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Friday, June 9, 2017

What Happened to my DNA?

Editing By Tracy G

There is a growing trend among people throughout the world that want to know who they are. They are asking the questions “where did I come from? why am I as I am? how did I get where I am?” and wondering what historic people they might be a descendant of. I personally prefer the old method of Genealogy. 

DNA is no easy thing for most to understand and I do not profess to be an expert in the field, however, my understanding and studies are sufficient to see the underlying problems within…
The Academics describe DNA as in the following…

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA).
The information in DNA is stored as a code made up of four chemical bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). Human DNA consists of about 3 billion bases, and more than 99 percent of those bases are the same in all people. The order, or sequence, of these bases determines the information available for building and maintaining an organism, similar to the way in which letters of the alphabet appear in a certain order to form words and sentences.
DNA bases pair up with each other, A with T and C with G, to form units called base pairs. Each base is also attached to a sugar molecule and a phosphate molecule. Together, a base, sugar, and phosphate are called a nucleotide. Nucleotides are arranged in two long strands that form a spiral called a double helix. The structure of the double helix is somewhat like a ladder, with the base pairs forming the ladder’s rungs and the sugar and phosphate molecules forming the vertical sidepieces of the ladder.
An important property of DNA is that it can replicate, or make copies of itself. Each strand of DNA in the double helix can serve as a pattern for duplicating the sequence of bases. This is critical when cells divide because each new cell needs to have an exact copy of the DNA present in the old cell.
And after reading… you are none the wiser…
DNA is like a fingerprint, yet not necessarily unique to only you as a finger print is. DNA shows the fingerprint pattern of your lineage with markers which can also be found in your ancestors, unique only to your ancestral lineage.

The reader must understand that even though we are able to do the remarkable things using DNA that we do today, DNA is still in its infancy in understanding… what one needs to know as this article is related, are the two types of DNA used in determining your ancestral lineage. The Y chromosome which follows the male line from Father to offspring, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) or maternal, exclusively passed down from the Mother.

The growing problem…
Many today are now going to private organization businesses such as Ancestory.com and Family Tree to get their DNA testing done thinking that this is going to allow them a clear view of their past. To some degree it does, but the problem that frequently pops up is that many who know without a doubt, and those whom it is rumored among their family as being of Native American descent who are being tested are finding that it is not showing in the results of the DNA Tests. It is such a frequent problem that it has been asked many times in help forums linked to the DNA test provider. After reading the many answers provided by the testing provider, explaining to the people who paid less than $99 to peek into their past, why their Native American DNA didn’t show up, it is clear to me that there are two underlying problems… One- you get what you paid for, and the other- you need to remember the people who conduct this DNA procedure are geneticists not historians of the known past nor soothsayers of the ancient unknown…

First let me point out… there is no such thing as “Native American DNA” and you may as well know it, there is no such thing as a Native American unless you are referring to those who first arrived on this continent 47-4400 years ago, not 10,000, 20,000, or 30,000 years ago or some other erroneous date establish by a flawed system of belief and dating methods (such as those created by evolutionists using Radio Carbon dating which is in and of itself a flawed system of understanding and THEORY). There is however a certain grouping or pattern of DNA that may be considered by geneticists as a “Native American Pattern”. However if they do not know the history they could not make distinctions of certain occurrences of the past, but the markers are there so they have to put it somewhere…

For the purposes of this article the reader needs to understand- the only time the term “Race” is accurately used on this planet is when it is applied to those OF this planet who have different fathers from the beginning of this creation and there are only two, the children of Adam and the Children of Cain. Some would say Asian is a different race than a European. This is incorrect.

The 3 Super Groups (Macrohaplogroups)
Of the Y chromosome following the male line, there are only 3 groups of DNA of which we need to understand. Known as the 3 super groups, but rarely talked about, they stem from the 3 sons of Noah. European DNA coming from Shem, Asian coming from Japheth and African coming from Ham, or more correctly his wife Egyptus. The whole idea of the THEORY of “Out of Africa”, created by an evolutionist, in my mind, is bigoted and racially driven as it more than implies that we all came from Africa but have evolved into white people and Asians and that “black People” are still as such because they have not yet evolved other than they are no longer considered the nonexistent Neanderthal or monkey? Why does the general population not see the truth and continue to accept this crap? I can’t wait to see the reaction of the academic world when they discover that man did not come from monkey, but monkey came from human.

