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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Aztec Floating Gardens, Chinampa, and the Sunken Cities of the Mediterranean

 Global Warming? Last Ice Age? Sea Levels Rising?

The Sky is Falling!

After I wrote this article I had to reread it several times, apparently my attitude didn’t change and what was suppose to be an editing of sarcasm and the like just got worse, and so,,, I just decided to post it before it gets worse… some of you will enjoy this and some wont… All I really wanted to do is write about Chinampas. ;-)



Chinampa floating garden in Sanpete county Utah?

One might think so but this is from the early settlers…

As much as I wanted it to be, it just isn’t…


Now I don’t normally write about these sorts of things but after coming across a popup advertisement spoiling my usual good nature… I found myself reading the article by none other than a trustworthy CNN author, of the Academics reporter of the American Continent. Thank God we have CNN to remind us peasants of our fallacies.

The article which caught my eye was titled:


If you are up for a good laugh and eye rolling, you can read the full article at https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/26/weather/sea-level-rise-accelerating-east-coast/index.html be be warned.... “Study says,a NEW study led by Rutgers University," so it must be true… You have to have a study to know you’re up to your ankles in water you know… There will be sarcasms in this article.

Not only did I get a good laugh from this very irresponsible CNN Article, it also struck a nerve with me because of my research of over 30 years, I have come very familiar with the peddling of horseshit found in the science media. But the research that brought it to my attention was not only the research on former pole shifts and cataclysmic events of the past, but my research regarding Chinampa here in the North especially along the East Coast. What is Chinampa?

Chinampa is an Aztec word which in short means floating garden, academics would like you to believe that it is a gardening technique developed by the Aztec which is in part true, however it likely came from their ancestors, in other words, they were familiar with the practice long before they went to Mexico. Chinampas were constructed upon what academics call wet lands, I call it by it’s more universal appellative, a damned swamp. I never really understood why the Aztec chose to build successfully, I might add, their city in and on a damned swamp. The answer is simple and does not need a study to figure it out, the answer… they were very familiar with the practice. But where did they learn it? It wasn’t from the first settlers of New Orleans or the Mediterranean. 

But before we go into the story of the Chinampa, let me get my grievance out of the way because it really got under my skin… I know, I know, I have no one to blame but myself. 

Global Warming and sea levels rising! Lion and Tigers and Bears! Oh No! 

After reading the above mentioned CNN brain washing ditty, and statements such as “Sea level rise is accelerating!” and OMG…  This land subsidence "is from the effect of the Laurentide ice sheet from our last Ice Age," Walker told CNN. "The ice sheet retreated thousands of years ago, and the land is still readjusting from the effect of that past sheet."Say what? [I think they misspelled that last word, this is just a bunch of sheet] 

Being familiar with the east coast even as far back as 1925, I just had to revisit some old research and I decided to check the history of ocean levels for myself to look for the practice of choosing deceptive and selective data  to put icing on ones pile of horseshit to make it look more desirable to consume… Ocean levels would have a direct effect on the appearance of the Chinampas. I discovered that according to current academic “studies,” Or should we just call them fact checkers?  That ocean levels have risen about 1 foot In New York and New Jersey since 1950 COMPARED TO 2020! and some reports say up to 1 meter! And all since 1901 to 1990, OH MY! What shall we do!  Well let’s see if this is true…. by the way, using the figures in the above mentioned report, it comes to just under 4 inches in the last one hundred years...

There is a wonderful web site which I am certain was and is available to these… studies? Called Tides and Current from NOAA, yes… our wonderful corporation we lovingly recognize as and call… Government. https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/ 

Low and behold, the statement of the sea level at New Jersey being 1 foot higher, (I chose the area around Atlantic City New Jersey), Would have been true depending on the month you chose to compare!  But what they did not tell you is that it varies from Year to Year not to mention month to month dependent upon the Lunar cycles… 

In 1950 in the month of November, the highest tide that year, was 6.027 and I am guessing that is feet? And in February 2021 it was 5.069 1 foot lower! However…. Here’s the parts they leave out… due to the lunar cycles… if you are comparing the same month you could easily be one foot difference in fact up to 3 feet, the part they do not know is that in all reality, there is no such thing as “ocean Level” it just simply does not exist and the only way it could ever exist is to get rid of our outer lying terrestrial bodies starting with the most influential, the Moon. 

