forward. During these years of research and contacting Jesse’s descendants, the best I have found is a family that were told they were decent, but half the family wants nothing to do with being related to a Confederate cold blooded killer, the other half is fascinated by it… Let’s now take a look at a comparison of a known proven photo of Harrison Trow and a known photo of J. Frank Dalton. Notice the smooth transition of these photos as in the previous comparisons.


Harrison Trow on the left in 1920 and J. Frank Dalton near 1948


I don’t know about you but it leaves me wanting to not only further investigate the Black Book, but to learn more about Captain Harrison Trow and the years between 1900 when he arrived in Hereford to the end of the alias in 1925.

Other Figures of the past with alias’s.  Judge Isaac Charles Parker

There are many other historic figures of the past whom you would not believe their hidden past. And although this is not proven by any means anymore than what I have just presented to you… I have plenty of cause which compels me to believe it.



Judge Isaac Charles Parker

“The Hanging Judge” 

Judge Parker was actually John Younger of the Younger Gang, the brother of deadly Cole Younger.


In 1874 it was reported that John was killed in some shooting in Managaw Springs Missouri but John wasn’t even there. Jesse said,


"Legally dead, John changed his name to Parker, got religion and went up to Ohio and became a Republican. Despite his pious courtroom appearance and Bible-pounding antics, the Judge remained a crook at heart. I can give you a list of a dozen oldtime bandits who saved their necks by paying tribute to Judge Parker.


"My mother was a Dalton, an aunt of the Dalton Gang brothers and Cole and John Younger's mother was a Dalton, so I guess you'd say Judge Parker and I were kinfolk. After I pulled the St. Joseph hoax and before I was legally dead in 1889, Cole Younger and I often visited Judge Parker in Ft. Smith.”….


"One night, we were sitting in the Judge's living room and Parker asked, 'Jesse, do you have to wear your six-guns while you're a guest in my home?' I replied, 'You're damn right I do, Judge, just in case you forget you're John Younger and try to put a rope around my neck!'


Brushy Bill Roberts

Brushy Bill Roberts aka Olie L Roberts

AKA Billie the Kid in about 1948 

The current famous photo of Billy the kid is no way now how Billy.



Sundance Kid

Most of you have seen this character before and likely know him as the Sundance Kid, aka Harry Longabaugh which was an alias itself. His real name is Grat Dalton of the Dalton Gang, Jesse’s cousin.


Known photos of Sundance are the two right photos, 1st photo is “supposed” to be Grat Dalton, the second photo is suspect of Sundance taken from a photo posing with Jesse James and Sylvester Franklin James and one other unknown.


Grat Dalton along with his brothers Bob, Emmett and their older brother Frank served as US Marshals for a short time. After switching gears becoming out laws, it is said that Grat and Bob were gunned down in 1892.

Once again two men were killed and mistaken for Grat and Bob. Neither person dead in the photo below is Grat or Bob.


Grat Dalton died under the name of Grover Shropshire outside of Cut Bank Montana, in 1963 at about 100 years of age. 

Are some of you a little concerned with the ages of some of these characters?


John Trammell, Old Ages

John Trammell is the tall guy at age 114. Are wondering why 3 Black men are hanging around a Confederate Colonel from the south? When Jesse met John, he knew well and good he was an escaped slave. How is this? Maybe we have been lied to as to what the Civil war was really about? 

Anyway, John Trammell lived to be 121 following is an article when studies were done in 1954 when he was 117.


George Strother James

Father of Jesse Woodson James and Sylvester Franklin James


The man who fired to first cannon shot kicking of the Civil war at Fort Sumter, it is claimed he was mortally wounded on the 14th September 1862 at Battle of South Mountain, Boonsboro, Md, at age 34. Yet here he is in 1920 with his life long wife and mother of Jesse WOODSON James, Molly Dalton, living under the names W. R. Ross and Mrs. Ross.





John Wilkes Booth

Some if not many of you might remember the name of John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot Abraham Lincoln. It is said that John was tract down and killed in 1865 after shooting the president. But once again the man survived, A double agent so to speak who played both sides of the Civil war. Booth although once a small part of the Confederate underground was under surveillance because he wasn’t trusted. Booth succumbed to  a representative of the Rothschild family, likely and highly suspect Salmon Chase under the direction of Edwin Stanton who served as secretary of war under president Lincoln. 

I don’t know who it was that was shot in the old barn, but it wasn’t John Booth. Booth lived for many years after and was living under the name of  James St. George who was an actor. In 1902 Jesse Woodson James finally dispatch the poor soul with an arsenic cocktail as he was becoming to much of a risk to the organization. The whole thing was witnessed and in a sworn statement given in 1950 of the event by William S. Lincoln a shirt tail cousin of old Abe who had been tracking Booth for some time knowing well and good he was still alive. Because of the high content of arsenic, booths body turned black and mummified within hours. His body was put on exhibition for years to come. Booths body was owned by Jeweler Jay Gould until he died in 1955, where the body is now is unknown.



Emperor Maximillion


Maximillion and Carlota


Maximillion miraculously survived a firing squad in Mexico and was brought up from Mexico to Texas and recovered, His name was changed temporarily to John Maxi. The organization arranged to have his beloved Carlota brought back from Spain having been replaced by a double, they changed their names again and lived out their lives in the States. In exchange for all the help Maximillion received from the Confederacy an Aztec treasure was revealed and received by the Confederacy, and Jesse was given much gold from Maximillion’s personal hoard. Many years after Doc Noss found a treasure at Victoria Peak in New Mexico, a list of items was revealed as to what he saw in the cavern, one of them was a chest with writing that said Carlota’s things, in side was her crown among other things.

Kaiser Wilhelm of Prussia


Kaiser Bill and Princess Hermine

After being sacked by Germany it is said Kaiser Bill went to the Netherlands, not so, he had many business dealings in the States and nearing his end years owned a Butcher store where in he sold his famed Blue Max Beef. Blue Max Meats is still in business today, when I called and asked for the current owner, I found that years ago when he acquired the place, his father or grandfather bought the Blue Max Meats from an old white haired German guy of which he could not remember his name. Kaiser was using the name William Kumpf.

“Princess Hermine died suddenly in 1934 and was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in the Chicago area. Kaiser Bill died of double pneumonia in 1937 and was buried on the old Richardson Plantation in Alabama. It is rumored but not verified their children later reburied their royal parents in the cemetery at Elkins, West Virginia.”


Jesse Woodson James and Sylvester Franklyn James 

And who could forget Jesse and Frank?


 Jesse, Molly and Frank

Likely taken within a year or two after 1882


This picture was found in about 1940 just a few years prior to J. Frank Dalton announced he is Jesse W James, in an old cabin near bottomless lake New Mexico about 150 Miles South West of Hereford Texas where Jess lived for 25 years. In about 1946-8 the picture was brought to Jesse.

In 2021 another picture was found by what appears to be Jesse and Frank, for now I will only show a portion of the photo but at the bottom it has the name of the photographer and his studio location, after looking him up I find he was only in business in 1895 and 96. That means the photo was taken 13 to 14 years after Jesse was supposedly shot and killed.

Jesse and Frank in 1895-6


The grayscale photo above with Jesse and Frank and their mother was used of a point dot overlay to compare in the following photo, maybe you would see it but watch how smooth the transition is from the Sepia photo to the grayscale. It leaves no doubt in my mind. What alias they were using at the time I can only guess.

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