The accepted theory is that mtDNA Haplogroup L is Eve and what everyone seems to forget is Eve had a mother as well… where does this DNA chain begin anyway? Eve is not a name, it is a title, and there were 3, two of which seem to appear in the DNA chain and confuse those who are paid to evaluate the data. Like the Native American lineage there are also many who seek the African lineage as well whom are told they are descendants of, it simply is not true. If you are not a descendant of mtDNA L2, you are likely not a descendant of the known African.

Missing DNA? I don’t think so…
Recently a man had his DNA testing done through ancestory.com.  It was a known fact that his father was 50% “Native American” (Tribe Unknown) yet his DNA results showed no sign of what is termed as Native American DNA, or did it? Had I not known better I would have had a good laugh at all the excuses he was given by Ancestry’s support group, but let’s face it they are limited in their understanding as well. As I have said previously there is no such thing as Native American DNA just as there is no such thing as “Iberian” DNA, any more than there is Polynesian DNA. What they mean by using these terms is that your DNA shows your ancestral affiliation with these “AREA’S” of Ethnic Groups through comparable results matching the area. This does not mean your ancestors came from there…

OFTEN times the answer to your missing DNA is the lack of understanding of the origins of the Native American people, who are by all rights NOT Native… their ancestors came here just as you did. The reasons no one seems to know this is one of a few; one is they lack the ability to see deeper than what is generally and widely accepted as the orthodox belief which is often for a lack of better words… a lie. They just don’t care enough to want to know anything other than the general consensus. The second reason is that they have removed God from the equation of life and therefore have no reason to seek any further than the previously given orthodox belief. The third reason is, they do not read nor speak Spanish or Nahatl and did not know that the second most comprehensive history of what is considered as the Indigenous of this land, was kept by the Aztecs. They were meticulous record keepers. It is taught as a fact that the Aztec’s records were destroyed with only a few surviving scripts. Although this is in part true, the Aztec’s records survived and are preserved through 3 primary sources. Those sources have been kept hidden from the Catholic rule even to this day. 

The first of these sources was partially translated (Motive driven) to support another existing belief. It was written by Mariano Veytia who wrote his version of the Aztec history in the mid 1700’s. I find his version not as credible as the two following sources simply because his works are not original and were likely taken from the two following sources with his own perceptions presented mixed with the perceptions of those who translated his works in the 1990’s. I believe they had their own agenda. In my humble opinion Diego Duran’s record would be more believable than that of Veytia for two reasons; his understanding of the Nahatl language and being raised among a more pure form of Aztec and through sources he knew having access to the original record kept hidden in that day. Diego’s version written in the late 1500’s has recently been translated to English and seems to be lacking an agenda, other than it is clearly written from the Catholic mind set and differs little from the following record which I believe is most accurate and for the most part free from an outside agenda other than the previous mentioned Catholic view. The best preservation of the Aztec and untold history of this continent in my opinion is that of Fernando Tezozomoc also written in the late 1500’s. He himself was an educated man of the Nahatl people, raised among them and educated in the ways of the Spaniards and their God, but most importantly Tezozomoc was the grandson of Moteczuma himself. He first wrote the record in the Nahatl language from the ancient hidden records that were in the Nahatl language or hieroglyphs and hidden from the Catholic rulers and then he wrote it in Spanish. His record has yet to be translated, unadulterated, into English.

The first most comprehensive history source which I consider most accurate for the untold histories of this continent that nicely coincides with the evidences and the record of Tezozomoc and the many legends told by the Indigenous but that has been ignored by the general population. Keep in mind that this must be taken as my opinion but this opinion is not without extensive research with an agenda to prove, as WELL AS disprove and without additional agendas other than that mentioned. However because the second best source is so highly disregarded, why tell what the first is? However should you learn what I am talking about, remember....

