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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Who wants to be a treasure finder?

As early as 1529 Spanish mining expeditions were transporting the spoils of mining throughout the west to the many ports in the south. As early as the 1600's many of the Indigenous had organized preparing for a time where in the people of the west and those of the south would rise up against their oppressor, and vanquish them from their county, it would be another 300 years before this would happen however the oppressor just changed their uniform.

Many of the indigenous had organized throughout the west, both north and south the object was to lay assault whenever possible to the many mule trains, this to cut off support of funding hoping to rid their country of these intruders once and for all. The average mule train which passed through the mountains was 50 to 100 mules, one of the largest having been 480 mules loaded, with 400 mules carrying silver and 80 mules carrying gold. This assault took place in the early 1800’s and was quickly cached at their nearby designated depository. Assaults such as these had been taking place for near 300 years, some of the chache locations being natural caverns of which they vowed to fill with gold and other with silver not realizing that one day it would actually happen.

One such depository and stronghold of over 100 years, acquiring much wealth as a result of the robberies of many mule trains which passed by on the way to the port, sets high in the mountains and had all but become a forgotten myth until a “noted historian” in 1912 happened to be in the right place at the right time. While doing some local research he was approached by an individual who had a very old document written by one of the many captains of the organized bands of patriots by the name of Juan Lauriano who with his brother Antonio and their merry band, conducted many assaults on the Spanish shipments contributing to their depository.

One of the primary maps of a stronghold and depository drawn 1814
(pertinent details removed)

The document was discovered near one of the busiest ports of the day, in the day which it was written. The document was discovered by an old Mexican woman digging in her garden, the document was sealed inside a wooden iron bound chest. As per the document it was written the 13th day of May 1818 and hidden in the ground, and would be discovered less than 100 years later. The document speaks of a trail of treasures each with explicit instructions as to how to find, giving a starting location which was not easy to find. The trail of treasure was leading to the stronghold and depository used for so many years.

In 1805 a feeble attempt to find the stronghold with its booty was conducted by Viceroy Don Jose de lturrigaray, confident he knew the location of the Bandits stronghold, he set out for the mountains with 200 mules and an undetermined number of men, and searched for months to no avail. Ironically he and his men camped at the stronghold for 2 or 3 days using it as an outpost and never knowing it was the bandit’s stronghold and location of the depository.

José de Iturrigaray, Viceroy of New Spain (1803-08)

The last attempt by the Spanish army to find the stronghold, the depository and the assailants, was given to General Miguel Jose de Azanza just prior to being named Vicroy of New Spain. After capturing the Lauriano brothers and execution carried out, attempts to find the lost booty as a result of 100 years of assaults came to an end.

In 1918 a woman from Spain showed up in Mexico carrying documents pertaining to the strong hold, she took the information to President Carranza, Carranza impressed with the documents dispatch investigators to the area to gather all possible information pertain to the site, however no sooner than they had arrived they were forced to leave as a result of Obregon’s revolution in 1919, Carranza was killed not long after and the whole thing came to an end, Until, the noted historian was in the area and the redoterro discovered by the old woman, fell into his hands.

Carranza                                                      Obregon

The noted historian suddenly turned treasure hunter, spent near 6 month looking for the treasure at the end of the trail of treasures. In his notes he mentions some of the smaller caches had been found, but not the stronghold, he does not say whether it was he or another who had found the smaller caches, After months of searching, never knowing just how close he was, he aborted his first expedition when the area was invaded by the army of Emiliano Zapata. Bogged down by his livelihood taking assignment after assignment and years later tried to put together funding to make a second trip, but it just didn’t happen.

The army of Emiliano Zapata 

To my knowledge no other has gone looking for the depository, other than an occasional independent who always left without success according to the land owner. Now the information concerning this site rests in my hands and my colleague and friend in Mexico.

Wanted: Financial and Working partner in the search and documentation of Antiquities, Exploration, and Resolution of ancient sites.

Most of the projects we have investigated in over the years and discovered the locations are waiting for technology, the forgoing story is one of 5 projects where in we have exact instructions and location. Funding is all we await. I don’t care how the funding comes or who wishes to participate as long as true integrity is a personal quality, whether one individual or several, I can’t promise success but I can promise should one site not find success, we simply move to the next viable project and there are many (76 Last count) from Northern Utah to Central America, from great prominence to nothing more than first hand story or a location identified by the signs found at the site. In the case of the previous featured synopsis story, I only seek 10% and the land owner by local law is entitled to 50%, the estimated total haul is over 1 billion, this does not include possible Aztec artifacts that are suspect of being among the hoard, of which WILL be preserved and left in the care of my colleague to see that it is placed in a museum for display.

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