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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Coral Pink

Of all the places I have been that few have walked, this place was one of the most beautiful, there was just something about Ponderosa Pines sticking out of Coral Pink Sand, not far from it is a place to park and a nice trail descends into a hidden canyon, as I descended the trail I could not help but understand why the Natives were drawn to this place. After a short decent we came upon a site with some of the best preserved Pictographs in a cave I had seen. Only one thing ruined the mood and the first impressions of this site, a huge chain link fence that stood between us out side the cave, and the very reason you traveled a few hundred miles to see. I understand why the fence was there, heaven knows I know, but this has just got to stop. Fortunately the corner of the fence had been breached and yes... you bet I took advantage of it. Most do not know it but the main canyon is riddled with antiquities... UPDATE: The fence has been removed and a path to walk added... Two Thumbs Up!

Digitally cleaned a bit...


  1. Wow these are FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us! ( Debbie Meekona from Facebook.)

  2. Just an update on this panel...the fence has been removed and a boardwalk installed to allow people to get up closer and have clear views to photograph while not impacting the site floor. This is really a great panel.


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