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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jesse James, In Utah?

First panel discovered many years ago and kept secret until recently

Jesse James considered one of thee most notorious outlaw in the history of the west… and in this authors humble well researched opinion, was and is gravely misunderstood. I was looking for original source material and I usually start with WIKI, not because they would know but because they generally list every author who SHOULD HAVE read the original source material, in reading the section under “Rumors of Survival” it says,

Jesse James

“ J. Frank Dalton claimed to be Jesse James; he died August 15, 1951, in Granbury, Texas. Dalton was allegedly 101 years old at the time of his first public appearance, in May 1948. His story did not hold up to questioning from James' surviving relatives. FN 66”

and that’s all that was said… the footnote #66 leads to ONE man’s book, out of 91 references!!  pertaining to Jesse James, now I haven’t read this mans book and likely will not, because if he had knowledge of J Frank Dalton and wrote his book in 1998, I am quite certain he read the ORIGINAL source material which I have read, written in 1975 based on an interview with Jesse James purported Grandson, and no where in that book does it make any implication that “His story did not hold up to questioning from James' surviving relatives”  What I am saying is, it is the authors own opinion which has now been dragged into the infernal fire of misinformation, the all knowing WIKI…

With this said, and understanding that in reading that original source material in which the J. Frank Dalton claim was made public in writing, many incredible claims were made throughout the book, many even I had a hard time with… and so, I decided to take each claim made, and do my own research to see if the claims made were at least plausible… My findings were, of all the claims made only a few I did not find evidence of factual claims.

If I had to make a call I would say, J. Frank Dalton with a 99% certainty was Jesse, and Jesse lived for near 25 years as William A. Clark, (one of The Copper Kings of Montana) and to this day W. A. Clark is considered the richest American that has ever been, worth 250 Million to 300 million at his yet another, staged death in 1925… at today’s currency values that would be near 30 Billion.

Every scar and bullet scar Jesse was known to have, was verified to have matched 
J. Frank Dalton's own scars 

I never really had an interest in KGC, or Jesse James for that matter, but years ago several petroglyph panels popped up here in Utah, that one of the most plausible source for their creation was Masons or KGC. It wasn’t until a certain individual sent me a map of what is believed to be a KGC, (Confederate Underground) depository map thought to be in Montana. As always the coincidences began to roll in unsolicited… and today, thanks to a friend from Vernal no less, I now have verification of Jesse himself and his brother Frank James and one other individual with the initials of L.A. here in central Utah or is it the Compass and Square of KGC? and as I suspected when the site was first brought to my attention by another friend living in central Utah, there was more to be found… My thanks goes to those two friends and their efforts…

Classic Jesse James Mark

Alexander Frank James rock signature, F leaning into the J in order to additionally form an A.

It is a given that if you have found a bonafied signature (Mark) on a rock of Jesse’s initials which is the back to back J forming an anchor so to speak, there is without  doubt a Jesse or KGC cache nearby. I knew verification was somewhere near the panel that was found many years ago, and today we got verification.

Another nearby panel recently discovered along with other writings...
(signatures slightly darkened in this photo)

Now having recently discovered that Jesse James is a not so distant cousin to me, I am all the more excited about this one.

I can’t wait to get back down there…

Not easy to see but this is an eagle like that found on the late 1800's early 1900's 
Gold Eagle coin,  with Alexander Frank James rock signature below it... 
I wonder why he scratched this out?


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