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Friday, January 27, 2017

Aztec Navigation Glyph (Key Glyph)

NOTICE To all who visits this page....

I am deeply grateful for all those who have assisted with this hypothesis in the past. I have personally visited near 130 sites, over the last 20? years.

If you know of any locations of these glyphs OUT SIDE OF the locations shown in the included Google Earth Image below, please consider sharing with me the GPS location and photo, 

Click for Larger Image

From Saint George on the West to Johnson's Canyon on the East and 
From Kanab 3 Lakes Site To Yellowstone on the AZ Strip

If you prefer the location you know of to remain unknown I fully understand, all I can offer is sharing my locations with you, and offer a sworn oath that your location WILL NOT be made public.

RECENT discoveries has prompted me to pick up this project again.

* I am familiar with "a single" recent location near Littlefield.
* I am familiar with a recent discovery near Marble canyon but am seeking some one with specific location details, photos and hand held NON DIGITAL compass bearing of what many call "the tail or pointer"
* I am familiar with four new locations (To Me), 3? Near Holbrook Az and 1? near Winslow, or visa versa... but lack photos, location and technical information concerning them.
* A suspect location is thought to be near Hite Utah at the river Junction, yet I have no information
* at least 3 locations are rumored in Texas thought to be near or along the Rio Grand River, but again I have no information. 
* It is suspect several locations exist from the Rio Grand and south into Mexico as far a Tula Hildalgo Mexico just 40 miles North of Mexico City, where it is suspect the first location in a trail of these glyphs are heading North from Mexico City, and "possibly documented in about 1450 prior to the invasion of Cortez.

* NOTE: I am VERY familiar with others research of this type of glyph and I ASK that you spare me, I have read them all. "Water Glyphs" Cup and Channel article, Key Glyph etc...

A Basic Navigation Glyph

To qualify as a Aztec Nav Glyph the circular portion will be roughly oval or circular and about 18 to near 22 inches in diameter and about 1/2 to 1 inch deep and approx 1 inch wide.

What is often called the pointer or tail will be roughly 2 inches wide and 1 to 2 inches deep and extending from the circular portion up to 4 feet.

An oval shaped dot (See Images Below) appox 3 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 to 2 inched deep will in most cases appear somewhere within the circle, at times a second oval dot will appear near the junction of the tail and circle inside or outside the circle.

IT IS in every case I have found carved horizontal other than a few incidents where the rock it is carved on has broken away and fallen.

THEY ARE ALWAYS located at the highest point in the immediate vicinity.


IF you know of a location Between Arizona and Mexico, and care to help in this research project PLEASE contact me at tuscoro@gmail.com, or send me a private message on facebook.

Thank You!

Three Keys

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