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Thursday, December 24, 2015

In Memory of Paul "Snake" Tabbee April 2nd 1966 - December 24th 2002

It was the summer of 2000 me thinks, when I met two of the finest men I will ever know… Steve Warby, and Paul Tabbee. Birds of a feather, brothers at heart… no no… twins… Last of the true blood cowboys.

I had only known Paul for about 3 short years, it was a hit as we met for the first time at the Ute Sinclair in Myton. Paul was sharp… yet reserved, stern yet gentile, mysterious yet revealing… fearless yet cautious, reserved yet a very large giving heart. In those short years that I knew Paul were some of my greatest memories with my many Treasure and Petroglyph hunting friends… the stories I could tell, wow, the stories Steve tells will have you rolling on the floor.

15 years ago on Christmas eve, Paul left us. It is just like him to get to where we’re going first, Paul was always trying to pave the road for others, doing what he could to make others lives easier to bare… I feel that Paul is preparing the way for us… at this very moment. It has been 15 long years since we laughed together, it is those memories that helps… although, it doesn’t get any easier to be without him around… We miss him so much. When we meet again, our friend, brother, father, son, we will laugh once again.

Today… my heart goes out to all those whom I know was most dear to him… He is with us… from time to time, you can feel it…

Until then Paul, our hearts are with you and we ask that you be with us, whenever you can… see you at the fence, and I won’t forget to close the gate.

     "Free the Mind, The A$$ will follow" Paul Tabbee 1966-2002

Photos courtesy Of Gibron Begum, Christina Maria Tabbee and Daniel Lowe

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