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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Robbery of 630 Million in Silver and Gold and then some...

 As I have said many times before, I am not a treasure hunter, however I understand if you do not agree...

The following is the original text document (With Some Names Changed) given to me TWICE in 2002, the first time was given to me by a friend whom I am quite sure did not know how to even begin to unravel it... A man named Jim Phillips who some of you have no doubt heard of... approached my friend  some years prior seeking help, Jim begrudgingly left my friend with the document, but 15 minutes later he decide not to leave it, turned his car around and returned to get it, but to late... my friend had made a copy when it was left with him for those short minutes...

Jim had a partner... The Partner became a friend of mine, very few of my treasure friends even know he exists... Not many months later after receiving the following document the first time, the partner came to me one day and presented the same document however he had the names left blank. It was actually quite comical when I looked at the document for a minute and said to him, "I know this document" he immediately responded, "Thats Impossible".... so I told him I could prove it by filling in the blanks.... as I read it back to him but filling those blanks in he became red faced and began to cuss... he and his partner Jim had always suspected that the man who Jim left the copy with had made a copy which he gave his oath that he would not when it was left with him....

After having the English translation which I had now received twice, and unable to control myself in my now quest to discover the location of the primary Coral, I ordered some maps of the area... they arrived but I had not yet opened them but took them to work with me to study while waiting for sub contractors to show up to get paid... One of the subs came into the coffee shop where we generally met and sat down... I realized I had never asked him what part of Mexico he was from, and so I asked... as it turned out he was from the very area in question and so I asked him if he would look at some maps I had.. he agreed and I went out to my truck and brought them in... Upon rolling out the maps his eyes got wide... he said "where you get these maps?" I explained and asked why? He said before he came to the states he had worked for the very company who made the modern maps.. he explained his job was to verify place names found on the maps... shocked I began to ask him if he knew where certain place names were... he would answer yes and with his finger would circle the areas he remembered... Had I looked closer at the maps, I would have seen the very place names I was looking for... but it would be another year or so before I had noticed that his circling finger on the maps was pretty much on point. He had lived within miles of a billion dollar cache and although had heard of the banditos hiding caches around the area he grew up in... he had never heard the story of Majoma or the several Captains I would soon learn of.

Since receiving this following document, and after monitoring the prime Mexico Treasure Hunting forum for several years, one day I decided to post the Captains name which I knew none of them had heard of... I was contacted by a man in Mexico recognized the Captains name, after talking back and forth over the two documents mine in English and his in Spanish, we exchanged documents.  The copy he shared with me was a typed copy of the original Spanish  which he himself had typed in about 1970 from the original hand written document held by the descendants of Captain Valentine and which he personally knew... I have since lost contact with him... There are explainable differences in comparing the two, but clearly they are of the same source.

After reading this, some of you will begin to understand why I am so drawn to this project... 5 of the cache locations mentioned within, I have located...

At this time I seek a partner[s]... and it isn't as complicated as so many have made it, even Jim was looking in the wrong place but he was much closer than those who have sought after it living in Mexico. Had Jim searched 15 years later, with the current maps not yet made, he would have no doubt found it... 

Others? I am perplexed... why do so many build brick walls right in front of themselves, and then spend years trying to find a way around it.... When I find that right partner[s] I will show them every detail, every map  in a personal presentation showing positive proof and if they are not 100 % convinced as I am, they can go their merry way, and I will find another... ;-)

Over the years I have found one report in 1907 of a discovery found in the area, its contents were described and an estimated value was placed on it of 4 million, a value today would be 360 million. However it does not match 3 of the identified caches but comes close to one other. The described robbery in the following document is estimated conservatively, 630 million and this is not taking into consideration the many robberies cached in the same cavern for near 200 years by previous Captains and a 5th location we will not mention at this time.

The land owner whom we have communicated with and met with knows its out there on his property but does not know exactly where it is... others have tried he said... and we do know there are several cache locations out there.

If you are in a stable position and have the desire to become a part, physical or monetary,  I seek financial support at this time... anyone truly qualified, I invite to contact me for discussion... tuscoro@gmail.com

There are notations made in the following copy translated presumably by Jim, from a Zerox copy of the original hand written document... these notes indicate missing portions or un-intelligible potions,  the typed from original copy is complete with all missing potions with no un-intelligible portions... The missing portion reveals a previous unknown cache. The more you see and learn about this, the more you understand why it remains undiscovered...