Condemnation without EXAMINATION, is pure undeniable IGNORANCE. However, this is not intended to be an evidentiary article, the point being, if you want truth, you must examine ALL possibilities… regardless of seeming hypocrisy… and we'll leave that right there....

Native American DNA?
According to ALL of the evidences and sources, that if presented would fill volumes of books, the first people on the American continent after the great flood of Noah, circa 47-4400 BC, were of the children of Japheth. These people are the fathers and mothers of ALL Asian people in existence today. Chinese people thought to have existed for 10,000 years plus, were not even a thought. It is no coincidence that the Japanese derive their name from the first of their family- Japheth. Who were these people? Today the closest in present form to these most ancient people would be the Altai Mongolian who are the very most direct descendants of Japheth, whom are also considered one of the few peoples who are referred to as by geneticists, one of the melting pots of Human expansion. Perhaps you can find these people in their most unchanged appearances near either of the Mörön villages in the Mörön district somewhere near the Mörön river In the high Altai Mountins. The DNA groups which identify the Father of the Asian people are evidenced as mtDNA Haplogroup A, B, C and questionable D, this make-up is in part what geneticists are calling “Native American DNA” with the recent discovery of Haplogroup X originating with what can only be Hebrew origin.

I must pause for a moment to elaborate upon those of our past who fall into the category of the A, B, C, and D mtDNA. This group of people, stemming from Japheth, who are the Asian people of the world, can quite literally be traced in their ancient migrations and especially to the Americas through the many evidences available, forensic, physical, geographic, direct, circumstantial, analogical, DNA, documentation, etc. They are the Asian people of the world and are the very root of those considered as the Indigenous of this continent. 

A microbiologist of the recent past thought he had found the nail in the coffin as to breaking the Mormon backbone, by presenting to the world the fact that the root of the Indigenous is Asian, not Hebrew… Big deal I thought, some of us knew that long before this went to college.  The problem lies within the book of Ether wherein we are, through superficial reading, led to believe that the people of Ether’s day were utterly destroyed and wiped from existence. This simply is not the case. They were however destroyed asa people” and as best as I can put it, an organized people living under the laws of which they were bound by. The average casual reader of this book, would believe the Indigenous title goes to what they call the Lamanite, who was among the migrant Hebrews who came out of Jerusalem in about 600 BC. These people are the very people of the Haplogroup X DNA found in smaller amounts among many western tribes and profoundly in the Northeast and are the root people of the Mississippi mound builders (Adena/Hopewell).

The reader should keep in mind that the mtDNA attributed to identification of Native Americans is not exclusive to America, after all, they came from somewhere else also. The key to understanding seemingly missing DNA is to know and understand who the Native or Indigenous (as they are called) were and what cultures make up the many obviously different tribes. The Y Chromosome DNA should be no exception.

An example of missing DNA comes from the practice of those delivering the 99 dollar results to you, and they do so by way of giving you the ethnic groups the DNA they found within you are found most frequently.  I understand why they do this because most people are satisfied with generalities and are completely unfamiliar with the actual listing of haplogroup types which tells the average person nothing.

If you thought you were of some Native tribe but it does not show, it may be right before your eyes but the reason it is not listed as Native American is because it is likely listed in the ethnic group area where it is most frequently found. An example I can give is with an acquaintance I met a few years ago, who was 100% of the Choctaw/Chickasaw with a strong linage dating back generations before Columbus, and yet... When he received his DNA results he was shocked! only 52% Native American? What happened? The answer to his seeming problem would have been, the 48% remaining on his pie chart, Welsh, Scottish, Greek, Italian etc... Should I have explained it to him? Well I tried, but people in general don't want the truth, they want to hear what they want to hear....

