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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Underground Cities?

Well it happened again, Facebutt asked me what was on my mind…

The Aztec had a tradition that after being expelled from the homeland for reasons unknown and in humility, a home land they called Aztlan, they traveled south with 6 other tribes in search of a new homeland. It is said that one of the places they went next was to a place of grottoes, in which the 7 families or tribes occupied for 200 years, the Aztec having remained in their cave 300 years before embarking on the remaining journey south.

The grottoes or caves in which they inhabited had been previously inhabited by an ancient people, and long since abandoned for some unknown reason. The caves were in a large way fashioned for living, with rooms of all sorts. According to at least one Ute, they cave in which they emerged was large enough to house 50,000 people, The Hopi as well have their tradition of having emerged from the underground. It is unknown as to which location the Aztec specifically, occupied for 300 years but I have my suspicions. The whole idea of underground cities here in the west is generally considered by a large portion, especially the academics as being non existence and the stories of their existence considered as a hoax. Why? Why is it known and accepted that underground cities existed in many places around the world, but when it comes to the possibility of their existence here in the west it is quickly dismissed? I can answer that but I will hold my tongue, the short of it however is ignorance and pride.

For at least 20 of my 30 years of research I have perused evidences to dismiss or prove the possibilities of their existence, I would be much more inclined to give credibility to Hopi Legend, Ute Legend, Aztec, or even a personal friend who has been to one of the location, than I would the carless irresponsible quick decision of the academics, all because it does not fit the THEORY. I really don’t think the Native tribes sat around one day and created the stories simply because they were bored, or for some teaching purpose, there must be a truth within, and although some may not see it, I believe they meant what they said, what a concept.

Many of you have read the story of the Underground City discover by G. E. Kincaid in 1909, many were and are still very quick to follow ignorant suit and regurgitate the same old condemnation before examination because it is much easier to disbelieve right? What if?.... they are wrong.

The time is upon me to make some very important decisions, I have many questions… Do the people of this continent deserve to know the truth or is it better that they continue to wander in disbelief? Is there a people who do deserve to know the truth and see it for that matter?  I believe there is. At what lengths would “they,” those who have tried so hard to keep the truth from coming out, go in order to keep it unknown? Should it remain unknown? What would you do after crawling through water in a shallow concealed tunnel for 20 feet before it opened up, and after another 80 feet you are standing in water up to your armpits and starring at two large 9 foot stone doors, with water leaking out around the doors? Should I try to do this on my own with all this money falling out of my backside... Or should I seek financial help?

There are at least 3 location that I know exists, this does not mean however that they do exist, 2 of which have been found but remain to be proven, one still remain elusive and 4 others remain hidden in near all respects. WHAT IF?.... What if, one of the locations were found, entered, documented, and photographed? What if it was done without the knowledge of those who are afraid… afraid that they may actually be truth to be seen? and seen History needed an overhaul? Would they still call it a hoax? Should we just continue to hypothesize with each and every new author basturdizing the stories more and more with each new publication? It is getting out of control. So much so, just because one man said, “Egyptian Like” we now have a huge following of people, some of which I once thought had more sense, of believing Egyptians were at one time on this continent and it simply never happened… Has anyone ever heard of a large population of HEBREWS, who were in BONDAGE, not slavery, to the Egyptians, and who came OUT of Egypt, and who had a knowledge of Egyptian ways? Where did they go? The story does seem a little familiar…

Another group recently spawned and is now taking my own research and twisting it into their own agenda, and misleading their followers, to them I say, believe as you will, you have every right to do so, but know this, of the DNA super groups Asian, European, and African from the sons of Noah, which cannot be denied, Japheth, Shem, and Ham, ONLY Shem and Japheth, (Asian and European) have inhabited this continent in ancient times, you WILL NOT find the evidence of the children of Ham, other than being brought here for slavery even in ancient times, The Native people of this continent are not Native, they came here as well, but not a one of them is of African origin, the DNA simply is NOT HERE, so before this fantasy goes any further you may want to consider this, find your evidence! HINT, Solomon was not of African DNA, nor was the Queen of Sheba, you are falling for academic conjecture, it is what it is. SEVERAL groups have spawned using the base story of Kincaid as their foundation, twisting the story adding photos that have no bearing creating their own fantasy, need we talk about ancient aliens? Although there is truths within, it has gone WAY out of control.

It was once said, that it is better for one man to die, than an entire nation wander in disbelief… I sometimes wonder if that man died in vein… Would it be better to show and tell, or hide, and let them continue to seek? If you seek truth, it is what you will find, If you seek Fallacy, it is what you will find, you will find, exactly what you seek.

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