Oh, did I mention there is an original map involved? ;-)

If you are still wondering how I could not possibly be a treasure hunter... let me say this which you would never hear from a treasure hunter.... I'd be happy with a meager 10% of any of the finds, the smallest is estimated at 20 Million. keep in mind, the land owner is "entitled to 50% the other 50% goes to the finder, (according to Mexico law). Are we beginning to see the benefits of Mexico? If you choose to be a minor partner, $1000 will get you 1% of what I get if successful, no promises... 5% is taken, 5% is left of the 10% of total I am seeking...

But I can be bought ;-) If you choose to be a major partner, I seek 10% of what YOU get with you taking the finder position...negotiable... send email to set up phone call for clarity...

If you are in a stable position to become a part, I seek financial support at this time... anyone truly qualified, I invite to contact me for discussion... tuscoro@gmail.com

Most Common Questions asked...


Q. How would you get it back to the United States?

A. #1. The simple answer is by truck or Utilities Helicopter.

A. #2. Why would you want to? Credit is much easier to move.


Q. What about the taxes you would have to pay 

A. What about them? How much do you really need? Pay them. But seek financial investments experts’ advice, and consider setting up a foreign corporation based in Mexico and why not Canada? Seek advice.


Q. What about the corruption in politics and the Cartels in Mexico?

A. Is there a difference between the two?

Did you really just ask that question considering the events here in 2020? I have friends in Mexico who only hear the bad going on here and they are nervous or afraid about coming here, if you focus on the bad fomented by the media then run and hide, what was staged in California, Portland, Seattle and the North East isn’t happening here… I too was once afraid of my own shadow.   


Q. Would we have to go down there personally?

A. If you want to, it would be fun, but you don’t have to, I have a plan, but could use help in refining it. I am not a damned treasure hunter… but I do understand if you do not believe that… ;-)

The first 1777 Document I received... 

(With some names Changed)

I, Valentine Castrillon, was the Captain of a gang of bandits from the year 1777 until1790. Today I declare as a general confession, which I make in the name of Almighty God.

Leaving Nombre de Dios  to go to the "Hacienda de la Punta de los Padres" which is east to Nombre de Dios and arriving at that "Hacienda" along the "Camino Real: which goes to Mexico City by way of the "Puerto Colorado de Tortuga" and which in those times, or years, was only traveled on mule back, on horseback, or on foot, the only road on which. I and everyone else traveled to get to the "Hacienda del Boca" or to the capitol of Mexico, a road which everyone in that area knew because it was constructed with pick, shovel and crowbar, and over which we traveled to rob the Spanish caravans carrying gold, silver and metals through Mexico City to Spain, and since this was the only road through the interior of the Republic that everyone had to travel. So now, along that road between the "Hacienda del Boca" and the Puerto Colorado del Tortuga," there was a well known place in those parts called "La Lajita," and along that road are many crosses placed in piles of rock which those piles of rock must be personal markers which have been placed there, since that place is and has been just right for assaulting, killing and robbing anyone passing there with their possessions, which we took from them. We would then flee as best we could. 

One day we placed some of those crosses there and little by little they became numerous and notable for those we killed, until one day we assaulted a caravan of 12 mule trains, laden with gold discs and silver bars, an assault that became notorious because of the great amount and value of the gold and silver and because of the fierceness of the battle and the number of people killed. Ten trains carried silver and two carried gold. Those two trains with the other ten were made up in round numbers of 40 pack mules each. The 80 mules making up the two trains carrying the gold, strangely enough, were pinto animals shod with silver shoes. The Spaniard who was the head driver of the gold bearing trains said, before he died, that the reason for the special mules distinctively shod was that General Barron de Villamoco, Lord and owner of the great mines of Sonora, Baja California, and Tamazula was sending this shipment to his Queen Isabel in Spain as tithing which was the reason for sending it this way. The ten trains carrying silver were caravans from Guarizona, El Pilar, Gavilanes, San Dimas, Tal yal ta, El Naran jal, Metalitos, Tahuaheto, El Alto, and others from Topia and other places not necessary to name. The two detachments of soldiers were Spaniards protecting the interest of Spaniards. We attacked them at "La Lajita," where I said there were many crosses, and 62 men died there, between drivers, soldiers, and 23 more of our men, and I think the signs I mentioned are there for that reason.