Highest Tides by year and month recorded in the last 70 years in New Jersey:

1944 September    6.627

1950 November    6.027

1953 October        5.128

1955 October        4.029

1976 August         6.227

1985 September    6.358

1991 November    6.247

1992 December    6.768

2012 October        6.542

2019 October        5,161

20121 February    5.069

In 77 years the highest number was 1992 at 6.768.

 Now to give you a visual, here is a overlay coastal recon photo from 1925 of Rehoboth Flat just south of Atlantic City New Jersey and even considering High tide low tide, I fail to see any noticeable difference in about 86 Years!


1925 Ventnor City Coastal Image over today’s Google Earth Image


 Another of the many articles trying to convince you the sky is falling

NEWS FLASH! It isn’t the sea level rising that has caused a potential loss of 25 billion in Tax Payers money, it might be as a result of the presumed intelligent men, paid off  engineers, city planers, greed stricken real-estate investors and developers who continue to build at sea level or below in a swamp… where high tides have reached as much as almost 10 feet (September 1915) above sea level, 7.6 feet in September of 1919, over 8 feet in September 1961. What did they think was going to happen? But lets just keep building at sea level OR BELOW and blame it on Hurricanes, Melting Ice Packs, and Global Warming, instead of recognizing the idiocy.

Sunken Cities of the Mediterranean

I’ll try to keep this one short, but one of the first things to learn regarding these sunken cities is…. Wait for it!..  they’re not sunken… they exist at the same elevation in which they were built. Why do “they” ignore the facts? Did they know that just above the southern shore the entire Northern part of Africa was under water in the past? Did they know that Egypt was also under water for near 300 years? Well mostly…


Ancient Egypt, before the Egyptians found it...

Where did the waters come from? Where did they go? When were the Pyramids built? The answers to these questions would be shocking and rejected by a majority, but the Pyramids were built long before the Egyptian was even a thought. One of those who would become the Egyptians and from which the name derives... while fishing, boogey boarding or water skiing I forget which, spotted a pyramid sticking out of the water, later when the waters rushed away as a result of our most profound pole shift, (2700 BC-ish) and lowering the present Mediterranean see level of that day by 150 feet or more, exposing the North end of Africa, the people moved into what is now Egypt and the academics have been convincing people ever since that they are the ones who built it… How high was the water? Look at the great pyramid and I’ll bet it was not too far below the preserved top portion. 

When the waters vacated suddenly in a cataclysmic even of about 2700 BC in the days of Peleg the waters went east, if you doubt this ask the historians of China about the ocean that swept over their country in ancient times, this is only one of many evidences. This occurred as a result of a second pole shift, from Iceland to about 600 Miles west of Alaska, with the first occurring some 300 years prior when the earth first tried to divide, and the evidences are abundant. 

The waters now drawn towards this new pole at off shore Alaska, as a result, exposing all that new real estate around the Mediterranean, the developers, money changers, engineers and city planners ancestors of the Louisiana swamp grabbers... went nuts!…. And cities sprung up all around the shorelines of the sea. All was well and good until 2700 years later when we had a third pole shift changing from the Alaska location to present day North. With North now located some 2000 miles closer to the Mediterranean, like the tides gravitating towards the magnetic field of the moon, the waters of the earth also gravitate towards the new north location and raising  the Mediterranean sea by I’d bet a couple hundred feet, where it remains today… until….

Last Ice Age?

I suppose we ought to prove there was a first ice age in order to be able to accept having a last one… let’s not confuse an Ice Age with a interplanetary catastrophic event that occurred near 2700 BC in the days of Peleg “when the Earth Divided” and I do not mean Continental drift which is another non existent can of worms. Pangea or what I like to call, Scamgea, the so called Super Continent of which never existed and if it did, it violates every rule or law of creation! Some of you may wonder what this has to do with the combined presented topics, let me just say, ALL things are connected…

The effects of this event resulted temporary circumstances causing in the areas of the North and South poles of those days, and creating an environment causing temperatures like that of liquid Hydrogen where in all things within, instantly froze. Is there evidence? Patience. The ring presumed to be ice around Saturn which it is, exists as a result of this interplanetary event like fallout. Remember the movie “The Day After Tomorrow? Not like that… There were no super storms….

