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Monday, July 5, 2021

Thank You! (Un-answered Comments)

 I just wanted to say again to all of you Thank You!

My sincere apologies.... Regrettably I just can't answer all comments in fact few... there just isn't enough time in a day...

At this time my family and I are experiencing some semi difficult times, aren't we all? I am focused on finding a place to live... and research wise,  obtaining the right technologies to take some of these projects to the next level, it is one thing to find financial backing, it is another to find those with "correct" motives... all for the love of truth...

In your search for truth remember, question all things... verify all things...  Focus on what is real people, common sense is almost your best tool.... even in these times where common sense is not so common.... Your best tool regardless of what you believe is your knees.... use them wisely... ;-)

Regurgitation of indoctrination will never amount to intelligence nor truth.... Luv Ya Man!

May truth be with you in your journey... 

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