After we had taken the loaded animals, as they were, and had left them at the Majoma Corral, we put some more crosses at La Lajita where the battle was fought. To find the Corral you go; from the first crosses I had mentioned, The Camino Real goes toward the "Hacienda, del Boca" and to other places I have already said, and from there, going little by little to the North and on the left side of the road just mentioned, there is a little indentation where a pond forms when it rains and a little farther ahead, along the same route, two more little ponding areas separate somewhat from each other, which we called the "Twins" and in the same direction, because where I am telling about, there is no road but only these signs. Well then, in the last of the three indentations or ponding areas, which is the principal identifying point I am using, you stand looking towards the east until you are sure you are thus facing, then you make a half turn towards the left facing to the north from where you see a hill called the "Cerro de San Diego," the only hill in that direction. Walking in that direction over a rocky ridge and once that difficulty is past, you walk until you come specifically  to a very long fissure, crack, or ravine filled with heavy brush, called the "Habra de los Magos" which defied passage at any point, making it a difficult barrier. Since we were familiar with this obstacle, we took the packs off from the mules and began searching for a spot where we could get through with the mules with their packs on their backs, so with the kitchen equipment brought by the drivers, we worked on getting out rocks and on cutting of limbs and prickly pear plants, an operation taking a day and a night and resulting in the death of the drivers wounded earlier and in their bodies being buried in the ravine. Drivers we had taken with us to help pack up and unpack the mules and who were not to know where we were taking the treasures were killed and buried there and thus filled up the ravine so we could take the packs and the animals over the top along with the riding mules we had with us. Standing on the fill we could look forward toward the north and see the "Blanco Hill". We could see rock structures on a rocky ridge which were called bulwarks and counting the ten of them and between the 9th. and 10th, which should still be there, being made of stone to a good height and well put together, there was a structure made of red rock which was strange because it was not local rock, but was stone from the red hill called "Ca jal" on the ranch named "The Ranch of  El Rojo". We took from there a large slab of rock, dragging it with. ropes attached to saddle horns and pack saddles on the mules and after a great deal of difficulty and several days of work., keeping out of sight as best we could, we arrived at our destination and then worked on the stone again, giving it the form of a big thin wheel or millstone, thus making it lighter in weight, for both us and the animals could have gone no farther. The real reason for dragging it and working on it was to cover a hole like a cave that was, in a corral. I will talk about this later, but since this hole had a round opening it occurred to u s to take that formed stone there and shape it to the mouth of the hole, but after the first shaping it did not fit so it needed a second which did make it fit and we placed it and covered the opening of the hole which is full of gold in that small corral at Majoma. Gold accumulated over many years which some years ago which was being added until the two "atajos" (Load) carried by the pinto mules filled it up letting it be known that I was not the first Captain of the bandits which in earlier times there were others with their bandits who carried out the first robberies and who were filling up the hole with gold. 

My career as a bandit, as I told you, began because in those years the famous Captain J. Marcia died from a wound, he being a very brave Indian and the one who left me in his place. 

Standing on the last of the ten bulwarks I am talking about, and which are not spaced exactly as to distance, then walking northward, but not very far, one comes to a branching off of the "Malpais" and finds oneself heading onto such a ridge which leads down from a higher and larger ridge of broken country covered with brush and weeds, that is to say, like a plateau branching off from the main chain of mountains in that broken country. At that point and that corral we naturally took the herd of mules with their loads of gold and silver, as with other frequent robberies carried out at different places, pointing out that in those years there was no known road or trail Leading to our gold storage place and that we found our way solely by signs and reference points as I have given them. With regard to the Location and use of a much discussed corral and storage place called "Majoma", when we took the mules there with their Loads of gold and silver, our intention was that locked up there they would die of starvation. 

