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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Uinta Mountains Discoveries SEEKING IDENTIFICATION

Just a few of them little discoveries you hear about but never see... If anyone has any information to help in identification of these items, please speak up. I am certain the finder/owner does not wish to be known...


Small BRASS cannon reportedly found in the Uintas in the 1920's
It is thought to be what is called a signal cannon due to its small size. 
Bronze, 17 inches long, 10 lbs or more

Recent Discovery
Thought to be Pewter, but a silver content is possible, found in the Rock Creek drainage in a sand embankment 2 feet deep.

Recent Discovery
A Pair of spurs found 20 feet apart at one foot deep, near Moon Lake.
Note the Large diameter spur

Recent Discovery
A single spur found near Moon Lake one foot deep

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