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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Captain Iberio Cache

Here is some irony for you... struggling every day to put food on the table, and at the same time...
Knowing, EXACTLY where this is.... Not to mention it will nearly drive you insane.... so close...

English translation...

I, Captain Iberio, captain of the bandits: that I lead from the year 1802 to 1829, I say that when you arrive at “cerro  _________”, look for a door,  heading towards the hacienda el Ojo, and withdrawn from the hill, 415 steps, and has an entrance with a slide on (or in) the hill, this hill is a point that is very well known by all, [or use to be] well, this path is the one I had to enter with the herds that I took, on this “camino de ______”  was one of the ones I looked after, and the road that passes through the large door, that ran wide and “despedrado” ?? that I also looked after, and passing by the “corral de la Palamita” that has the door towards “porfias” that is now there, we buried 300 Spanish soldiers, as well as the carriers.  …………….

There is a “planadita”, well, you stand where the monument is, facing north, and count 400 steps always facing north, and where the 400 steps take you, there is the corral, it’s in the middle of the plateaus, the pen’s gate is facing north, the ascent to the door is kind of like a slide and to reach the door, it’s high.  Once inside, find on the left-hand side a cave that is covered with red stone, uncover it and there you’ll find a grand treasure, that won’t run out for your entire life because I warn you that there are pure bars and sheets that are there, they are silver, plus 35 cases with gold, but I warn you that the money that is buried on the left side, and the gold is not sealed, and there is a holy Christ on top of where the sheets are entrenched and when removing this treasure, say a mass in my name.   When we left the “brena” heading southbound, the fellow Castrellon and I went back to our homes, he was from Aguascalientes and I from San Luis Potosi.  When I arrived to my home, I saw that my family had died and the following year I remarried and 2 years later I became ill.  Knowing I would never leave my bed, I sent him to talk to my friend Femin Zaragoza to give him the derrotero along with the map.
Taken from the original the 17th of September of the year 1839

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