We did not have riding animals and so we moved around on foot and we went wherever we thought best, over the desert, the rough places of the "brena" (rock covered and brush covered ridges and mountains), wherever we felt like going and staying out of sight. So when we made an assault we planned it all out and when we could see that we could not success fully carry it out, we did nothing. So we would always see the ones we were robbing without them ever seeing us. Many times we would return to our hideouts where we always had plenty of food stuffs for prolonged periods, so we supplied ourselves well and would never run out of supplies. We had water nearby from a little spring that never ran dry, but disaster followed us or God wanted to put an end to so much crime and despite the fact that we were in such a deserted area, we were never able to make another robbery after that of the 12 companies, so that one was our last. Finally, they had pursued us until they ran us out of our mountainous retreat and made us leave those treasures we had hidden there, including other hiding pits and caves in those hills and it became necessary to leave there. I left with 19 of my companions, all that were left of my gang, because when some would go to ranches to get something they needed to eat, they would be killed or would not come back, and when they were able to flee they would be wounded because the persecution became so intense that we had to hunt deer of which there was an abundance there, and in order that they not find us and kill us we decided to Leave and go to the town of Huachinango which some of us who were left had come from, while other native born ones, as the Spaniards called us, were from Nombre de Dios, Little del Estado Nombre de Dios, others from Zacatecas, some from Saltillo and Monterrey, and others from far away places, who little by little were being killed and so those of us who were left decided to leave. We were united from two bands, the only ones left at that time in the state along two roads being traveled at that time and along the main road or trail leaving Nombre de Dios passed through Fray, Diego, or Monte de San Ignacio y Calera, Chorro, Arzate, Porfias de Los Angeles, Belmontes de Ca Brena, Penuelas def Saucillo, Pedernal, Las Asters, Boca Zarco y Estan Zualas, many points on the way to the Capital of the Republic and others that I have already identified. I have said that one passes through San Martin, Anabaco yan, Contreras, Arenal, Las. Viboras and "Hacienda del Boca" and on to Saucillo and Estanzuela, etc, etc. Our two gangs were made up of  86 men. Half set out on the road to Belmontes under the command of Captain don Juan France Gamboa, a native of Profias near Nombre de Dios and I had the rest. When, after many days, neither Gamboa or any of his men returned, we waited some days more and when we knew what had happened, we left our mountain retreat, taking some precautions, for fear that some or our own men who had been taken prisoner might turn us in, we left our mountains toward Graceros and when we arrived there that night we were met by Spanish detachment who fired on us, Leaving only ten of us who were fortunate enough to escape, our having Learned before that our poor companions and Gambo had all been killed just out of Belmontes by a force in the hills along the Camino Real. And so, I will not talk. about this so I can go on to other things without making my story too long. 

The red stone which I said we had moved, with great difficulty, to the place indicated because there was no road or path over which to move it, and which we had worked on in one place and another and from there rolling it to the approach of the small corral of Majoma. I will now say that there were two corrals with the same name which we identified as the big corral and the little corral, with some distance between the two, that of some 400 horses steps in the same direction on the same hill I referred to. The large corral has it's gate on the lower side facing the rising sun and to get to the center of the corral our first thought was to cover it and to cover everything there as that in other deposits. Some things we were able to cover but others we were not able to cover because my companions and I were never able to return, not because they were pursuing us but because they had put us in jail to pay with our lives for what we had done, for at the large bridge in the state of Jalisco, we were apprehended when we were robbing a gold shipment that some drivers were taking to the Real del Mezquital del Oro and without doing more that taking us prisoner, they took us to Guadalajara to shoot us and what they have been doing is to kill us one at a time until I am the only one Left, perhaps that I may tell them where we left  what we had stolen and that I might turn in some more of my companions. The only thing I give is my confession to my confessor. 

In the little corral at Majoma is everything. Around the corral we opened a trench like that for a house foundation with a depth of 1/3 vara and about 3/4 of a vary wide and we filled it just with silver bars and discs used at that time, covering it with dirt and garbage, supposedly not very deeply covered, except that over time the covering may have increased. 

At the center of the little corral, which is the one I am referring to, the red stone was shaped and placed over the hole to cover the very large wealth in gold buried there, will be found upon raising the red rock stab. A little box with two Holy Christ's wrapped in paper, which have been there a very long time, and which Judging by their weight we considered to be gold.

