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The Forbidden Histories of the Americas

Since the time of the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus the man credited for the discovery of the new world, the new comers to the world have observed and documented the things which they seen, heard and experienced. The new comers to this world saw the ruins of what appeared as intricately built ancient cities, observed strange yet familiar habits of the indigenous. It wasn't until the mid 19th century that archaeology was even taken serious in this land, yet it would seem as though it was not for the purpose of documentation and understanding of those of the past. 100 years or so earlier Sir Richard Colt Hoare coined the motto for Antiquarianism in Europe, We Speak from Facts not Theory and it would seem here in the Americas, John W Powell and Ephraim George Squire after the creation of the Smithsonian Institution, together reconstructed and change the purpose of the existence of Smithsonian with what would seem to be their motto, We Speak from Theory not from Facts.

Since the days Smithsonian took a new path due to the influences of men such as Powell and Squire, thousands if not tens of thousands of artifacts and ruins have been dusted under the rug and or buried in the depths of Smithsonian, with a system of control and a constant threat of taking away their funding exist to this day over the heads of the Museums of this Nation. A threat of mockery and striping of ones title, destroying the ability of making a living in the archaeological world, hangs over the heads of many archaeologist today.

The dictatorship of archaeology was now set up, the new religion of Atheism with its Bible of Manifest Destiny and Evolution, but what was the motive? Why would a group of men want to hide the history of this land? What was it that could have motivated the two sons of Methodist Ministers in Palmyra New York in 1830? I just can’t put my finger on it.

To this day thousands of unusual artifacts remain hidden in the basements of Museums across this land with no explanation as to why they cannot display them without the threat of loosing their funding. It would seem that of every claim of who came to this land first, all seem to forget that when they pushed their way onto the beaches of this new world, someone was peering at them from the bushes. Although not the first to come to this land, Europeans, Hebrew or Jewish and or Roman Jewish people, have been coming to this land as early as possibly 900 BC, and even then, someone was already here. Columbus knew this and so did all the others who followed him and preceded him, and those who funded the expeditions. Who were these people and how did they get here? Is there a written history of these people?

It is my desire, not having this threat hanging over my head, to show you even a small portion of the amazing untold history of this land through photographic, archaeological, geographic, and scriptural evidence, legends, documentation of the past told by those who witnessed it, and just plain common sense. It is not my position that because an artifact find was not an “Official” archaeological excavation that we need disregard completely the evidence. Honesty and trust in a find is not inherent in the field of archaeology inclusively, it is within the men who make the find, and tell the story as it occurred. Just because it was not under the dictatorship of Smithsonian, does not make it any less credible, not in the slightest.

The field of archaeology has come a long way since the days of the two sons of Methodist Ministers from Palmyra New York, and it seems to have stooped to a new low many would not have ever thought. Many archaeologist of today are fed up and disgusted with the muzzle that is forced upon them with a threat of loosing their livelihood should they stray from the curriculum and the seeming untold oath to it.  It is what seems to be, an effort to destroy the concept of God in the mind of the people for the sake of the religion of Evolution. Everything and anything that might give credence to the existence of a God or credibility to the History of the Bible, or Book of Mormon or any religion of Christ is quickly silenced, destroyed or hidden.

Take all that is presented herein with a grain of salt and perhaps a little more serious than that and make your own decision using your own intellect without someone dictating to you what you can believe or not, what is possible and what is not, you decide. It is time for the truth to be uncovered; it is time to expose the Forbidden histories of the Americas.