In support of this event I will not give all the information simply because a majority is not ready to hear it, but I will give Geologic, Archeological/Anthropological evidence to support the hypothesis. In order to do this I need to introduce you to one of the greater free thinking Archaeologist and Anthropologist in the last century, Frank C. Hibben who passed away 2002.

Frank C. Hibben was a very respected Archaeologist and Anthropologist, no one had a bad thing to say about him while he was alive and able, but because Frank was frank, and called it the way he saw it and not giving a rats backside what his colleagues or peers thought. There were some who were no doubt influenced by the Smithsonian propaganda machine, to cast doubt upon him after he was no longer able to defend his position. Feel free to read more upon his works at Sandia Cave in New Mexico, Personally I believe it was because he found the remains of a horse among other bones of questionable antiquity… Not some off breed with 3 toes or some other pre cursor to a horse, it was a damned horse, the same that you and I are familiar with…  In my estimation the whole thing is trivial, Frank knew damned well what he was looking at, it is what it is…


But of all of Frank's work and articles, the one I am most grateful for was his write-up regarding his findings in Alaska, I would love to see Smithsonian cover this up, that would be impossible, but they can cast doubt on him right? Franks presumed full write up can be found here where you can read it or download it. 


The following is an article regarding the Alaskan (Frozen) Muck and referencing Franks article. 

Frozen Muck

“In Alaska thick frozen deposits of soil, boulder, plant and animal exist, commonly known as "muck". Prof. Frank C. Hibben of the University of New Mexico described these deposits: "In many places, Alaskan muck is packed with animal bones and debris in trainload lots. Bones of mammoths, mastodons, several kind of bison, horses, wolves, bears and lions tell a story of a faunal population. Within this frozen mass lie the twisted parts of animals and trees intermingled with lenses of ice and layers of peat and mosses. It looks as though in the midst of some cataclysmic catastrophe of ten thousand years ago the whole Alaskan world of living animals and plants was suddenly frozen in mid-motion like a grim charade twisted and torn trees are piled in splintered masses  at least four considerable layers of volcanic ash may be traced in these deposits, although they are extremely warped and distorted"


This suggests that although volcanoes were erupting, other forces were required to dismember these animals - with mighty floods and hurricanes being the most likely.


"Fossil bones are astonishingly abundant in frozen ground of Alaska, but articulated bones are scarce, and complete skeletons, except for rodents that died in their burrows, are almost unknown. The dispersal of the bones is as striking as their abundance and indicates general destruction of soft parts prior to burial."


Meanwhile in Siberia, mammoths were being wiped out in a similar manner. Massive graveyards of their remains have been mined for ivory tusks. It has been estimated that more than half a million tons of mammoth tusks were buried along Siberia's Arctic coastline, which equates to roughly five million mammoths. Several dozen frozen mammoth carcasses have been found with the flesh still intact. They died suddenly. In their stomachs can be found undigested vegetation, including grass, bluebells, wild beans and buttercups, food typically available in the summer. Scientists examining them have concluded that three of the mammoths died of asphyxiation. The cause of death of the others has not been determined.


Regardless of cause, they froze within days of dying, and when unfrozen the flesh has been fresh enough to feed to dogs. With the previous pole positioned at Hudson Bay [This is in Error, previous pole was Iceland], the North Siberian coastline would have had the same latitude as Japan does today, well outside of the Arctic Circle. But when the poles shifted, the climate would have rapidly changed, from a summer savannah where mammoths munched on buttercups, to a frozen wasteland.


But wait a minute; weren't the woolly mammoths suited to living in a cold climate? They are described as woolly due to their hairy coat, but this is only hair, greaseless hair. To help protect them from the cold, all of today's Arctic mammals have glands that make their hair oily to retain warmth - the mammoths had no such gland. Although thicker, a mammoth's hair is the same as that of elephants, and they live in the tropical regions. Many animals found in equatorial jungles also have thick hair, the tiger being one such example. Anyone still unconvinced could consider this - bones of tigers, rhinoceroses and antelope were found alongside the mammoths, and these are obviously not Arctic creatures.”




