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Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Lady? Of Where?

Ok so... I have had another mind blowing breakthrough as of this morning due to an article recently sent to me regarding the Maya[n] people having their origins in India, as it would seem I'm not the only one who has noticed the cultural similarities, of the Mayan and the people of India or Hindu.


Elche Spain

I have also seen a lot of... well... crap regarding the Lady of Elche recently, little do these people know, the lady of Elche isn't even a lady, nor did it originate in Spain, I wonder if they know another was found in Lebanon? Should we now call it the Lady of Lebanon?


or how about the Lady of Richfield? Ooops, that profile kind of messes things up for the Elongated Head/Ancient Alien type people...Sorry Giorgio... and although I have nothing at this time to prove this, I also wonder if they know that the Buddha image which Kincaid saw in the underground city in the Grand Canyon was the same as the lady of ? I feel another book coming on....

Richfield Utah

Ok, I'm going to say it, and I would not expect one soul to believe it... but when you are looking at the so called Lady of Elche, you are looking at one of the earliest renditions of none other than Buddha, or,... here it comes... the son of... OR King Solomon himself. Maya, the mother of Buddha, is the infamous Biblical mentioned, Queen of Sheba, Originally from INDIA, NOT Ethiopia... or should we just call her the Queen of Shem-Bala, (Hindu for Children of Shem) It's no wonder the Chinese nor anyone else for that matter can't find the Mythical and legendary city of Shambala, they are looking on the wrong continent.... Now, try and sort that one out... LOL

Elche Bust                                            Buddha or his son?

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