(rest of paragraph unintelligible)

One has a seashell cross and the other of bone or ivory. While at the large corral, known as the Majoma Corral, there are several caves. where we lived. In each of those caves one of the gang had lots of money in. pesetas, fifty cent pieces and strong pesos of the time of Charles V and medios and reales of silver and a number of gold shields, that they kept separately and were proud to have and which each kept in his sleeping area: I point out again that the amount of wealth left there is beyond measure, though I do not know how to count we calculated that there were a number of millions of pesos because as my companions of the first gang said to me, when we had more time to talk, that former gang members in other deposits in the area (other corrals and caves of "Picacho Colorado" said as older bandits that in those corrals there are treasures buried as long ago as 1605, and that without a doubt they exist, because I saw it piled up everywhere and I and my companions covered it with our own hands, to be enjoyed by God knows who, and infinity of square money, coins with cropped off corners, round coins, and every shape in the corrals of the "Mesa del Dinero" as in many caves in the hills and mountains.


There is a cross as the center of the corral: I never knew who put it there but all of us were in the habit of after every robbery, putting in front of it a pile of pesos in a show of respect and petitioning help through our trials. After we put down small change, then gold and silver, then discs, until there was no room to put them. I assure you that the Holy Cross has money there enough to make anyone rich, even though that cannot be there any more because it was in plain sight, but there are some little boxes that the first companions told me were coffers. One of those little boxes is lined with copper on the inside and on the outside. The cover is encrusted with many little pearls and sparkling stones which must be of value because the y shine brightly even in the dark. The box has rings, chains, some with medals, some with hair clippings, and others that I cannot name. The other little box was locked and covered with silk stitching and had some gold braid and was very heavy. My first companions that I knew and Captain Murcia told me that it was locked because what that little box contained was worth more than all the gold and the silver all together in all the corrals of the "brena" (those hills and mountains) and what it contained was gems and diamonds which I never saw because of carelessness, but those little boxes are there. They told me the following story.


The first bandits known in the region were some ten Zempoaltecas Indians who were always spying on the King, Juan de Mendoza y Lana, or on some of those in his retinue, to kill them in revenge since at the time of the conquest and they always followed him very closely.


"I swear before this crucifix in my hand" and God who sees me and hears me, that it is true that the treasure of the Corrals of Majoma is there, along with various others in that countryside and I also want to say that as there is a God, it is true that if anyone finds and obtains this treasure, it will be a blessing to me, for with a little will and good faith and knowing the terrain or along with someone who does know all of that well, and guided by all of the signs or indications that I give, although some of them may not exist anymore, for there are many corrals in which treasures were buried but none are the same for when. one has been in other places none of them are like those at Majoma. This one is the "Trigo Corral" that one is the "Remudadero Corral" and several others that are calf pens that have a fence at the gateway, while only those of the "Mesa del Dinero" and those of Majoma are made by mother nature, as is the case of the "Corral Falso" that are veritable. rock piles in the entrance to which are discernible only as one arrives at the gate, because we disfigured or camouflaged them when we left there. Finally I will not further tire the one to whom. I give this map and to whom I am explaining what exists there, for if they find everything that is there, let it be to the benefit of those who find it, that they may take advantage of it, for thus-----­


Another corral that also leads to the Majoma Corrals, going home from Belmote to the "Blanco Corral" of the "Mezcaleros" by way of "la Habra del Vapor" although I feel sure that you are less apt to find the corrals, the best route being, in my concept, the one I explained before, using better known places, those less deserted thus lessening the difficulties. It was always our intention to return to Nombre de Dios or rather to the Majoma Corrals to obtain that treasure and everything at the "Corrals of Magos, mesa de Dinero, of Pacacho Colorado, Cuevecillas and El Durazno", but since man proposes and God deposes luck had it that we should never return to those paths to achieve what had cost so much sacrifice and so much blood to so many, like the end that awaits me, and I can assure you that none of those in the Life of crime that we met in that time, has returned or will ever return because all have died without disposing of a single peseta of what we -----(unintelligible)


I declare that this is the principal jail of the City of Guadalajara on the 26th day of the month of February of 1815, my gift to my confessor, Padre Misioero Fray L.C.D.H. who wrote it as I dictated it, with the signer receiving it as I give it under oath for whatever purpose considered convenient in this matter.

Valentin Castrillon (signature)