You have to know who was here in the past and unfortunately the accepted history just doesn’t reflect that. Each and every time a culture came from what is considered the “Old World” it was common practice for the invading party, after conquering, to intermarry their nobles into the conquered peoples governing families. This has always been the best method of establishing peace and maintaining it, causing them to become one people. One example I will give, without divulging the reasons why, is if you are looking at your DNA results and you have missing Native American DNA (according to the report) I would bet you have a fair percentage of what the report calls “Iberian Peninsula” and you are wondering what is this and believing you are decent from some Spanish people? Also your missing DNA may be masked under “western Asia” (Which is NOT Asian) “Asia” or even one of the many listed under Europe.

So what is a Native American?
Now, without explanation as to when, how and the many evidences to support the must be considered theory, those who have come here in the past starting with the first arriving about 47-4400 years ago, but not limited to, and no it was not by some damned land bridge… we will call them the Altai Mongolian, the first Americans, and fathers and mothers to ALL Asiatic people. The second to arrive at some time after the previous and original Americans arrived circa 1200 BC likely in Central America and was the migration and colonization of those Indians from India! or what some may call Hindu people and are the children of Shem. None to my surprise, a few of the academics are finally beginning to see that the Mayan are no doubt decent of ancient India. However, the religious belief of Hinduism nor Buddhism had not yet been established among them. Although many do not see it they are the reason the New World was referred to as the “West Indies”, not because Columbus thought he was in THEE Indies when he arrived in Cuba as you have been taught. The “West Indies” was well known long before Columbus was even a thought and known as a result of Alexander the Great invading India. 

A Hebrew migration took place by several families who came out of Jerusalem in about 600 BC, and who are also of the children of Shem. They have been assimilated into the previous first people and is only found now by mtDNA Haplogroup X. These were followed by expeditions of Chinese (at that time an existing people being descendants of those who made became the first Americans) as early as 400 to 200 BC. Not long after that those who would be considered of Greek origin, (not long after the conquest of India beginning with Alexander the Great as early as 326 BC and circa 100 BC with their new conquered knowledge) these Greeks arrived on our coasts with intent to colonize; this was successful for nearly 3-400 years. Then their oppressions were over thrown by the previous inhabitants and they were exiled, destroyed and or assimilated. One should take notice that this over through is synonymous with the "Fall of the Western Roman Empire approx. 400 AD" Some might even do a bit of research regarding the Greek names of the Hebrew word Gadianton.

The next evidences show another small wave of Chinese in about 400 AD and a big wave of Roman colonies arriving in 775 AD lasting another 300 years before they too were finally expelled by what we know as the Toltec (who were those mysterious Pueblo anyway?). The arrival of this colonization is synonymous of the rise of the Western Roman Empire.

Those from Portugal, Wales and others from 500 AD up to 1300 AD also came here trying to obtain the this Promised Land, the last European invasion beginning with Columbus and Cortez. Each time a culture of the past has come to this land there were mixtures and the invading colonies were eventually wiped out by the existing inhabitants and ran out of this land and/or assimilated into the tribes of the nomadic original first Americans. 

An example of these seeming conjectural notion is in the following communication from Moctezuma to Hernan Cortez... From the Memoirs of Conquistador Bernal Diaz de Castillo... 

These events changed any DNA results that might be viewed today. So when you get your results back from one of the many sources consider this, those who conducted the tests do not know who was here in the past, they only know what we have all been told and what is now taught and the accepted history of this land and in all practical sense is a fabricated and intentional lie.

There is also a recent uprising of those who for some reason are pushing the theory of Egyptians as being among one of our many migrants of the past. There is absolutely NO DNA results evidencing they were ever here, Egyptians did not go anywhere, they did not build anything and ANY evidence seeming to be Egyptian on this continent is as a result of those who came OUT OF Egypt, versed in the ways of the Egyptians who were once in “Bondage” to them NOT SLAVERY, and are those responsible for anything and everything the Egyptians have always been credited for… The Hebrew.

Where is your Native American DNA? There really isn’t any, however, what you seek is likely there you just have to look a little harder. Those of the 19th century academic world who were a part of the doctrine of Manifest Destiny did not count on the modern technology of DNA which tells the truth, but only if understood. I am a firm believer that if it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, and talks like a duck... It is in all probability, A duck... but sometimes it just might be a damned chicken...

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