It was my research on Chinampa or the Aztec Floating gardens that in part brought my attention back to the previous topics. I don’t recall who it was but a friend sent me some Google Earth snapshots of what appeared to be the equivalency of  Aztec Floating gardens of the past. When I first looked at them of course my skepticism kicked in and I began to search everything I thought might have been the cause, my first suspect culprit was the CC Camps of  1933.


Delmarva Peninsula Chinampa


New Jersey Chinampa

The CCC or Civilian Conservation Corps seemed as though it was a blessing, big brother came to save the day in the great depression and I am sure it helped many people not knowing what to do, what they didn’t know is that is was nothing more than a ploy designed to create a false sense of security causing the people of the day to come over to Government dependency instead of self dependency. It would later become the vehicle that is also used in a personal identification system giving every worker a reference number known as Social Security. You could not have a government job with out it, but hey! It was a retirement program that you could fall back on in your retirement huh? How did that turn out for you? But first they had to instill in you that big brother was watching out for you so you didn’t have to, after all, they have your best interest at hand no? They also needed to get you off the Gold standard so that you would be more willing to entertain the idea of gold backed currency which of course everyone fell for but that backing didn’t last long did it? Think about this, we were in an orchestrated created depression, who the hell had gold? The use of Federal reserve notes brings in “permission” to tax you and we all know how that has gone. 

Well now that I have gone off on a limb lets come back to Chinampa. Delving into the many Coastal recon photos dating back into the 20’s it became very clear that the many claims that these strange irrigation ditches were not made by the CCC or for mosquito abatement projects for the CCC, or any other in recent times. However it is likely true down in the Florida area as I have found many of what was thought to be Chinampas of the past are not as they do not appear in 1940’s photos and they just don’t look the same.


Florida Mosquito Abatement channels

Notice the white spots which are piles of dirt from dredging.

Also a certain tree or bush is planted around the perimeters of which the roots would help prevent erosion.


Rehoboth Flat New Jersey



However further North, not only did these seeming floating gardens appear exactly as they are today compared to the 1920’s, many of them were miles and miles away from any civilization who might have a Mosquito concern.

Rehoboth Flat New Jersey Current Google Earth Image

I see no difference


Current Google Earth Image of what’s left of Aztec Floating Garden


The Chinampas I discovered were not only near the few places a friend sent me, but they are all up the east coast into Nova Scotia Newfoundland and in Iceland where they boast of having no mosquitoes! They have also possibly been found in Ireland, Portugal, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark! Just who was it that made these and how long ago were these gardens used on our east coast? I have even found possible examples in Quebec, Minnesota, California and Sanpete County Utah.


New Jersey Chinampas


New York Chinampas

Judging by the appearance of many of these Chinampas along the eastern coast and comparing them to photos of up to 100 years ago the Chinampas look no different and have the same look of antiquity. I wonder if they were still being used when the Europeans arrived this last go around. I am certain there is a way to date when they were in use, but I doubt anyone will even consider it. Comparing them by photos only they appear to be just as old as the Aztec gardens in Mexico.

Granted we do not know for certain when the Mexico Chinampa were last used, we can assume it has been near 500 years however this would be presumptuous simply because we do not know if the locals continued using them after Cortez destroyed their way of life. I am unaware of anyway to date them as to when they were last used at this time. 

The following is a selection of photos gathered of what is believed to be Chinampa or Floating Gardens, Florida has been excluded simple because I cannot find an example which does not fit the past Mosquito Abatement Project, although they look suspect they have a whole different look about them. Certain trees or bushes have been planted around their perimeter I would assume so the roots hold them together.

Some years ago I sent some of the images to a man who at the time was one of the leading authorities on Chinampas, when he saw the images I sent him around the Delmarva Peninsula and up into New Jersey, he was shocked and immediately contacted me wanting to know where they were, I don’t know what has become of his research as I have lost track of him, but my guess is that he has succumbed to the Abatement theory, or his funding was up for grabs. 

Thank you all for putting up with me….

Sincerely, Daniel


New Brunswick

New Jersey

Rehoboth Flats Delaware overlay 1920's

Current Rehoboth Flats Delaware 

You can read more about the Chinampa in my book, 

The Forbidden Histories of the Americas

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